Section II: my-KART - the brand, company, club(s) and members

This section of the my-KART reference manual aims to describe the overall structure, people and properties of the entities in my-KART:

  • the brand - core purpose, responsibility
  • the founders
  • the company: my-KART Promotions Sdn Bhd
  • the club: Kelab my-KART Selangor
  • the members
  • the tools & processes and Intellectual Property Rights ("IPR")

These document pages will be added as they are developed.

The my-KART brand. purpose. responsibility. values.

The my-KART brand encompasses the following attributes:

  • the logo
  • core purpose
  • responsibilities
  • brand values

The my-KART logo

The my-KART logo depicts a circuit curve ending with a chequered flag. The upward curve of the circuit towards the waving flag indicates a progressive and forward thinking approach. The chequered flag reflects the diversity of grassroots motor-sports. The left part of the logo reflects the targeted grassroots level, and the graduation towards the chequered flag reflects my-KART's approach in developing drivers along the chain to higher levels of motor-sports from amateurs to champions.

my-KART core purpose

my-KART's core purpose is to make racing & karting affordable and accessible to a wider community. We wish to create opportunities for talented racers. To do this, our events need to be safe, fun, professional, competitive, relevant and sustainable.

my-KART responsibilities

We are responsible towards building the local karting and racing community. The customers are next. And this is followed by the bottom line. In this order.

7 brand values

The following are values we promote within the my-kart environment:

  1. unwavering focus on brand purpose and responsibilities
  2. strongly advocate safety and sustainability
  3. respect for others and practice diversity - uphold honour, fairness, dignity & transcend race, colour or creed
  4. act with total integrity and commit to quality & excellence
  5. communicate openly and honestly - we encourage two way communication
  6. practice teamwork - we work in a collaborative manner, leveraging on skills (and diversity) of each other with a singular focus on the objectives
  7. have fun and strengthen bond (family or otherwise)

Relationship between the my-KART brand, company and club

This document attempts to describe the delineation between the club and the company.

The company, my-KART Promotions Sdn Bhd was formed in late 2005. The club was given registration approval by the commissioner of sports late 2006.

Before explaining the link and the demarcation of the two, it is important to firstly understand the overall vision and mission of my-KART. You can read a bit more about my-KART and its history.

Simply put, my-KART aims to make karting accessible to everyone. my-KART aims to do this by creating a platform that is affordable, fun, safe and competitive for its participants & spectators. The key to all this are my-KART's founding members development of the -

  • brand and intellectual property
  • vision and mission
  • tools and properties
  • processes and methodologies
  • philosophy and culture

It is important that these successful elements of my-KART are protected and maintained in a consistent and standardized manner and can be deployed in other parts of the country. As a consequent the best vehicle to protect my-KART's founding elements is in an entity owned by the founders - which is my-KART Promotions Sdn Bhd.

In short, the company owns all the my-KART intellectual property rights (IPR). my-KART requires a platform or media for these activities. Only a club can provide my-KART with this medium for operationalising these my-KART elements.

The club provides members. The club also enables members to further their racing ambitions through affiliation with the motorsports governing bodies - in Malaysia's case AAM. However, the primary objective of the club is to develop the sport for its members, whereas the company's objectives are broader than this.

Office bearer & committee member roles

This page describes the various my-KART company office bearer and committee member roles. This document is a joint collaborative document. Users with the appropriate rights are able to edit this document and each edit shall be recorded as a revision version.

These roles are described in generic terms which transcends both the Company (my-KART Promotions Sdn Bhd) and the Club (Kelab my-KART Selangor). Distinction is made if the roles in the club are different from the company (eg. Club Treasurer). Where reference to the club is silent, these roles will sit primarily with the company.

These lead persons in the following roles shall at their discretion appoint further persons to support them in discharging their responsibilities. As an example, the COL roles below may appoint additional persons to support him / her in the event management as described in a the KART event roles and responsibilities document.

Club roles

Club President ("PD")

The Club President's role is to set the overall direction and priorities of the club in line with the direction set by the Company. The President must also drive the Club's sustainability and relevance for its members and the Club's wider objectives.

The president shall assign tasks, responsibilities and resources (budget assignment) in order to meet the member needs and Club objectives.

Club Treasurer ("PF")

The Treasurer shall ensure that the Club's funds are adequate and that proper process and controls are in place. The Treasurer is also responsible for -

  • keeping adequate & verified financial records
  • arrange for payments
  • monitor and report on collections
  • prepare financial reports & budgets
  • manage & safeguard the Club's cash and bank account

Club Secretary ("PS")

The Secretary shall ensure that the Club's legal and secretarial records (eg. minutes, resolutions, constitution etc) are kept safely and where appropriate updated. The Secretary shall seek and provide legal advise on Club matters.

The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining the member register and fees collection reminders.

Club Member Liaison ("PM")

The Club Member Liaison is responsible for -

  • developing member benefits
  • organising member events and functions (including social events)
  • managing member merchandise

Company roles

Chief Executive ("CE")

The CE role is to set the overall vision, mission direction and priorities of my-KART beyond at a national level. The CE must also drive the Company's sustainability and commercial growth in order to be able to contribute to the Club(s) towards the growth of the sport in line with my-KART's vision.

The CE shall assign tasks, responsibilities and resources (budget assignment) in order to meet the Company objectives.

Chief Financial Officer ("CF")

The CF shall ensure that the company's funds are adequate and that proper process and controls are in place. The CF is also responsible for -

  • keeping adequate & verified financial records
  • arrange for payments
  • monitor and report on revenue and collections
  • prepare financial reports & budgets
  • manage & safeguard the company's assets & liabilities, including cash and bank accounts

Company Secretary ("CS")

The CS shall ensure that the Company's legal and secretarial records (eg. minutes, resolutions, articles etc) are kept safely and where appropriate updated. The CS shall seek and provide legal advise on company matters.

Chief Programme Development ("CPD")

The CPD is responsible for -

  • developing club and member programmes together with the club officials
  • develop benefits for club members
  • develop and manage merchandise

Chief of Operations & Logistics ("COL")

The COL is responsible for overall event operations and logistics. This role is usually very intensive during racing events. The COL is responsible to ensure the smooth running of the events from preparation (equipment, emergency response, transportation) to the point of arrival and event management and closure. This includes formation of grids, race conduct and management.

Chief of Technical & Safety ("CTS")

The CTS is responsible for -

  • developing event rules and regulations
  • overall track and kart equipment specification & inspection
  • decisions on technical and safety matters
  • ensuring proper safety briefing
  • incident investigation
  • driver discipline

Chief of Commercialisation ("CCM")

The CCM is responsible primarily for fund raising for the Club through sponsorship, developing & implementing fund raising activities, planning and executing advertising and marketing activities. Develop concepts and positioning. Develop proposition for funders and members.

The CCM will also assume all PR and Communications (PRC) roles. The PRC role is responsible for managing the hospitality for vip, guests and media. The PRC is also responsible for the publication of press releases and communication packages for interested parties.

Kelab my-KART Selangor (2441/2006)

Dear my-KARTers,

As many of you by now know, my-KART's club registeration has finally been approved by the National Sports Commissioner on the 28th November 2006. Naza has been tirelessly following up with the Commissioner since November 2005 and finally set his hands on the approval documents on 6th December 2006. This had been a long wait of just over one year since we submitted the documents for registration.

Kelab my-KART Selangor (official name) is registered under the Akta Pembangunan Sukan 1997 with the Nombor Pendaftaran Kelab: 2441/2006.

I would like to thank Naza for his constant follow up without which, we could have easily have to wait even longer... as many club founders have discovered before. Thanks bro.

The formal registration of the club would allow my-KART to carry out formal activities and gives my-KART the ability to approach other entities for commercial opportunities. In addition to this, my-KART will be eligible to register with AAM and be able to conduct AAM sanctioned events which is useful for attracting participation from corporations and other organisations.

That said, there a number of matters to be deliberated and resolved. The Interim Committee will soon be convening to resolve a few of these matters. For your information the interim committee members are as follows:

PresidentFazlur-Rahman bin Zainuddin
Vice PresidentMohamed Yusnee Rahmat Mohd
SecretaryNazarudin Mohd Nordin
Asst. SecretaryEdy Hazry Mohammed Daud
TreasurerShahrul Azlan
Asst. TreasurerLoke Hon Wai, Steward
Committee MemberAlvin Joseph Nesakumar
Committee MemberBrian Fernandez

The club constitution is attached here for reference. Kindly vet through and provide your feedback here. Also attach for discussion a preliminary org chart (with roles & responsibilities) of the Club committee.


Club Constitution







Article 1 Name and Registered Address

Article 2 Aims and Objectives

Article 3 Membership

Article 4 Entrance Fees, Subscriptions and Other Dues

Article 5 Resignation, Suspension and Expulsion

Article 6 General Meeting

Article 7 Duties of Office-Bearers

Article 8 Financial Provisions

Article 9 Audit of Accounts

Article 10 Patrons

Article 11 Interpretation of Rules

Article 12 Prohibitions

Article 13 Amendment of Rules

Article 14 Dissolution












Article 1 Name and Registered Address

1)     The Club shall be known as KELAB my-KART SELANGOR hereinafter known as the “Club”.

2)     Its registered address shall be at 10, Jalan SS3/80, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor or at such other place or places as may from time to time be decided on by the Committee. The registered address shall not be changed without the prior approval of the Registrar of Societies.

Article 2 Aims and Objectives

The aim and objectives of the Club shall be as follows:

1)     To be the preferred organisation for organised amateur karting and talent development

2)     To popularise grassroots motor-sports

3)     To provide affordable, safe, fun, competitive karting with opportunities for progress

4)     To assist talented driver(s) to further their ambitions in motorsport, through events, programmes tailored to train and develop these drivers.

5)     To acquire assets, such as merchandise bearing the Club’s logo, land & properties, equipments, furniture, vehicles, karts, machinery and accessories related to motorsport for the furtherance of the Club’s activities and to hold such assets acquired under the name of the Club or under the name of trustee(s) to be determined by the Committee.

6)     The Club shall be a non-profit organisation and shall not indulge or infringe into the policies of government or be involved in politics.

Article 3 Membership

1)     Membership of the Club shall be open to any individual who are at least eight (8) years of age irrespective of race, creed or sex who are law-abiding citizens of their countries.

2)     There shall be two classes of membership as follows : - Ordinary Member with voting rights - Associate Member with no voting rights

3)     Every new application for membership shall be proposed by at least one (1) registered member and submitted to the Honorary Secretary who is required to seek approval from the Committee. The Committee at its discretion may reject the application without giving any reasons whatsoever.

4)     Intending applicants are by default offered associate membership. Associate members may be upgraded to ordinary members subject to review by the Club.

5)     Every applicant whose application has been approved as aforesaid shall, upon payment of the prescribed entrance fee and the first annual subscription, be admitted as a member of the Club and shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership.

6)     Where a member is under the age of 18 and wishes to participate, the parent or guardian must attend the event and provide his / her consent. The parent or guardian shall indemnify the club, its members, organisers, operators and sponsors safe against any claims, damages, costs, damage to properties arising out of injury, loss or death.


Article 4 Entrance Fees, Subscriptions and Other Dues

1)     The entrance fee and subscription payable for Membership shall be as follows: - Joining Fee: RM 10.00 - Annual Subscription: RM120.00 per calendar year and pro-rated according to joining date.

2)     All annual subscription shall be paid lump sum in advance on or before the 31st day of March each year. Any member whose annual subscription is in arrears shall be denied the rights and privileges of membership.

3)     The entrance fee and the subscription fee for the current year shall be submitted to the Club at the time of applying for membership.

4)     Any member who allows his arrears to exceed one year from the due date (“the lapse period”) shall automatically cease to be a member of the Club. During the lapse period, the individual shall cease to enjoy privileges of membership.

5)     Special subscriptions or levies for particular purposes may be raised from members by resolution at the general meeting of the Club. If any member fails to pay such subscription within such period as may be resolved, the amount due shall be treated in the same way as arrears of annual subscription.

6)     The Club may for the purpose of promoting its objectives, call for special donations or raise funds from its members and the public with the prior approval of the relevant authorities.


Article 5 Resignation, Suspension and Expulsion

1)     Any member who wishes to resign from the Club shall give one (1) month notice in writing to the Committee and shall pay up all dues.

2)     Any member who fails to comply with the rules of the Club or has acted in a manner to bring disrepute upon the Club may be expelled or suspended for a period of time as the Committee deems fit. Provided that before such expulsion or suspension the member shall be informed of the grounds for such expulsion or suspension in writing and be given an opportunity to be heard before the Committee or a Tribunal so convened by the Committee. The members so expelled or suspended may appeal to the General Meeting which may reinstate the member upon obtaining a Two-Thirds (2/3) majority of the members voting.

3)     Any members who resign are not eligible to claim a refund from the Club for any fees and/or levies already paid to the Club.


Article 6 General Meeting

1)     The supreme authority of the Club is vested in the Annual General Meeting.

2)     The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held as soon as possible after the close of each financial year but not later than 31st May each year on a date and at a time and place to be decided by the Committee. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

a)     To receive the Committee report as presented by the Honorary Secretary on the activities of the Club during the previous year.

b)     To receive the Honorary Treasurer’s report and the audited accounts of the Club for the previous year.

c)      To elect Office Bearers

d)     To deliberate and, if think fit, to decide on any motion submitted either by the committee or any member.

3)     A preliminary notice of the Annual General Meeting stating the date, the time and the place, and calling for motions for the discussion, motions for amendment of the Rules and nominations for the election of Office Bearers (during the election year) shall be sent by the Honorary Secretary to Office Bearers not later than 30 days before the date fixed for the meeting.

4)     Nominations for the election of Office Bearer (in the election year only) and the motions for discussion at the meeting must reach the Honorary Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the general meeting.

5)     The Honorary Secretary shall send to all Office Bearers at least 10 days before the meeting an agenda including copies of minutes and reports, motions and nominations for the election of Office Bearers (if any), together with the audited accounts of the Club for the previous year. Copies of these documents will also be made available at the registered address or place of meeting of the Club for the perusal of members.

6)     An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club shall be convened at any time:

a)     if directed by the President.

b)     at the joint request in writing of not less than 2/3 of the members stating the objects and reasons for such meeting.

7)     An Extraordinary General Meeting requisitioned by members shall be convened within Thirty (30) days of the receipt of such requisition.

cool     Notice and agenda for an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be forwarded by the Honorary Secretary to all members at least Fourteen (14) days before the date fixed for meeting.

9)     The quorum for all Annual General Meeting and the Extraordinary General Meeting shall be 1/2 of the total number of members with voting rights or 2 times the total number of committee members whichever is the lesser. The mandatory attendees to determine the quorum includes the President, The Treasurer, The Secretary, and/or their Alternates, and two other committee members such that this constitutes more than fifty percent (50%) of the Committee members.

10)If a quorum if not present after sixty (60) minutes after the stated time for the General Meeting, then the meeting shall be postponed to a date not exceeding Thirty (30) days to be decided by the Committee, and if a quorum is still not present sixty (60) minutes after the time fixed for the postponed meeting the members present shall have the power to proceed with the agenda, but they shall not have the power to alter the rules of the Club or to make decisions affecting the whole membership. For an Extraordinary General Meeting requisitioned by members, if a quorum is not present after sixty (60) minutes from the time appointed for the Extraordinary General Meeting, the meeting shall be cancelled and the Extraordinary General Meeting for the same purpose shall not be called to be held, until after the lapse of at least six (6) months from the date thereof.


Article 7. Duties of Office-Bearers

1)     A Committee of Club Office Bearers shall be elected in the Annual General Meeting:

President 1

Vice President 1

Secretary 1

Assistant Secretary 1

Treasurer 1

Assistant Treasurer 1

Committee Members 2


2)     The President shall during his term of office preside at all general meetings and all meetings of the Committee and shall be responsible for the proper conduct of all such meetings. He shall have a casting vote.

3)     The Vice President shall deputise for the President during the latter's absence.

4)     The Honorary Secretary shall conduct the business of the Club in accordance with the Societies Act 1966 and the rules of the Club, and shall carry out the instructions of the general meeting and of the Committee. He shall be responsible for conducting all correspondence and keeping all books, documents and papers except the accounts and financial records. He shall maintain a membership register with particulars of name, age, identity card number, occupation and address of every member. He shall attend all meetings, and record the proceedings. In the event there arise a need to obtain approval on an important matter not in time for a Committee meeting, the Honorary Secretary may obtain approval from members of the Committee by circulation. Any approval obtained in this manner must be reported in the next Committee meeting for confirmation and records.

5)     The Assistant Honorary Secretary shall assist the Honorary Secretary in carrying out his duties and shall act for him in his absence.

6)     The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for the accounting functions of the Club. He shall keep accounts of all its financial transaction and shall be responsible for their correctness.

7)     The Assistant Honorary Treasurer shall assist the Honorary Treasurer in carrying out |his duties and shall act for him in his absence.

cool     The Committee Members shall carry out such duties as directed by the Committee.


Article 8. Financial Provisions

1)     The Honorary Treasurer may at any time hold a petty cash of not exceeding Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred (RM500.00). All monies in excess of this sum shall be deposited in the Club’s official bank account within Seven (7) days of receipt.

2)     No expenditure exceeding Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred (RM500.00) at any time shall be incurred without the prior sanction of the Committee. Expenditure of less than Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred (RM500.00) at any one time may be approved by the President or Vice President together with the Honorary Treasurer and the Honorary Secretary or their respective assistants.

3)     All cheques or withdrawal notices on the Club’s account shall be signed jointly by any two (2) of the following officers, namely the President, the Vice President, and the Honorary Secretary.

4)     The date of commencement of the financial year of the Club shall be from the First Day of January and shall end on the Thirty First Day December annually.


Article 9. Audit of Accounts

1)     One member, who shall not be an Office Bearer of the Club shall be appointed at every alternate Annual General Meeting as Honorary Auditor. Such Auditor shall not be eligible for reappointment for two consecutive terms. The Auditor shall be required to audit the accounts of the Club for the year, and to prepare a report or certificate for the Annual General Meeting. They may also be required by the President to audit the accounts of the Club for any period within their tenure of office at any date, and to make a report to the Committee.

2)     The Committee may appoint a Chartered Accountant or a firm of Chartered Accountants recognised as such by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants to act as External Auditors.


Article 10. Patrons

1)     The Patrons of the Club shall be chosen from distinguished persons. Any proposal to invite such persons to be a patron of the Club shall be placed before and approved by the Committee


Article 11. Interpretation of Rules

1)     Between Annual General Meeting, the Committee shall interpret the rules of the Club and, when necessary, determine any point on which the rules are silent.

2)     Except where they are contrary to or inconsistent with the policy previously laid down by the general meeting the decisions of the Committee shall be binding on all members of the Club unless and until countermanded by a resolution of a general meeting.


Article 12. Prohibitions

1)     All forms of gambling, drug abuse, and any illegal and immoral activities not conducive to the aims and objects of the Club shall be strictly prohibited on the premises of the Club and during the official club events and functions.

2)     The Club shall not pay out any benefits as defined under Section 2 of the Societies Act 1966 to any of its members.

3)     No persons below the age of majority shall be admitted as a member of the Club without the prior written consent of a parent or guardian.


Article 13. Amendment of Rules

1)     These Rules may not be altered or amended except by resolution of a General Meeting provided that such resolution shall have been passed by at least Two-Thirds (2/3) of the members present shall be in favour. Application for any such alterations or amendments shall be made to the Registrar of Societies within 60 days from the date of passing thereof and shall take effect from the date of their approval by the Registrar of Societies.


Article 14. Dissolution

1)     The Club may be voluntarily dissolved by a resolution of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the total membership at a general meeting specially convened for this purpose.

2)     In the event of the Club being dissolved as provided above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on its behalf shall be fully discharged, and the remaining funds shall be disposed of in such manner as may be decided upon by a general meeting.

3)     The Notice of Dissolution shall be given within 14 days of the dissolution to the Registrar of Societies.

Club General Meetings

This section contains records of the various club general meetings. Minutes of meetings shall be attached here as well.

1st AGM - 28 April 2007, Citykarting Shah Alam

naza / azlan - appreciate if you can edit this post and update further

The club had its first AGM on Saturday 28 April 2007 (1355-1500hrs) at the function room at Citykarting Shah Alam.

The meeting agenda was as follows:

  1. the protem president's address
  2. the protem secretary's report
  3. the protem treasurer's report
  4. q&a from the members
  5. election of the 1st club committee members
  6. any other business

The president addressed the members by describing my-kart's journey & achievements to date, with emphasis on the values, identity & purpose. The president ended his address with a few thoughts on my-kart's future and way forward.

The secretary updated the members on the various decisions, and committee activities conducted to date, whilst the treasurer informed the members on the collections and state of the club's financial affairs up to 31 March 2007.

Club membership benefits. Invitation to join.


the purpose of this document is to invite current my-kart members to subscribe to the club membership. in addition to this, this document seeks to explain the benefits of club membership.


up to now, my-KART exists as a loose group of people running monthly races. my-KART currently caters for two broad groups of people: (i) the casual karter; (ii) the aspiring racers - young and old.

my-KART's mission of popularising grassroots motorsports is based on (i) making karting affordable; (ii) making the races safe, fun & competitive; (iii) providing karters with a platform to improve their skills; and (iv) doing all this in a sustainable, structured and professional manner.

my-KART also aims to provide even more benefits to its members and to extend this opportunity to those outside of the Klang Valley. To achieve this we need help from the members to continue this drive beyond the current levels.

club membership benefits

the formation of Kelab my-KART Selangor is to ensure member benefits are further enhanced. *please note however, non-paying-members are still invited to join the regular KART and Mega Enduro series (although not at the discount paying-members enjoy). the following are some of the benefits paying-members will enjoy:

  • membership identification. many kart operators attach a significant value on karters coming from my-KART. my-karters can usually enjoy informal benefits from these operators. these operators are comforted that my-karters do not destroy their karts on every other lap. my-karters are also known as regular and loyal karters.
  • sponsorship & fund-raising benefits - tie-ups, drivers' clinic & more discounts. my-KART aims to raise funds and sponsorships for the benefit of its members and to advance its mission of popularising grassroots motorsports. fund raising and sponsorship provides a base fund to introduce further benefits such as drivers' clinics (bringing in experts), performance rewards (free karting trials) and more. sponsorship tie-ups and discounts on sponsor products and services are additional benefits. my-KART aims to leverage its members' contributions towards these activities.
  • discounted prices for my-KART events. loyal my-karters should get discounts on my-KART events. we will be announcing the discounts on the current race event fees in due course.
  • benefits for the family. my-KART will be introducing programmes for my-karters with young children. the committee is in process of developing a K4 series and negotiating with the operators. however, this is subject to demand.
  • club membership to obtain AAM racing license. my-KART is in the process of seeking AAM affiliation. AAM requires all applicants for racing license to be a member of a racing club.
  • other benefits and non-racing activities. my-KART will be producing some merchandise for members at discounts (such as T-shirts, starter packs) and organising other non-racing activities for members and their families.
  • the opportunity to participate and shape my-KART's vision for the sport. enough said.

club membership & joining fees

the Kelab my-KART Selangor is ramping up its membership drive leading up to the 1st AGM in April 2007. hence, we are inviting members to formally register with the club. the application form is attached. one time joining fee is only RM10, plus RM120 annual subscription.

please download and complete the attached form and provide two passport photos for the membership application. please submit the membership application form (my-KART membership form) to the registration desk - which is setup at every my-KART event.

Please hurry up as you will need to register before 31 March 2007 to be eligible to attend the 1st my-KART AGM in end April 2007.

Starting with us and our race events

So easy! Just join our races. That's it.

To participate in any my-kart events, you need to create an ID on this website (click here) and then append your name onto the pre-registered participants list for the relevant upcoming event (click here) thread. We organise events for members and invited guests. Communication and member interaction is primarily at this website - so visit often.

* keep bringing guests to experience racing at its purest
** event race fees ranges from RM100 to RM250 as there are various categories and race formats
*** for first time registrations, please provide inform the moderator (necessary to eliminate spammers):

  1. how you found about my-KART
  2. your background (location and occupation)
  3. your karting / racing experience

Reference materials are found on the my-KART information menu bar and About my-KART.

DISCUSSION DRAFT: membership benefits

please feel free to comment my suggestions. Please pardon my "not proper" business english as I have never written a business proposal before, all my techincal proposal only at point forms biggrin

1. Racing events

1a. K1 - The K1 class will be one of the final stepping stones to a racing career / more serious karting. Initially, we do not expect many participants in K1, but it is still a go status. This class will entail further guidance and allow drivers to move up the ladder in their racing hobby (or career).

The K1 class can be run together with the K2 class if participation falls below 5. This is possible as K2 drivers are somewhat experience and ethical drivers. It is likely to have the JGTC format to allow K1 start ahead followed by K2 karts at the back.

There are currently many owner-karters at CityKarting who do not have an reasonably affordable platform to race their karts -practically running aimlessly- and eventually drop out themselves. The K1 class can be targeted to this group and promote my-kart to even wider coverage.

This class shall start with kart owners. Moving forward, my-KART will be exploring some form of easy ownership scheme, to increase interest particularly from the K2 and K3 drivers. This task is assigned to my-KART Promotion. See below for more on easy ownership.

The K1 series may not run over 10 events -unlike the K2 and K3 series- in order to be easy on the pocket of the K1 drivers.

1b. K2 â€" maintain as current, and promote K2 new blood promoting capable K3 drivers
1c. K3 â€" Beginners and also promotion of capable K4 drivers
1d. K4 â€" NEW. definition needed for K4

If more of the classes created, longer time needed for a day event that should be necessary. Extra activities at lunch time can be organized (subject to discuss)

1e. Endurance - night endurance will be a good and relatively new event to start off. Many of the night karters may not know there is existence of my-kart, it will be a good area of to explore. Suggestion that out of the 6 MEs planned, 1 or 2 should go night endurance.

2. Workshops and Clinics

2a. K1 especially, many of karters looking forward to tune to their personal preference, this is where the area we should look into. Workshop or clinic basically is owner karters gather to have sessions sharing tuning information, just extra activities other the normal Kx 10 races series. Should there is easy ownership scheme offered by M-kart promotion, this workshop/clinic session will be a good bundle and more persuasive activity.

2b. K3 workshop, a separate session conducted by “senior” karters, a simple lesson of track driving with additional time tracking progress (on the same kart). This will be more to personal attention session to beginners. The session can be aided by the 2 seater kart (yellow tanker) at the practical session. Of course kart renting shall be born by trainnees themselves. This is where the special discount rate offer to members from CK comes about in handy. 2 ways beneficial that my-kart trains beginners and also trainers.

2c. Clinic mainly aims for fine tuning, that it has be conducted by experienced karting racer either from inside my-kart (licensed racers, so far can think of 2 they are Jules and Tarmizi), if necessary, hire or honorary invitation.

2d. K4 workshop, similar to K3 workshop.
This aims family gathering. Young driver accompany by parents that helps to promote my-kart for any forth coming events and updates. Is also brings to opportunity to train up new trainer from K3 to be prepared to promote to K2 or K1.

These workshops and clinical session are going to worth the membership drive even so members are not participating any single series at all. Workshop and clinical series work conjunction with special discount rate from CK. Additional benefits to members if we have special deal with other track operators like speedway, sepang and etc. honestly I am more looking forward to langkawi track.

3. Activities and outings

Family outings like convoy to Cameron trip, PD over night stays and etc. With conjunction of these, we could have piggy-back media for the promotion, such as magazine and etc. (leaving this portion to commercial and marketing). MY-KART is registered club, it can seek for relevant authorities to assist convoy ie PDRM.

4. Affiliation

AAM affiliation is a MUST; we can see that is the ultimate request from “potential” members (including myself). Members will gain grand and formal race experience if should my-kart impose rigid regulations towards major events in conjunction with racing governing body such as AAM and or etc. Addtional my-kart will also helps members in acquisition of racing licenses such as MME and sanctioned karting events.

5. Sponsorship

Looking at the direction of car related sponsorship pertaining to my-kart is motorsports orientated. We may not necessary looking for funding. At any major event will be looking forward to variety of sponsorships, banners and or trophies. Hence this will put up good portfolio of MY-KART. These portfolios will benefit to My-kart promotion of invitation to more serious sponsorships.

We can create a link or badge of sponsorship at the main page of forum or even printing new sponsorship on latest updated version of T-shirt, cap and etc. I believe that stimulate at merchandising area a fair bit. 

6. Easy ownership scheme for K1

In reference to the K1 series mentioned above. my-KART will be exploring forms of easy ownership schemes to encourage K2 drivers to take the next step up the karting ladder. One approach is through raising sponsorship which will be done by my-KART Promotion.

The rough idea is to get investors for the 125 karts (can be used karts). The aim is to run K1 series at a reasonable price point and with sufficient commitment and fair returns to all parties: (i) the driver, (ii) my-KART Promotion and (iii) the investor / funder.

The role of my-KART Promotion Sdn Bhd (as distinct from Kelab my-KART Selangor) will be to engage in the commercial activities towards expanding the my-KART vision and mission. The company will be the owner of the my-KART brand and responsible to commercialize it. The company will use the club as an advertising / brand building platform and raise other funders & sponsors. These funds could be channeled towards the easy ownership scheme.

7. Merchandise

As the ultimate objective of my-kart will be event driven club, merchandizing keep to lower priority, however, the standards goodies have to be there like T-shirts, badges, cap or hat, stickers and etc.


Dear Valued Club Members,

[b]Re: KELAB MY-KART SELANGOR Membership Renewal for APRIL 2008 - MARCH 2009.[/b]

1. This is to remind all members that the current Kelab my-kart Selangor
membership validity will expire on 31st March 2008. Members are therefore urged to renew their membership for the period April 2008 - March 2009 at the soonest.

2. Payment for membership fees can be made direct to the following Maybank account : Mykart Promotions Sdn Bhd a/c: 512754306333 . Please submit the
bank's acknowledgement slip to the Treasurer (Azlan) as proof.

3. Alternatively, payment for membership fees can be made on round 3 raceday, 1st March 2008.

4. Specific to K1 drivers, please ensure that your membership is renewed in time to be eligible for the race in rd 4 on April 5th 2008 and thereafter for the remaining rounds.

5. Please do take note that only members with valid memberships are eligible to attend the club's forthcoming Annual General Meeting on a date to be notified soon.

Thank you.

my-KART Selangor Club Members - 2009 / 2010

[table #| Name |Expiry Date|New Member ID|Received Card
1| Fazlur Rahman bin Zainuddin |31-Mar-10| 0001 |[b] Received [/b]
2| Shahrul Azlan bin Ariffin |31-Mar-10| 0002 |[b] Received [/b]
3| Mohamad Yazid Mustapha | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0003 |
4| Marsella Binti Abdullah |31-Mar-10| 0004 |[b] Received [/b]
5| Julian Ng |31-Mar-10| 0005 |
6| Jazland Azmi |31-Mar-10| 0006 |[b] Received [/b]
7| Mohd Yusnee Rahmat Mohd Yusoff |31-Mar-10| 0007 |[b] Received [/b]
8| Patrick Tan Cheng Hooi |31-Mar-10| 0008 |[b] Received [/b]
9| Steward Loke | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0009 |
10| Ng Wei Li |31-Mar-10| 0010 |
11| Zulkiflee bin Abdul Samad |31-Mar-10| 0011 |[b] Received [/b]
12| Daniel Rao |31-Mar-10| 0012 |[b] Received [/b]
13| M.Z. Azizi bin Abdul Malek |31-Mar-10| 0013 |[b] Received [/b]
14| Azmee Ahmad |31-Mar-09| 0014 |
15| A. Muhaymin Abdullah | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0015 |[b] Received [/b]
16| Izrulaimin bin Jasman |31-Mar-10| 0016 |[b] Received [/b]
17| Ashraff Dewal |31-Mar-10| 0017 |[b] Received [/b]
18| Choong Yip Yen |31-Mar-10| 0018 |[b] Received [/b]
19| Iskander Mohd |31-Mar-10| 0019 |[b] Received [/b]
20| Rizal Khalid |31-Mar-10| 0020 |[b] Received [/b]
21| Raymond Phillips | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0021 |
22| Jason Goodmund | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0022 |
23| Nazarudin Mohd Nordin |31-Mar-10| 0023 |[b] Received [/b]
24| Desmond Khoo Boon Hoe |31-Mar-10| 0024 |[b] Received [/b]
25| Edwyn Low |31-Mar-10| 0025 |[b] Received [/b]
26| Mohd Julian Hussein Wilson bi Hussein | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0026 |[b] Received [/b]
27| Suhazlan bin Ab Sukor | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0027 |[b] Received [/b]
28| Stephen Kok Jun Yi |31-Mar-10| 0028 |[b] Received [/b]
29| Ramsey Rizal |31-Mar-10| 0029 |[b] Received [/b]
30| Hwang Shuang Loong |31-Mar-10| 0030 |[b] Received [/b]
31| Razak Halim |31-Mar-10| 0031 |[b] Received [/b]
32| Brian Eravelly |31-Mar-10| 0032 |[b] Received [/b]
33| CANCELLED ID | | 0033 |
34| Raja Nuruladhza Aini bt Raja Mukhtaruddin |31-Mar-10| 0034 |[b] Received [/b]
35| Mark Ian Timms |31-Mar-10| 0035 |[b] Received [/b]
36| Gnow Chui Luen |31-Mar-10| 0036 |[b] Received [/b]
37| Thiban Eaganathan |31-Mar-10| 0037 |
38| Danny Choo Hon Nam |31-Mar-10| 0038 |[b] Received [/b]
39| Emmy Diana Abdullah |31-Mar-10| 0039 |[b] Received [/b]
40| Norhafizah Nazarudin |31-Mar-10| 0040 |[b] Received [/b]
41| Olivia Goh Ching Ying | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0041 |
42| Harish Mithiran | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0042 |
43| Christopher Setterington |31-Mar-10| 0043 |[b] Received [/b]
44| Muhammad Tarmizi Nazarudin |31-Mar-10| 0044 |[b] Received [/b]
45| Mohd Zainy Saat |31-Mar-10| 0045 |[b] Received [/b]
46| Mohamad Afiq Ikhwan Mohamad Yazid | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0046 |
47| Sarah Alya Timms |31-Mar-10| 0047 |[b] Received [/b]
48| Aiman Rizal |31-Mar-10| 0048 |[b] Received [/b]
49| Nurul Amira Timms |31-Mar-10| 0049 |[b] Received [/b]
50| Michael Chin Yuin Long | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0050 |
51| Hafidz Fahro Rozi |31-Mar-10| 0051 |[b] Received [/b]
52| Abang Amirul Hadi bin Khirudin | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0052 |
53| Dennis Ho Weng Chan | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0053 |[b] Received [/b]
54| Stuart Gibbs |31-Mar-10| 0054 |[b] Received [/b]
55| Muhammad Faiz Rahman |31-Mar-10| 0055 |[b] Received [/b]
56| Nurhannani Fazlur Rahman |31-Mar-10| 0056 |[b] Received [/b]
57| Muhammad Saiful Rahman |31-Mar-10| 0057 |[b] Received [/b]
58| Jason Loo |31-Mar-10| 0058 |[b] Received [/b]
59| Dinesh Surandran |31-Mar-10| 0059 |[b] Received [/b]
60| Alson Wong |31-Mar-10| 0060 |[b] Received [/b]
61| Jason Lau | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0061 |[b] Received [/b]
62| Eugene Lim | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0062 |
63| Jonathan Kan | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0063 |[b] Received [/b]
64| Soong Lit Lum(Alex Lum) | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0064 |[b] Received [/b]
65| Anuar Abdul Hamid |31-Mar-10| 0065 |[b] Received [/b]
66| Hanif Che Din |31-Mar-10| 0066 |
67| Ahmad Nizam bin Abdul Rahman |31-Mar-10| 0067 |[b] Received [/b]
68| Wong Siong Keat |31-Mar-10| 0068 |[b] Received [/b]
69| Yeoh Fei Bien (Faibs) |31-Mar-10| 0069 |[b] Received [/b]
70| Ruben Yap Wei Tek |31-Mar-10| 0070 |[b] Received [/b]
71| Chin Ze Hau |31-Mar-10| 0071 |[b] Received [/b]
72| Norlina Johor | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0072 |[b] Received [/b]
73| John Stewart | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0073 |[b] Received [/b]
74| Ivor Alexis Vuilleumier | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0074 |[b] Received [/b]
75| Imran Ishak | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0075 |[b] Received [/b]
76| Zainuddin Zainal |31-Mar-10| 0076 |[b] Received [/b]
77| Sharil Shaifiq | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0077 |[b] Received [/b]
78| Shirley Wong |31-Mar-10| 0078 |[b] Received [/b]
79| Cheah Ben Lee |31-Mar-10| 0079 |
80| Stewart Donald |31-Mar-10| 0080 |
81| Eddy Hazral |31-Mar-10| 0081 |
82| Mohd Fikri Razin Rahim | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0082 |[b] Received [/b]
83| ST Ooi |31-Mar-10| 0083 |[b] Received [/b]
84| Premachandran Rajan |31-Mar-10| 0084 |[b] Received [/b]
85| Muhammad Afif B. Ahmad | [b]EXPIRED [/b]| 0085 |[b] Received [/b]
86| Angeline Ooi |31-Mar-10| 0086 |
87| Aaron Liddell |31-Mar-10| 0087 |]

Club committee

This section will contain the records of the club committee members since the club was incepted in November 2006.

Typically, the club committee will comprise the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The club constitution requires 8 committee members be appointed at the club's Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Committee 2007/08

PresidentFazlur Rahman
Vice-PresidentYusnee Yusof
TreasurerShahrul Azlan Ariffin
SecretaryNazarudin Nordin
Committee 1Azmee Ahmad
Committee 2Gnow Chui Luen
Committee 3Zulkifli Samad
Committee 4Emmy Diana

Committee 2008/09

The committee members were elected during the 2nd club AGM held on 21 June 2008.

PresidentFazlur Rahmanprovide direction and oversee activities of the club019 3855 055
Vice-PresidentYusnee Yusoflead commercial, marketing and other fund raising activities for the club012 326 7270
TreasurerShahrul Azlan Ariffinkeep financial records of club's activities and funds012 390 4887
SecretaryNazarudin Nordinmaintain records of club's activities and ensure compliance with rules & regulations012 335 1900
Head of Member affairsMark Timmskeep member records and lead member affairs012 310 0598
Head of OperationsGnow Chui LuenHead of event operations and activities013 394 3856
Asst OperationsZulkifli Samadassist the Head of operations019 363 8293
Head of TechnicalEdwyn Lowlead technical matters of club's karting events012 359 7817

each of the above committee members may select other members to assist them in respective sub-committees.

Committee 2009/10

The committee members were elected during the 3rd club AGM held on 28 June 2009.

PresidentFazlur Rahmanprovide direction and oversee activities of the club019 3855 055
Vice-PresidentYusnee Yusoflead commercial, marketing and other fund raising activities for the club012 326 7270
TreasurerShahrul Azlan Ariffinkeep financial records of club's activities and funds012 390 4887
SecretaryNazarudin Nordinmaintain records of club's activities and ensure compliance with rules & regulations012 335 1900
Head of Member affairsMark Timmskeep member records and lead member affairs012 310 0598
Head of OperationsGnow Chui LuenHead of event operations and activities013 394 3856
Asst OperationsZulkifli Samadassist the Head of operations019 363 8293
Head of TechnicalEdwyn Lowlead technical matters of club's karting events012 359 7817

each of the above committee members may select other members to assist them in respective sub-committees.

Committee 2010/11

The committee members were elected* during the 4th club AGM held on 14 August 2010.

PresidentMark Ian Timmsoversee & lead overall direction and development aspects of the club012 310 0598
Vice-PresidentFazlur Rahmanoversee & lead overall club activities, events and operations019 3855 055
TreasurerYusnee Yusofkeep financial records of club's activities and funds012 326 7270
SecretaryNazarudin Nordinmaintain records of club's activities and ensure compliance with rules & regulations012 335 1900
Head of Member affairsRamsey Rizalkeep member records and lead member affairs012 269 6766
Head of OperationsDesmond KhooHead of event operations and activities012 387 6706
Asst OperationsRizal Khalidassist the Head of operations018 200 2800
Head of TechnicalTarmizi Nazarudinlead technical matters of club's karting events012 248 9197

each of the above committee members may select other members to assist them in respective sub-committees.

*The AGM elected Nazarudin Nordin for the post of president. However, Naza had to decline later due to personal commitments. The second highest vote was in favour of Mark Ian Timms, who accepted the position of president from Naza.

Member list and references

This chapter collects the various member related information from contacts, demographics etc.

Contact list

If you wish to be contacted by My-kart members please fill up the list

No.NameNickContact No.
1Luenluen013-394 3856
2Wei LiOSFlanker016-209 2150
3Azlansaa73012-390 4887
4FazzTheFazz019-325 5055 / 019-385 5055
5Nazanaza012-335 1900
6Ramseysabelt012-269 6766
7JulesJules012 388 3269
8PatrickNohad+65 8359 0178 / +6017 689 8388 / +62 813 6414 3993
9Zul Samadbosozoku019-363 8293
10Isk m7mildseven016-275 2138
12Aiman Rizalaimanrizal0182329282
13Ramzulramzul017-224 7423(ajoi)
14Yusneeeuss012-326 7270
15Steward Lokealfagta012-335 4970
16Mark Timmstimmsm012-310 0598
17IzrulBomber012-341 4994
18ImanimanMS012-213 5886
19Siang Weisiangwei019-217 2977
20Edy Hazryed019-260 3737
21Edwynedwynlow012-359 7817
22IskandarIskandar Zulkarnain017-616 2279
23Raymond PhillipsRayrossi46012-319 8646
25Dannyjedanial017-563 4748
26Jac SooJac Soo016-638 5708
27Damilyn @ lyndalynda012-298 3981
28Afiqafique85012-222 8405
29Wira Ahmad Fauzilil_kartoon016-373 9178
30Alex-aLx-012-216 2262
31VincentAvince012-321 8903
32Ashishblackbeasta012-608 0891
33MarcyMad Marcy013-341 1188
34Desmonddes_k012-387 6706 / 016-223 2279(Wings? call me!)
35Stuart Gibbskarter_stuart012-3456-815 / 017-252 1914
36Olivia GoliviaG012-313 8386
37M.Z.Azizierzazie016-651 5311
38Dennis HodennisHo012-926 3564
39Razak Halimajak012-223 5515 / 019-3396 311
40Zainyzainy019-314 9892
41Chris Al-Zafircsetter017-626 1843
42Dominicdom017-693 3843
43Dineshdinesh012-925 1587
44Tarmizi NazarudinTarmizi012-248 9197 (no miss calls arr)
45Ahmad Rizalahmad.azianarizal019-782 2787 - Rizal.
46Hanif Che Dinhanifcd012-211 2259 Anip
47Zainuddin Zainalzainuddin zainal019-232 6007
48Hashim Amindean75012-611 2774
49Henzeehondata82019-607 9029

last updated 7/07/2009

Forum topics: 

my-kart - advanced racers list

Dear my-karters,

i recently spoke to the CEO of the Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM, MAM is the Motorsports development body in Malaysia. we talked about my-kart being the development platform for a pool of racing talent in the country. i spoke to him that the talent pool offers opportunities for adults to venture into more serious circuit racing competition, and for youngsters to venture into serious karting competition and open wheel racing.

i would like to get a view of all adult drivers who either -

1/ have participated in national racing events
2/ or plan to participate in national racing events in the near future

these events would included serious karting competitions, track racing (production cars, open wheel etc).

i would like to gather a list of my-kart participants. please provide a list as follows:

seq|my-kart participant|type of participation

my-kart children list

Dear my-karters,

i recently spoke to the CEO of the Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM, MAM is the Motorsports development body in Malaysia. we talked about my-kart being the development platform for a pool of racing talent in the country. i spoke to him that the talent pool offers opportunities for adults to venture into more serious circuit racing competition, and for youngsters to venture into serious karting competition and open wheel racing.

for your info, there is a Young Talent Driver search by the MAM. It recently informed its affiliates that it will be conducting a talent search (young drivers without racing license). there is a post on this information at this website. the article can be found here:

i would like to gather a list of children (primary, secondary and tertiary education) of my-kart participants. please provide a list as follows:

seq|my-kart participant|primary|secondary|tertiary

1|fazz rahman|3p|1s|nil

Spirit of community, volunteerism and how you can help

It is now January 2012.

We now advance into the tenth year of my-kart's events since our first season in 2002.

Since that time ten years ago, the spirit of my-kart has remained the same. We organise our events because we feel passionate about the sport. Because we want to enjoy ourselves in a safe, fun, affordable but competitive manner. Because we want to help bring others into the sport as easily as possible. We just want more friends, and to meet people who feel the same way about the sport.

We hope within hope that someday, what we do with the sport at the entry level makes a difference. Perhaps someday. Perhaps one day, somebody who dipped their foot in karting via my-kart can go on to greater motorracing achievements at the international level.

That's our dream.

And we hope it is your dream too.

We believe that this needs to be done by all of us together. We want to maintain the purity of our cause, our events, our friendship, and our joy of racing. We also want to keep costs low because we know that this is a significant hurdle for many who love the sport, but cannot afford to be involved. Yet, we want to be financially sustainable because after ten years - we do not want to see the community we have built, just disappear like that.

Which is why we emphasise on volunteerism. We are a community.

Volunteers have been the lifeblood of my-kart for the past 10 years, and we believe it will continue to be so. Volunteers help keep the passion high, and costs low.

Over the years, many of our good friends have helped organise events; promote the events; negotiate with operators & suppliers; come up with ideas and execute them; come up with rules and write them down; identify areas for improvement and implement them; and the list goes on.

As the years pass, many of the familiar faces start to fade away, and new faces come to the fore to carry the my-kart banner.

As such, we wish to appeal to new members, new participants, new friends to step forward to help us move my-kart further forward. We believe many of you can do more than what the founders and early members of my-kart could do.

This is our appeal as we look forward to the next ten years for my-kart. You are all empowered to use the my-kart name for any positive reasons that fulfills my-kart's purpose and help bring about the positive change to the motorsport community.

So do help us make my-kart better.

We wish you a Great New Year 2012.

Forza my-kart!

How can we be better?

Of late, we admit that our events have not met the expectations of our members and participants.

This results in declining participation over the season, and across seasons.

There are many factors contributing to this:

  • quality of equipment
  • event management
  • rules
  • others

We admit that there are many failings. However, we also need your help identify the best way to address these failings.

As mentioned in many parts of this site - please remember that my-kart is based on the volunteer contributions of the community. So as such we welcome criticism, but we welcome more if the criticism comes with solutions & volunteers to help implement.

So in the spirit of improving this in my-kart, fire away!

credits and recognitions to my-kart volunteers

my-kart has been organising amateur karting events since 2001. this was even before the name my-kart existed, but the spirit of accessible and affordable karting in a safe, fun, competitive and professional environment was there already.

much of my-kart's success has been largely down to a lot of volunteer work. we mean A LOT. most of the volunteers help out only because they have the passion for the sport and serving others - to give the opportunity to others to experience competitive racing.

these unsung heroes are the life blood of my-kart. therefore, i am starting a thread to recognise these hardworking, passionate people who have made my-kart what it is in 2009 and onwards.

i will update this main post with the nominations and recognition from all of you. so do keep posting on this thread to appreciate our my-kart volunteers. feel free to echo recognition to certain individuals if you feel them worthy. keep it open, flowing and honest.

my-KART banking details

Any payment to my-kart for membership fees, damage deposits / top-ups / costs, event participation costs can be made to the as follows:

Namemykart Promotions Sdn Bhd
ReceiptEmail the scanned bank in slip to: Yusnee ( or Naza ( or Fazz ( or Shahrul Azlan (
Othersit is best that the receipt is scanned and emailed immediately as above. preference is for scanned receipt. as an open source organisation

my-kart can best be described as an open source organisation.

Its origins were simply from the desire of two enthusiasts of having regular racing championships. All the work and efforts since 2001 has been completely voluntary, but importantly done because of a passion to racing, and sharing that passion with a wider group of like minded people. Nothing much is expected in return (except for the occasional championship points for the founders Smile ).

To further understand the philosophy and concept of my-kart, do read this management article by Gary Hamel on Management 2.0 for the Facebook Generation. Management? Yes, do read it and everything that is mentioned in the list describes how my-kart operates.

Ever since its founding, my-kart always encouraged more and more members (and non-members) to volunteer to organise and manage the various events. Additionally, my-kart continues to encourage its members to come up with new ideas for events. Over the years, we've seen the Mega Endurance, the TEAMS series, the Mad Mega Endurance, IRONMAN enduro, and more.

Many of the members have from time to time come up to the committee members with new ideas. my-kart would like to encourage anybody who would like to implement new series ideas to do so under the my-kart banner. New series such as 125cc open, new variations of IRONMAN, Enduro, TEAMS series etc are encouraged. All that we ask is for you to brand your event ideas under the my-kart brand (please ask the committee on how this can be done), and use this website as the primary marketing, networking, collaboration and communication platform - no fee charged at all.

This website can be used as the marketing and promotions tool as well as information reference, or discussion platform etc. Do make full use of this site.

Let us know what you think.

Collection of thoughts on my-kart's model

in many of my discussions with members, i often describe my-kart as an open-source organisation. to give a better illustration, i'd like to have a dialogue with all of you on the subject.

feel free to post some stuff that best describes the model for my-kart.

as a thought starter, in the committee meeting on 2 May 2009 (right after the round 05/2009 DRIVERS series event) at Burger King, Extreme Park Shah Alam, i mentioned a couple of points relating to the my-kart model:

  1. members can add any new series under the my-kart brand provided that it meets the brand standards
  2. that my-kart purpose remains on providing affordable and accessible racing for all (and not focus on profits)
  3. that everybody should participate in making my-kart events achieve these objectives - including newcomers

i shall share some video clips from to describe some of these ideas. feel free to add and share your thoughts too.

Alex Tabarrok: How ideas trump economic crises -- a surprising lesson from 1929

source: |

about this talk:

The "dismal science" truly shines in this optimistic talk, as economist Alex Tabarrok argues free trade and globalization are shaping our once-divided world into a community of idea-sharing more healthy, happy and prosperous than anyone's predictions.

about Alex Tabarrok:

With the hit economic blog, co-author Alex Tabarrok generates more hits than a summer hailstorm, and sheds light into the darkest corners of the dismal science.

in this talk, Alex Tabarrok describes the phenomena of globalisation on the spread of ideas. He talks about the global village needing to share and collaborate on ideas and idea development so that some ideas can move faster. He uses the Great Depression of 1929 to illustrate the effect of ideas in overcoming adversity. This reflects what my-kart aims to do with its own ideas of popularising grassroots motorsports - on how we can bring malaysia's motorsports to a much higher level. We encourage sharing and collaboration across the board.

go ahead, watch and listen to the video talk and let us know what you think.

Charles Leadbeater: The rise of the amateur professional

source: |

about this talk:

In this deceptively casual talk, Charles Leadbeater weaves a tight argument that innovation isn't just for professionals anymore. Passionate amateurs, using new tools, are creating products and paradigms that companies can't.

about Charles Leadbeater:

A researcher at the London think tank Demos, Charles Leadbeater was early to notice the rise of "amateur innovation" -- great ideas from outside the traditional walls, from people who suddenly…

in this talk Leadbeater describes how some of the biggest commercial successes in the world were born out of collaborative efforts of consumers and communities, and not corporations and individuals. he talks about "professional amateurs" which basically mean, amateurs who are passionate about their hobby (not profession), but want it to be done at professional standards. this pretty much describes the people at my-kart.

go ahead, watch and listen to the video talk and let us know what you think.

The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500

Gary Hamel’s Management 2.0
A look at new ways of managing

By Gary Hamel

The experience of growing up online will profoundly shape the workplace expectations of “Generation F” – the Facebook Generation. At a minimum, they’ll expect the social environment of work to reflect the social context of the Web, rather than as is currently the case, a mid-20th-century Weberian bureaucracy.

If your company hopes to attract the most creative and energetic members of Gen F, it will need to understand these Internet-derived expectations, and then reinvent its management practices accordingly. Sure, it’s a buyer’s market for talent right now, but that won’t always be the case—and in the future, any company that lacks a vital core of Gen F employees will soon find itself stuck in the mud.

With that in mind, I compiled a list of 12 work-relevant characteristics of online life. These are the post-bureaucratic realities that tomorrow’s employees will use as yardsticks in determining whether your company is “with it” or “past it.” In assembling this short list, I haven’t tried to catalog every salient feature of the Web’s social milieu, only those that are most at odds with the legacy practices found in large companies.

1. All ideas compete on an equal footing.

On the Web, every idea has the chance to gain a following—or not, and no one has the power to kill off a subversive idea or squelch an embarrassing debate. Ideas gain traction based on their perceived merits, rather than on the political power of their sponsors.

2. Contribution counts for more than credentials.

When you post a video to YouTube, no one asks you if you went to film school. When you write a blog, no one cares whether you have a journalism degree. Position, title, and academic degrees—none of the usual status differentiators carry much weight online. On the Web, what counts is not your resume, but what you can contribute.

3. Hierarchies are natural, not prescribed.

In any Web forum there are some individuals who command more respect and attention than others—and have more influence as a consequence. Critically, though, these individuals haven’t been appointed by some superior authority. Instead, their clout reflects the freely given approbation of their peers. On the Web, authority trickles up, not down.

4. Leaders serve rather than preside.

On the Web, every leader is a servant leader; no one has the power to command or sanction. Credible arguments, demonstrated expertise and selfless behavior are the only levers for getting things done through other people. Forget this online, and your followers will soon abandon you.

5. Tasks are chosen, not assigned.

The Web is an opt-in economy. Whether contributing to a blog, working on an open source project, or sharing advice in a forum, people choose to work on the things that interest them. Everyone is an independent contractor, and everyone scratches their own itch.

6. Groups are self-defining and -organizing.

On the Web, you get to choose your compatriots. In any online community, you have the freedom to link up with some individuals and ignore the rest, to share deeply with some folks and not at all with others. Just as no one can assign you a boring task, no can force you to work with dim-witted colleagues.

7. Resources get attracted, not allocated.

In large organizations, resources get allocated top-down, in a politicized, Soviet-style budget wrangle. On the Web, human effort flows towards ideas and projects that are attractive (and fun), and away from those that aren’t. In this sense, the Web is a market economy where millions of individuals get to decide, moment by moment, how to spend the precious currency of their time and attention.

8. Power comes from sharing information, not hoarding it.

The Web is also a gift economy. To gain influence and status, you have to give away your expertise and content. And you must do it quickly; if you don’t, someone else will beat you to the punch—and garner the credit that might have been yours. Online, there are a lot of incentives to share, and few incentives to hoard.

9. Opinions compound and decisions are peer-reviewed.

On the Internet, truly smart ideas rapidly gain a following no matter how disruptive they may be. The Web is a near-perfect medium for aggregating the wisdom of the crowd—whether in formally organized opinion markets or in casual discussion groups. And once aggregated, the voice of the masses can be used as a battering ram to challenge the entrenched interests of institutions in the offline world.

10. Users can veto most policy decisions.

As many Internet moguls have learned to their sorrow, online users are opinionated and vociferous—and will quickly attack any decision or policy change that seems contrary to the community’s interests. The only way to keep users loyal is to give them a substantial say in key decisions. You may have built the community, but the users really own it.

11. Intrinsic rewards matter most.

The web is a testament to the power of intrinsic rewards. Think of all the articles contributed to Wikipedia, all the open source software created, all the advice freely given—add up the hours of volunteer time and it’s obvious that human beings will give generously of themselves when they’re given the chance to contribute to something they actually care about. Money’s great, but so is recognition and the joy of accomplishment.

12. Hackers are heroes.

Large organizations tend to make life uncomfortable for activists and rabble-rousers—however constructive they may be. In contrast, online communities frequently embrace those with strong anti-authoritarian views. On the Web, muckraking malcontents are frequently celebrated as champions of the Internet’s democratic values—particularly if they’ve managed to hack a piece of code that has been interfering with what others regard as their inalienable digital rights.

These features of Web-based life are written into the social DNA of Generation F—and mostly missing from the managerial DNA of the average Fortune 500 company. Yeah, there are a lot of kids looking for jobs right now, but few of them will ever feel at home in cubicleland.

So, readers, here’s a couple of questions: What are the Web-based social values that you think are most contrary to the managerial DNA one finds inside a typical corporate giant? And how should we reinvent management to make it more consistent with these emerging online sensibilities?

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