Welcome to my-kart.org. We are a group of racing enthusiasts who organise amateur karting leagues in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Our events emphasise on safe & fun racing, in a competitive but friendly environment.

Together with other affiliated amateur groups, we typically have 15 events annually, which are open to members and guests.

my-KART.org, or my-KART is a group of people who have the passion for racing and karting in particular. We organise amateur karting leagues in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. The emphasis is on safe & fun racing, in a competitive but friendly environment. This website serves as the primary platform for communications to members and the wider public. We aim to popularise grassroots motorsports, specifically karting. By popularising karting, we create more awareness & support of motorsports. This we hope will drive increased exposure for motorsports in the country. This will be the key to talent development and team formations.

  1. create a ID* to use this website - one time only (click here).
  2. look for our coming events, either on the content list, or the calendar and click the link to event you wish to join
  3. append your name or team onto the participant list on the event page you got from the link you clicked at step 2 above
  4. that's it! easy, isn't it?

This Manual details the instructions in relation to the my-KART group, events and management. It also collects all the relevent my-KART event rules and regulations, as well as the important documents.

I am looking for more volunteers to write this manual together with me. For willing volunteers, I will give them author and senior member rights for managing content on this website.

This manual is a collaborative effort and will require each person to work together to come up with a full fledged my-KART manual. The manual shall contain the following content types (can be reviewed):