Relationship between the my-KART brand, company and club

This document attempts to describe the delineation between the club and the company.

The company, my-KART Promotions Sdn Bhd was formed in late 2005. The club was given registration approval by the commissioner of sports late 2006.

Before explaining the link and the demarcation of the two, it is important to firstly understand the overall vision and mission of my-KART. You can read a bit more about my-KART and its history.

Simply put, my-KART aims to make karting accessible to everyone. my-KART aims to do this by creating a platform that is affordable, fun, safe and competitive for its participants & spectators. The key to all this are my-KART's founding members development of the -

  • brand and intellectual property
  • vision and mission
  • tools and properties
  • processes and methodologies
  • philosophy and culture

It is important that these successful elements of my-KART are protected and maintained in a consistent and standardized manner and can be deployed in other parts of the country. As a consequent the best vehicle to protect my-KART's founding elements is in an entity owned by the founders - which is my-KART Promotions Sdn Bhd.

In short, the company owns all the my-KART intellectual property rights (IPR). my-KART requires a platform or media for these activities. Only a club can provide my-KART with this medium for operationalising these my-KART elements.

The club provides members. The club also enables members to further their racing ambitions through affiliation with the motorsports governing bodies - in Malaysia's case AAM. However, the primary objective of the club is to develop the sport for its members, whereas the company's objectives are broader than this.


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team - i tried to capture in words what was discussed during today's meeting regarding the relationship between the club and company.

this is a work in progress document which obviously needs further refinement. please help comment & correct for more clarity. you can do this by adding a comment to this thread to suggest a change, or even directly edit the document as mentioned during the discussion today. hope you can help.

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