Kelab my-KART Selangor (2441/2006)

Dear my-KARTers,

As many of you by now know, my-KART's club registeration has finally been approved by the National Sports Commissioner on the 28th November 2006. Naza has been tirelessly following up with the Commissioner since November 2005 and finally set his hands on the approval documents on 6th December 2006. This had been a long wait of just over one year since we submitted the documents for registration.

Kelab my-KART Selangor (official name) is registered under the Akta Pembangunan Sukan 1997 with the Nombor Pendaftaran Kelab: 2441/2006.

I would like to thank Naza for his constant follow up without which, we could have easily have to wait even longer... as many club founders have discovered before. Thanks bro.

The formal registration of the club would allow my-KART to carry out formal activities and gives my-KART the ability to approach other entities for commercial opportunities. In addition to this, my-KART will be eligible to register with AAM and be able to conduct AAM sanctioned events which is useful for attracting participation from corporations and other organisations.

That said, there a number of matters to be deliberated and resolved. The Interim Committee will soon be convening to resolve a few of these matters. For your information the interim committee members are as follows:

[table=tables-professional post |name
President| Fazlur-Rahman bin Zainuddin
Vice President| Mohamed Yusnee Rahmat Mohd
Secretary| Nazarudin Mohd Nordin
Asst. Secretary| Edy Hazry Mohammed Daud
Treasurer| Shahrul Azlan
Asst. Treasurer| Loke Hon Wai, Steward
Committee Member| Alvin Joseph Nesakumar
Committee Member| Brian Fernandez ]

The club constitution is attached here for reference. Kindly vet through and provide your feedback here. Also attach for discussion a preliminary org chart (with roles & responsibilities) of the Club committee.