2014 my-kart event calendar

the 2014 public holiday and school holiday calendar are available at the following link: http://www.onestopmalaysia.com/holidays-2014.html

We need to quickly finalise the 2014 my-kart calendar covering the TEAMS series (more info on TEAMS series), and any other one off events. Like in 2013, we do not plan to organise the DRIVERS series for 2014 (see story). Instead, we would encourage all my-karters to participate in either the Karting Racing Development (KRD) or Initial Karting Competizione (IKC) series.

Please see my post on the topic of fixing calendars in advance and not changing it during the year: http://club.my-kart.org/node/3452

general guidelines

  1. TEAMS series proposed on last saturday of the second month in the quarter; unless the following:
  2. avoid clashes with major public holidays like CNY, HariRaya etc
  3. avoid clashes with major motorsports events like F1, MotoGP, MME etc
  4. avoid clashing with long weekends / school holiday weekends (when people usually have weddings to attend and outstation trips)
  5. avoid official racing events during ramadhan and about two weeks after raya
  6. try to avoid clashing with other karting events that my-kart drivers may participate in

TEAMS series calendar 2014 (FINAL)

These are the dates confirmed by CityKarting:

01Shah Alam (CW)Saturday12 Apr 20148amday race
02Shah Alam (CCW)Sunday8 Jun 20148amday race
ramadhan & aidil fitri break: 29 Jun to 29 Jul 2014
03Shah Alam (CW)Sunday10 Aug 20148amday race
04Sepang (CW)Saturday18 Oct 20145pmNIGHT race
05Sepang (CW)Saturday29 Nov 20145pmNIGHT race

The gaps between races are similar except for the Nov race. We are avoiding the late December races as many people are expected to take their year end holidays.
I could not locate the Sepang 2014 event calendar. Would like to avoid clashing with the following events: F1, Malaysian Super Series, Super GT, Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race, MotoGP and Sepang 1000km:

F1: 28th - 30th March
Super GT: no rounds in Malaysia?
MMER: Possibly 29th to 31st August?
MotoGP: 24th - 26th October

RMC races:
Rd.1 RMC Malaysia/Asia Mar 8 – Mar 9 - Sepang
Rd.2 RMC Malaysia/Asia Apr 26 – Apr 27 - Plus Speedway
Rd.3 RMC Malaysia/Asia May 24 – May 25 - Pekan
Rd.4 RMC Malaysia/Asia Aug 16 – Aug 17 - Perlis
Rd.5 RMC Malaysia/Asia Sep 13 – Sep 14 - Plus Speedway
Rd.6 RMC Malaysia/Asia Oct 11 – Oct 12 - Sepang
source: http://www.rotaxasia.com/calendar-2/?ai1ec_cat_ids=8

I need help on the calendars for the following events:

  • MME
  • Malaysian Super Series (MSS) dates
  • Sepang 1000km
  • Any karting events at Citykarting

all TEAMS series event days are saturday morning from 0800hrs to 1200hrs at Citykarting Shah Alam (unless otherwise informed).

your help & collaboration needed

pls help collaborate to improve this calendar so we have a robust plan for 2014 and to avoid any further changes to our calendar.

Feel free to also update the google calendar (search for my-kart by fazz).

also start planning your 2014 calendars.

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