Round 01, K2 race report - Udi dominates, Muhaymin stars

Saturday, 5 February 2005
Shah Alam Stadium Kart Circuit

Round 1 of the KART series 2005 ended in a dominant display of supremacy by Salehudin @ Udi who won both qualifying race and the final event.

Udi opened his championship account by beating Brian E in the first qualifying, and K2 promotee Razak in the second qualifying.

Second overall was Hafidz Fahro Rozi who dispensed with a fighting Khairul Hizam in the first qualifying. Hafidz was again in top form in the final when he overtook Fazz Rahman early in the race and fended off Udi up to few corners before the chequered flag.

Fazz finished third by fending off a determined star debutant A Muhaymin for the last 3 laps.

K2 1st qualifying report

A,1,Fazlur Rahman,1,38,20
A,2,Devan Sridaran,3,41,16
A,3,Jason Lu - BM5,6,36,14
A,4,Simon Tan,2,2,12
A,6,Ng Wei Li,4,32,10
A,7,Edwin Cheah,10,39,9
A,9,Zoolhilmi Mohd,9,33,7
A,10,Ozi Shahril,7,6,6
B,1,Hafidz Fahro Rozi,1,38,20
B,3,A Muhaymin,8,40,14
B,4,Yew Siak Jin,4,32,12
B,5,Brian Fernandez,5,29,11
B,6,Jules Ng,2,711,10
B,7,Khairul Hizam,3,31,9
B,8,James Tiang,9,6,8
B,dns,Alvin Joseph,7,6,0
C,2,Brian Eravelly,1,38,16
C,3,Azmee Ahmad,8,40,14
C,5,Ashraf Dewal,5,29,11
C,6,Yu Jin Lee,6,36,10
C,7,Shaeran Baba,4,32,9
C,8,Yip Yen,3,31,8
C,9,Abd Razak,9,33,7

K2 2nd qualifying report

A,1,Edwin Cheah,1,38,20
A,3,Devan Sridaran,8,40,14
A,4,Jason Lu - BM5,5,29,12
A,5,Simon Tan,9,33,11
A,6,Ozi Shahril,4,32,10
A,7,Ng Wei Li,7,6,9
A,9,Fazlur Rahman,10,30,7
A,10,Zoolhilmi Mohd,2,31,6
B,1,Jules Ng,8,40,20
B,2,A Muhaymin,2,711,16
B,3,Brian Fernandez,5,29,14
B,5,Hafidz Fahro Rozi,9,33,11
B,6,Yew Siak Jin,6,36,10
B,7,Khairul Hizam,7,31,9
B,8,James Tiang,1,38,8
B,dns,Alvin Joseph,3,31,0
C,2,Abd Razak,1,38,16
C,3,Shaeran Baba,6,36,14
C,4,Brian Eravelly,9,30,12
C,5,Yip Yen,7,711,11
C,6,Ashraf Dewal,5,41,10
C,7,Azmee Ahmad,2,2,9
C,9,Yu Jin Lee,4,29,7

Overall Qualifying Ranking

2,Hafidz Fahro Rozi,2,31
3,Jules Ng,5,30
4,Devan Sridaran,9,30
5,A Muhaymin,-,30
6,Edwin Cheah,-,29
7,Brian Eravelly,3,28
9,Fazlur Rahman,1,27
11,Jason Lu - BM5,29,26
12,Brian Fernandez,25,25
13,Abd Razak,-,23
14,Shaeran Baba,14,23
15,Azmee Ahmad,-,23
16,Simon Tan,4,23
17,Yew Siak Jin,13,22
18,Ashraf Dewal,27,21
19,Yip Yen,11,19
20,Ng Wei Li,12,19
22,Khairul Hizam,10,18
23,Yu Jin Lee,39,17
24,Ozi Shahril,40,16
26,James Tiang,-,16
27,Zoolhilmi Mohd,-,13

Final Race Result

Pos,Final group,Driver,Grid,Kart,Points
2,(A),Hafidz Fahro Rozi,8,36,16
3,(A),Fazlur Rahman,2,30,14
4,(A),A Muhaymin,6,40,12
5,(A),Edwin Cheah,5,41,11
6,(A),Devan Sridaran,7,38,10
7,(A),Brian Eravelly,4,32,9
10,(B),Yew Siak Jin,4,711,6
11,(B),Shaeran Baba,7,40,5
12,(B),Azmee Ahmad,6,29,4
13,(B),Abd Razak,8,38,3
14,(B),Simon Tan,5,41,2
15,(B),Jason Lu - BM5,10,36,1
16,(B),*Brian Fernandez,9,32,0
17,(C),**Jules Ng,8,36,0
17,(B),Yip Yen,2,2,0
18,(B),Ng Wei Li,1,30,0
19,(C),Yu Jin Lee,5,40,0
20,(C),James Tiang,2,32,0
21,(C),Zoolhilmi Mohd,1,31,0
22,(C),Ozi Shahril,4,41,0
24,(C),Khairul Hizam,6,711,0
dnf,(B),Ashraf Dewal,3,31,dnf

* note: Brian F had to leave due to feeling sore from an earlier incident in one of the K3 Final. Henzee was offered by Brian to drive in his place.

** note: Jules Ng had an urgent need to leave early and thus requested to race in the first K2 final (final C) meaning that he would lose the opportunity to score points. In effect he is a DNS for the final A... but still had a chance to race before rushing off.

Just want to say our heartfelt appreciation to the organisers,volunteers and fellow participants for a fantastic Rd 1 meet. Wah! very keen fight at the front.More to come...

[quote=nazarudin]Just want to say our heartfelt appreciation to the organisers,volunteers and fellow participants for a fantastic Rd 1 meet. Wah! very keen fight at the front.More to come...[/quote]

Thanks. We some very close but fair battles, and this is what makes it so much fun and satisfying. We had many willing volunteers (I cannot name them all, but you know who you are) who assisted with the ballotting, the grid management, the lap charts and the overall race management. Could not have done this without their help.

Naza - you are right about more on track challenges to come. Often the qualifying is about maximising the points scores... and I think once drivers gain more experience and aim for consistency, this will become more and more interesting.

I myself was fortunate to hold on to a close win in the first qualifying, only to throw away a strong finishing opportunity in the second qualifying... but luckily enough, many of my main competitors also had similar ups and downs (except Udi of course). *grin* Thank God that I had the strength and focus to maintain a strong position in the final, despite the limited kart choices.