An open invitation to laying the myKART Foundations

Fellow myKARTers,

I invite all members to participate in building the foundations for myKART as it embarks on its journey towards popularising grassroots motorsports in the 21st century. As is often said, the sky is the limit: for just more than two years myKART has established a reputation as the best kept secret in karting. This should no longer be a secret, and the time is ripe for myKART to be a significant player in the country's motorsports ambitions. This journey will be tough initially, but shall be sustainable and rewarding to all stakeholders.

Therefore, we shall have the 1st myKART Foundation Conference within the next 2 months. All interested myKART members are welcomed to participate in the Foundation conference in a collaborative manner. Those with special links to media and influential figures in the industry will be most helpful.

These "Foundation" members will be tasked with delivering the following:
[*]formalising the vision
[*]formation of the entity
[*]roadmapping the strategies
[*]committing to action plans
[*]setting out member rules
[*]documenting the A-Z manual
[*]financial structure and business model

[i]Foundation[/i] members are expected to be able to commit time and resources to this project. Also expect rewards to be deferred until myKART achieves critical mass and sustainable profitability.

I shall be working to identify a suitable location for the Conference. I expect the Conference to last a whole day with a dinner/karaoke to round it up. Costs of the conference will be shared by participants.

Please keep checking this website for the formal event notification, but in the meantime, please register your interest by posting a comment to this topic.

May we all play a significant role in motorsports in the country.


"Forza myKART!"