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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Macau GP Circuit


In 1999 when the Sepang F1 track was first opened, I had the opportunity to go round the 5.5km track using less than 1 horsepower and Asics “tyres”. The Larian F1 lasted a couple of years only and only recently did they re-introduce non-motorised sports back onto the F1 track via a bicycle race.

Reflections on my-KART Driver Race 5

Although it was a frustrating race ending up with only 2 championship points for yours truly, I was actually pleased that the whole event went really smoothely despite having 7 groups, or 21 races, to manage, we managed to finish the event within 5 and a half hours, or an average of 16 mins per group! Amazing! Thanks to all the my-KART committee and volunteers who made this possible!

Reflections on Driver Round 4 - My K1 race

The last time I sat in the 125cc CRG Kart 9, was 2 Feb 2008. I remember we had clutch problems that was eventually fixed during the long lull period until today!
The K1 Round 4 race promised to be an exciting one, mainly due to the return of some old faces, and some new ones too since a couple of regulars could not make it this time.