Major changes in F1

Submitted by TheFazz on Tue, 08 Feb 2005 - 08:47

The 2005 F1 season has been preceeded by many changes.

As usual, driver and team changes are one of the changes... potentially we will have some explosive team pairings:[list]
[*]Montoya & Raikkonen @ McLaren
[*]Alonso & Fisico @ Renault
[*]Webber & Heidfeld @ BMW.Williams

Some driver pairings are totally fresh like:
[*]Karthikeyan & Montiero @ Jordan
...and others new faces with new teams:[list]
[*]Ralf Schu & Trulli @ Toyota
[*]Webber & Heidfeld @ BMW.Williams
[*]of course, we always expect new faces at Minardi...

We also have a new team for the first time since... BAR in 1999? Red Bull took over the extinct Jaguar and roped in David Coulthard for the experienced development role and have yet to decide on the second driver.

Jacques Villeneuve also returns to F1 with Sauber. The Sauber pairing between Massa and Villeneuve looks interesting on paper. Both drivers quite banzai in nature... so I will personally watch with anticipation.

BAR and Ferrari have opted for stability, with the latter looking rock solid for yet another championship double. Shame though that Ferrari still keeps the Bunny to pair Schumi.

In addition to driver changes, the rulemakers have also introduced the one engine / two weekends rule, as well as one tyre set per race weekend. These are the two major changes aside from yet another change to the qualifying format and car dimensions. I do not know what effect this will have, but you can safely bet that Ferrari & Schumi is likely to blow everyone into the weeds.

The Ferrari has for years proven to be the most bullet proof of cars. I cannot remember when was the last time Schumi retired from car failure. Also the new tyre rule would also seem to benefit Ferrari and Schumi more, given that now Bridgestone has an almost one to one close relationship with Ferrari. The strength & cohesiveness of the team at Ferrari is almost unheard of.

Despite all the changes... one thing seems to be certain. Ferrari and Schumi will dominate.

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