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Looking back and moving forward: my-KART's journey continues

2006 was yet another wonderful year for my-KART.

As I write this review, events in my-KART pale in comparison with the realities of life. The flooding in the southern states of the country, and in neighbouring Indonesia, as well as typhoons in the Philippines and earthquakes in Taiwan, and not to mention the many unrests around the world.

Meeting with Brian Palmer (Open wheel racing)

Yusnee and I paid a visit to Brian Palmer of Inter Formula today (21 Jan 06) after lunch and our visit to Rosedi Kart.

Brian is British motorsport entreprenuer who has lived in Malaysia more than 14 years. Today he is providing services to the Formula BMW and Formula Malaysia (Hayabusa) organisers.

Yusnee and I visited his workshop & office in Shah Alam and go to see some work being done on the single seater cars.

The aim of our visit was to get some of his 14-year insights in relation to the industry in Malaysia. What is interesting about his thoughts were on the following:

Visit to Rosedi Kart

7 my-KART members made a visit to the Rosedi Kart office in Subang Jaya. The members who made the visit are: Naza, Wei Li, Jules, Ed, Patrick, Yusnee, ST & Fazz.

The visit was useful. En Rosedi and his colleague Jeffrey were there to explain the new Yamaha 100cc kart that they had developed and are selling for RM8950. In addition to this, they also showed the assembly & research factory floor which had a complete 200cc 4-stroke funkart using a standard entry level racing chassis (not the bumper-car styled funkart chassis).

The operation was a modest one, but the 100cc kart looked like good value. Rosedi was looking to my-KART to be interested in series to race these 100cc karts.

Round 01 reflections: The new stars of 2006

The approach of a my-kart race event always fills me with excitement of once again getting into the kart and experiencing the speed, precision, limits and thrill of racing. Moreso the approach of a new season of karting.

Yet, I already feel the pressure of trying to retain the title I retained in 2005 for the 3rd consecutive time. I feel the pressure because I am not really as precise as I need to be in order to overcome the many challengers and quicker drivers... in short, I am not really that quick. The reality of my 2005 win is attributed to my consistency and always being there when the race is run. Now, with an increasing waistline and added mass (71kg with racing gear)... the prospects of winning another title is looking slim... ha ha more waistline leads to slimmer winning chances.