Racing for Children - possible charities

Folks - It has been sometime since we discussed my-KART's sub-project "Racing for Children".

I strongly believe that my-KART has an important social role in building for our future. The synergies between "building racing talent" and building our nation is something that can and should be leveraged to great effect. To me we (Malaysia) suffer from a low supply of talent making their way into racing. The root problem is affordability. And given a large percentage of families not being able to spend on luxuries such as karting, the need for my-KART to play a social role is even more important. "Racing for Children" is therefore key. And I would like to thank Brian E for the concept... but I would like to see some fruits of this idea become real.

I would therefore like to stimulate some discussion on this subject with a view to get some clarity on the following points:

  1. how my-KART's Racing For Children can work with existing charities in the country
  2. what charities are available; is there a single over-arching children's charity that can administer the funds generated from my-KART's Racing For Children programme
  3. how should the funds generated be administered
  4. what & how are the tax breaks given to donors (esp corporate donors)
  5. what help do we have (internal and external)?