OPEN FORUM: YOUR help to improve myKART

Since 2002, myKART has been fairly successful in meeting the needs of a growing niche of grassroot karters and motorsports enthusiasts.

Going forward, our plans must remain focussed on myKART's main purpose to popularise grassroots motorsports in the country. We need to take small steps first.

I invite all of you to discuss in our open forums.

As an immediate step, I'd ask you to discuss with me on the following subjects (please keep the discussions within those threads as linked below):

  1. myKART Strategic Management
    Specific OPEN forum section on discussion on myKART direction, legal entity, membership etc
  2. Inter Company / Club Events
    Discuss: Inter Car Marque / Club / Company challenge (3rd Dec 2005)
  3. Mega Enduros
    Discussions on future myKART enduros
  4. This website
    feedback on this website
  5. Volunteers
    volunteers for website

We will never solve everything, but the more material and feedback that we collectively have, the better we can respond to the growing needs of members. We all thrive on feedback to keep us progressing on an ever improving path. Your feedback will be valuable to prioritise our developments and actions.