Appendix: FAQ - frequently asked questions on my-KART

This book collects the frequently asked questions which users of the myKART website as well as myKART members in general would find relevent. I will try to sort them out in proper categories. Please do help me by giving feedback.

Important my-KART locations on Wikimapia

folks, let's start building a list of all important my-KART related locations on wikimapia.

this thread shall include locations the we should know for -

i. racing
ii. shopping (auto-related or otherwise)
iii. F&B + hang outs
iv. meeting places
v. member homes


go to wikimapia and locate the relevant places and post to this thread.

Website matters

This FAQ section concerns website FAQs. More details follows.

How do I register at

In my recent race invitation, I requested that responses be done online. The reason for this is simple:[list]
[*]reduce email traffic - don't want to be accused of spamming Wink
[*]easy place to see first come first serve[/list]

I will allow a transition so don't worry if you could not respond via the website... but please do let me know so that I can assist where I can.

Anyway - many of you will note that I had refreshed the website. This will include you having to re-register in order to post on the website. Registration is simple... just go to:


Type in your userID and valid email - your password will be sent here.

Please give me some time to respond as your account will need to be activated (to avoid phantom members and spammers).

I would like to encourage more usage of the website as opposed to the emails. In time, I would like to use the YahooGroups mailing list for notifications only. All interaction, responses to events, reports will be on the website (