Club membership benefits. Invitation to join.


the purpose of this document is to invite current my-kart members to subscribe to the club membership. in addition to this, this document seeks to explain the benefits of club membership.


up to now, my-KART exists as a loose group of people running monthly races. my-KART currently caters for two broad groups of people: (i) the casual karter; (ii) the aspiring racers - young and old.

my-KART's mission of popularising grassroots motorsports is based on (i) making karting affordable; (ii) making the races safe, fun & competitive; (iii) providing karters with a platform to improve their skills; and (iv) doing all this in a sustainable, structured and professional manner.

my-KART also aims to provide even more benefits to its members and to extend this opportunity to those outside of the Klang Valley. To achieve this we need help from the members to continue this drive beyond the current levels.

club membership benefits

the formation of Kelab my-KART Selangor is to ensure member benefits are further enhanced. *please note however, non-paying-members are still invited to join the regular KART and Mega Enduro series (although not at the discount paying-members enjoy). the following are some of the benefits paying-members will enjoy:

  • membership identification. many kart operators attach a significant value on karters coming from my-KART. my-karters can usually enjoy informal benefits from these operators. these operators are comforted that my-karters do not destroy their karts on every other lap. my-karters are also known as regular and loyal karters.
  • sponsorship & fund-raising benefits - tie-ups, drivers' clinic & more discounts. my-KART aims to raise funds and sponsorships for the benefit of its members and to advance its mission of popularising grassroots motorsports. fund raising and sponsorship provides a base fund to introduce further benefits such as drivers' clinics (bringing in experts), performance rewards (free karting trials) and more. sponsorship tie-ups and discounts on sponsor products and services are additional benefits. my-KART aims to leverage its members' contributions towards these activities.
  • discounted prices for my-KART events. loyal my-karters should get discounts on my-KART events. we will be announcing the discounts on the current race event fees in due course.
  • benefits for the family. my-KART will be introducing programmes for my-karters with young children. the committee is in process of developing a K4 series and negotiating with the operators. however, this is subject to demand.
  • club membership to obtain AAM racing license. my-KART is in the process of seeking AAM affiliation. AAM requires all applicants for racing license to be a member of a racing club.
  • other benefits and non-racing activities. my-KART will be producing some merchandise for members at discounts (such as T-shirts, starter packs) and organising other non-racing activities for members and their families.
  • the opportunity to participate and shape my-KART's vision for the sport. enough said.

club membership & joining fees

the Kelab my-KART Selangor is ramping up its membership drive leading up to the 1st AGM in April 2007. hence, we are inviting members to formally register with the club. the application form is attached. one time joining fee is only RM10, plus RM120 annual subscription.

please download and complete the attached form and provide two passport photos for the membership application. please submit the membership application form (my-KART membership form) to the registration desk - which is setup at every my-KART event.

Please hurry up as you will need to register before 31 March 2007 to be eligible to attend the 1st my-KART AGM in end April 2007.

Starting with us and our race events

So easy! Just join our races. That's it.

To participate in any my-kart events, you need to create an ID on this website (click here) and then append your name onto the pre-registered participants list for the relevant upcoming event (click here) thread. We organise events for members and invited guests. Communication and member interaction is primarily at this website - so visit often.

* keep bringing guests to experience racing at its purest
** event race fees ranges from RM100 to RM250 as there are various categories and race formats
*** for first time registrations, please provide inform the moderator (necessary to eliminate spammers):

  1. how you found about my-KART
  2. your background (location and occupation)
  3. your karting / racing experience

Reference materials are found on the my-KART information menu bar and About my-KART.

DISCUSSION DRAFT: membership benefits

please feel free to comment my suggestions. Please pardon my "not proper" business english as I have never written a business proposal before, all my techincal proposal only at point forms biggrin

1. Racing events

1a. K1 - The K1 class will be one of the final stepping stones to a racing career / more serious karting. Initially, we do not expect many participants in K1, but it is still a go status. This class will entail further guidance and allow drivers to move up the ladder in their racing hobby (or career).

The K1 class can be run together with the K2 class if participation falls below 5. This is possible as K2 drivers are somewhat experience and ethical drivers. It is likely to have the JGTC format to allow K1 start ahead followed by K2 karts at the back.

There are currently many owner-karters at CityKarting who do not have an reasonably affordable platform to race their karts -practically running aimlessly- and eventually drop out themselves. The K1 class can be targeted to this group and promote my-kart to even wider coverage.

This class shall start with kart owners. Moving forward, my-KART will be exploring some form of easy ownership scheme, to increase interest particularly from the K2 and K3 drivers. This task is assigned to my-KART Promotion. See below for more on easy ownership.

The K1 series may not run over 10 events -unlike the K2 and K3 series- in order to be easy on the pocket of the K1 drivers.

1b. K2 â€" maintain as current, and promote K2 new blood promoting capable K3 drivers
1c. K3 â€" Beginners and also promotion of capable K4 drivers
1d. K4 â€" NEW. definition needed for K4

If more of the classes created, longer time needed for a day event that should be necessary. Extra activities at lunch time can be organized (subject to discuss)

1e. Endurance - night endurance will be a good and relatively new event to start off. Many of the night karters may not know there is existence of my-kart, it will be a good area of to explore. Suggestion that out of the 6 MEs planned, 1 or 2 should go night endurance.

2. Workshops and Clinics

2a. K1 especially, many of karters looking forward to tune to their personal preference, this is where the area we should look into. Workshop or clinic basically is owner karters gather to have sessions sharing tuning information, just extra activities other the normal Kx 10 races series. Should there is easy ownership scheme offered by M-kart promotion, this workshop/clinic session will be a good bundle and more persuasive activity.

2b. K3 workshop, a separate session conducted by “senior” karters, a simple lesson of track driving with additional time tracking progress (on the same kart). This will be more to personal attention session to beginners. The session can be aided by the 2 seater kart (yellow tanker) at the practical session. Of course kart renting shall be born by trainnees themselves. This is where the special discount rate offer to members from CK comes about in handy. 2 ways beneficial that my-kart trains beginners and also trainers.

2c. Clinic mainly aims for fine tuning, that it has be conducted by experienced karting racer either from inside my-kart (licensed racers, so far can think of 2 they are Jules and Tarmizi), if necessary, hire or honorary invitation.

2d. K4 workshop, similar to K3 workshop.
This aims family gathering. Young driver accompany by parents that helps to promote my-kart for any forth coming events and updates. Is also brings to opportunity to train up new trainer from K3 to be prepared to promote to K2 or K1.

These workshops and clinical session are going to worth the membership drive even so members are not participating any single series at all. Workshop and clinical series work conjunction with special discount rate from CK. Additional benefits to members if we have special deal with other track operators like speedway, sepang and etc. honestly I am more looking forward to langkawi track.

3. Activities and outings

Family outings like convoy to Cameron trip, PD over night stays and etc. With conjunction of these, we could have piggy-back media for the promotion, such as magazine and etc. (leaving this portion to commercial and marketing). MY-KART is registered club, it can seek for relevant authorities to assist convoy ie PDRM.

4. Affiliation

AAM affiliation is a MUST; we can see that is the ultimate request from “potential” members (including myself). Members will gain grand and formal race experience if should my-kart impose rigid regulations towards major events in conjunction with racing governing body such as AAM and or etc. Addtional my-kart will also helps members in acquisition of racing licenses such as MME and sanctioned karting events.

5. Sponsorship

Looking at the direction of car related sponsorship pertaining to my-kart is motorsports orientated. We may not necessary looking for funding. At any major event will be looking forward to variety of sponsorships, banners and or trophies. Hence this will put up good portfolio of MY-KART. These portfolios will benefit to My-kart promotion of invitation to more serious sponsorships.

We can create a link or badge of sponsorship at the main page of forum or even printing new sponsorship on latest updated version of T-shirt, cap and etc. I believe that stimulate at merchandising area a fair bit. 

6. Easy ownership scheme for K1

In reference to the K1 series mentioned above. my-KART will be exploring forms of easy ownership schemes to encourage K2 drivers to take the next step up the karting ladder. One approach is through raising sponsorship which will be done by my-KART Promotion.

The rough idea is to get investors for the 125 karts (can be used karts). The aim is to run K1 series at a reasonable price point and with sufficient commitment and fair returns to all parties: (i) the driver, (ii) my-KART Promotion and (iii) the investor / funder.

The role of my-KART Promotion Sdn Bhd (as distinct from Kelab my-KART Selangor) will be to engage in the commercial activities towards expanding the my-KART vision and mission. The company will be the owner of the my-KART brand and responsible to commercialize it. The company will use the club as an advertising / brand building platform and raise other funders & sponsors. These funds could be channeled towards the easy ownership scheme.

7. Merchandise

As the ultimate objective of my-kart will be event driven club, merchandizing keep to lower priority, however, the standards goodies have to be there like T-shirts, badges, cap or hat, stickers and etc.


Dear Valued Club Members,

[b]Re: KELAB MY-KART SELANGOR Membership Renewal for APRIL 2008 - MARCH 2009.[/b]

1. This is to remind all members that the current Kelab my-kart Selangor
membership validity will expire on 31st March 2008. Members are therefore urged to renew their membership for the period April 2008 - March 2009 at the soonest.

2. Payment for membership fees can be made direct to the following Maybank account : Mykart Promotions Sdn Bhd a/c: 512754306333 . Please submit the
bank's acknowledgement slip to the Treasurer (Azlan) as proof.

3. Alternatively, payment for membership fees can be made on round 3 raceday, 1st March 2008.

4. Specific to K1 drivers, please ensure that your membership is renewed in time to be eligible for the race in rd 4 on April 5th 2008 and thereafter for the remaining rounds.

5. Please do take note that only members with valid memberships are eligible to attend the club's forthcoming Annual General Meeting on a date to be notified soon.

Thank you.

my-KART Selangor Club Members - 2009 / 2010

[table #| Name |Expiry Date|New Member ID|Received Card
1| Fazlur Rahman bin Zainuddin |31-Mar-10| 0001 |[b] Received [/b]
2| Shahrul Azlan bin Ariffin |31-Mar-10| 0002 |[b] Received [/b]
3| Mohamad Yazid Mustapha | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0003 |
4| Marsella Binti Abdullah |31-Mar-10| 0004 |[b] Received [/b]
5| Julian Ng |31-Mar-10| 0005 |
6| Jazland Azmi |31-Mar-10| 0006 |[b] Received [/b]
7| Mohd Yusnee Rahmat Mohd Yusoff |31-Mar-10| 0007 |[b] Received [/b]
8| Patrick Tan Cheng Hooi |31-Mar-10| 0008 |[b] Received [/b]
9| Steward Loke | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0009 |
10| Ng Wei Li |31-Mar-10| 0010 |
11| Zulkiflee bin Abdul Samad |31-Mar-10| 0011 |[b] Received [/b]
12| Daniel Rao |31-Mar-10| 0012 |[b] Received [/b]
13| M.Z. Azizi bin Abdul Malek |31-Mar-10| 0013 |[b] Received [/b]
14| Azmee Ahmad |31-Mar-09| 0014 |
15| A. Muhaymin Abdullah | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0015 |[b] Received [/b]
16| Izrulaimin bin Jasman |31-Mar-10| 0016 |[b] Received [/b]
17| Ashraff Dewal |31-Mar-10| 0017 |[b] Received [/b]
18| Choong Yip Yen |31-Mar-10| 0018 |[b] Received [/b]
19| Iskander Mohd |31-Mar-10| 0019 |[b] Received [/b]
20| Rizal Khalid |31-Mar-10| 0020 |[b] Received [/b]
21| Raymond Phillips | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0021 |
22| Jason Goodmund | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0022 |
23| Nazarudin Mohd Nordin |31-Mar-10| 0023 |[b] Received [/b]
24| Desmond Khoo Boon Hoe |31-Mar-10| 0024 |[b] Received [/b]
25| Edwyn Low |31-Mar-10| 0025 |[b] Received [/b]
26| Mohd Julian Hussein Wilson bi Hussein | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0026 |[b] Received [/b]
27| Suhazlan bin Ab Sukor | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0027 |[b] Received [/b]
28| Stephen Kok Jun Yi |31-Mar-10| 0028 |[b] Received [/b]
29| Ramsey Rizal |31-Mar-10| 0029 |[b] Received [/b]
30| Hwang Shuang Loong |31-Mar-10| 0030 |[b] Received [/b]
31| Razak Halim |31-Mar-10| 0031 |[b] Received [/b]
32| Brian Eravelly |31-Mar-10| 0032 |[b] Received [/b]
33| CANCELLED ID | | 0033 |
34| Raja Nuruladhza Aini bt Raja Mukhtaruddin |31-Mar-10| 0034 |[b] Received [/b]
35| Mark Ian Timms |31-Mar-10| 0035 |[b] Received [/b]
36| Gnow Chui Luen |31-Mar-10| 0036 |[b] Received [/b]
37| Thiban Eaganathan |31-Mar-10| 0037 |
38| Danny Choo Hon Nam |31-Mar-10| 0038 |[b] Received [/b]
39| Emmy Diana Abdullah |31-Mar-10| 0039 |[b] Received [/b]
40| Norhafizah Nazarudin |31-Mar-10| 0040 |[b] Received [/b]
41| Olivia Goh Ching Ying | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0041 |
42| Harish Mithiran | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0042 |
43| Christopher Setterington |31-Mar-10| 0043 |[b] Received [/b]
44| Muhammad Tarmizi Nazarudin |31-Mar-10| 0044 |[b] Received [/b]
45| Mohd Zainy Saat |31-Mar-10| 0045 |[b] Received [/b]
46| Mohamad Afiq Ikhwan Mohamad Yazid | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0046 |
47| Sarah Alya Timms |31-Mar-10| 0047 |[b] Received [/b]
48| Aiman Rizal |31-Mar-10| 0048 |[b] Received [/b]
49| Nurul Amira Timms |31-Mar-10| 0049 |[b] Received [/b]
50| Michael Chin Yuin Long | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0050 |
51| Hafidz Fahro Rozi |31-Mar-10| 0051 |[b] Received [/b]
52| Abang Amirul Hadi bin Khirudin | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0052 |
53| Dennis Ho Weng Chan | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0053 |[b] Received [/b]
54| Stuart Gibbs |31-Mar-10| 0054 |[b] Received [/b]
55| Muhammad Faiz Rahman |31-Mar-10| 0055 |[b] Received [/b]
56| Nurhannani Fazlur Rahman |31-Mar-10| 0056 |[b] Received [/b]
57| Muhammad Saiful Rahman |31-Mar-10| 0057 |[b] Received [/b]
58| Jason Loo |31-Mar-10| 0058 |[b] Received [/b]
59| Dinesh Surandran |31-Mar-10| 0059 |[b] Received [/b]
60| Alson Wong |31-Mar-10| 0060 |[b] Received [/b]
61| Jason Lau | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0061 |[b] Received [/b]
62| Eugene Lim | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0062 |
63| Jonathan Kan | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0063 |[b] Received [/b]
64| Soong Lit Lum(Alex Lum) | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0064 |[b] Received [/b]
65| Anuar Abdul Hamid |31-Mar-10| 0065 |[b] Received [/b]
66| Hanif Che Din |31-Mar-10| 0066 |
67| Ahmad Nizam bin Abdul Rahman |31-Mar-10| 0067 |[b] Received [/b]
68| Wong Siong Keat |31-Mar-10| 0068 |[b] Received [/b]
69| Yeoh Fei Bien (Faibs) |31-Mar-10| 0069 |[b] Received [/b]
70| Ruben Yap Wei Tek |31-Mar-10| 0070 |[b] Received [/b]
71| Chin Ze Hau |31-Mar-10| 0071 |[b] Received [/b]
72| Norlina Johor | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0072 |[b] Received [/b]
73| John Stewart | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0073 |[b] Received [/b]
74| Ivor Alexis Vuilleumier | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0074 |[b] Received [/b]
75| Imran Ishak | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0075 |[b] Received [/b]
76| Zainuddin Zainal |31-Mar-10| 0076 |[b] Received [/b]
77| Sharil Shaifiq | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0077 |[b] Received [/b]
78| Shirley Wong |31-Mar-10| 0078 |[b] Received [/b]
79| Cheah Ben Lee |31-Mar-10| 0079 |
80| Stewart Donald |31-Mar-10| 0080 |
81| Eddy Hazral |31-Mar-10| 0081 |
82| Mohd Fikri Razin Rahim | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0082 |[b] Received [/b]
83| ST Ooi |31-Mar-10| 0083 |[b] Received [/b]
84| Premachandran Rajan |31-Mar-10| 0084 |[b] Received [/b]
85| Muhammad Afif B. Ahmad | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0085 |[b] Received [/b]
86| Angeline Ooi |31-Mar-10| 0086 |
87| Aaron Liddell |31-Mar-10| 0087 |]