About my-KART - who are we?

my-KART.org, or my-KART is a group of people who have the passion for racing and karting in particular. It organises an amateur karting (used to be known as go-kart) league in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. This karting league is called the my-KART DRIVERS series. The emphasis is on safe & fun racing, in a competitive but friendly environment.

A Yahoo! mailing list was established in August 2002 at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/my-kart/to serve as the initial communication medium for members. However, this website serves as the primary platform for communications to members and the wider public.

Read about my-KART's history.

Our vision & philosophy

We aim to popularise grassroots motorsports, specifically karting. By popularising karting, we create more awareness & support of motorsports. More motorsports fans will drive increased exposure for motorsports in the country which will in turn attract more sponsors. Attracting sponsors will be the key to talent development and team formations. Thus building the automotive / motorsports industry in the country. Lofty ideals? Perhaps. Nevertheless, the opportunity is here as long as Malaysia is on the major international motorsports calendar.

To do this, my-KART remains close to its origins, particularly for its members and the racing enthusiasts. We focus on the following general principles:

  • affordable & accessible
  • safe & professional
  • fun & exciting competition
  • sustainable & relevant

By doing this, our events -

  • promote safety
  • build fellowship, friendship and networking
  • are easy to join (jump in at the shallow end first)
  • are affordable
  • eliminate the luck of the draw factor common with rental karts
  • create an environment for amateur karters to improve their skills
  • are simply fun fun fun

More information

We will post / upload info documents on this website and on the Yahoo mailing list in the files section. Please feel free to browse our sites and participate in our discussion forums.

You can also find further reading / reference materials -

Most reference materials can be found on the my-KART information menu bar.