CK 125 Open Series 2009


AP approached me and gave an offer to my-kart members only. On the coming October, November and December 2009, there will be a CK 125 Open race at City Karting. Race format still undecided. But there will be prizes for the Overall Champion. The dates of the races will be announced to you through email once CK confirm the dates.

Here is the offer:
Entry fees: RM250
Kart rental with a 125cc Rotax Senior: RM250 (SwissHutless, Intrepid, CRG)
Kart rental with a 125cc Rotax Senior: RM500 (Tony Kart)
Tires: MOJO D2 RM680 (Optional)

For tires, if you do not choose to buy a new set of MOJO D2 tires, CK will provide you with what ever tires they have available. But you must not complaint of no grip compare to other karts with MOJO D2 tires.

If you crash the kart and there are parts needed to be change, you will be charge accordingly. For example: the axle for Tony Kart is more expensive than the Swiss Hutless.

AP only giving out 5 seats for this offer. So grab it really quick. Please leave your full name and your contact with your email address; I will contact you for more information. Thank you.