Club membership benefits. Invitation to join.


the purpose of this document is to invite current my-kart members to subscribe to the club membership. in addition to this, this document seeks to explain the benefits of club membership.


up to now, my-KART exists as a loose group of people running monthly races. my-KART currently caters for two broad groups of people: (i) the casual karter; (ii) the aspiring racers - young and old.

my-KART's mission of popularising grassroots motorsports is based on (i) making karting affordable; (ii) making the races safe, fun & competitive; (iii) providing karters with a platform to improve their skills; and (iv) doing all this in a sustainable, structured and professional manner.

my-KART also aims to provide even more benefits to its members and to extend this opportunity to those outside of the Klang Valley. To achieve this we need help from the members to continue this drive beyond the current levels.

club membership benefits

the formation of Kelab my-KART Selangor is to ensure member benefits are further enhanced. *please note however, non-paying-members are still invited to join the regular KART and Mega Enduro series (although not at the discount paying-members enjoy). the following are some of the benefits paying-members will enjoy:

  • membership identification. many kart operators attach a significant value on karters coming from my-KART. my-karters can usually enjoy informal benefits from these operators. these operators are comforted that my-karters do not destroy their karts on every other lap. my-karters are also known as regular and loyal karters.
  • sponsorship & fund-raising benefits - tie-ups, drivers' clinic & more discounts. my-KART aims to raise funds and sponsorships for the benefit of its members and to advance its mission of popularising grassroots motorsports. fund raising and sponsorship provides a base fund to introduce further benefits such as drivers' clinics (bringing in experts), performance rewards (free karting trials) and more. sponsorship tie-ups and discounts on sponsor products and services are additional benefits. my-KART aims to leverage its members' contributions towards these activities.
  • discounted prices for my-KART events. loyal my-karters should get discounts on my-KART events. we will be announcing the discounts on the current race event fees in due course.
  • benefits for the family. my-KART will be introducing programmes for my-karters with young children. the committee is in process of developing a K4 series and negotiating with the operators. however, this is subject to demand.
  • club membership to obtain AAM racing license. my-KART is in the process of seeking AAM affiliation. AAM requires all applicants for racing license to be a member of a racing club.
  • other benefits and non-racing activities. my-KART will be producing some merchandise for members at discounts (such as T-shirts, starter packs) and organising other non-racing activities for members and their families.
  • the opportunity to participate and shape my-KART's vision for the sport. enough said.

club membership & joining fees

the Kelab my-KART Selangor is ramping up its membership drive leading up to the 1st AGM in April 2007. hence, we are inviting members to formally register with the club. the application form is attached. one time joining fee is only RM10, plus RM120 annual subscription.

please download and complete the attached form and provide two passport photos for the membership application. please submit the membership application form (my-KART membership form) to the registration desk - which is setup at every my-KART event.

Please hurry up as you will need to register before 31 March 2007 to be eligible to attend the 1st my-KART AGM in end April 2007.