Will Narain Karthikeyan aquit himself well?

India's Narain Karthikeyan will make history when he appears in Melbourne in March with the Jordan F1 team. He will be the first Indian to ever race in an F1 event.

Narain is Alex Yoong's contemporary in the UK. He has had a couple of podium finishes in F3. Observers state that he has some excellent car control, although he seems to be more dramatic than effective.

F1 will be a lithmus test. Will he make a good impression in F1?

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he will spend his time at the far end of the grid,ahead of minardi. he is driving a jordan and the immediate team ahead is probably RedBull. not expecting him to do wonders.....

unless u put him in a renault and fight with sato, thats something .....

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I was wondering whether it was wise for Jordan to get two rookies to drive their cars. It is bad enough that Jordan seems to be moving backwards... thus it seems that the choice of drivers were purely financially motivated.

I don't expect much from him... the circumstances are not ideal and Kartikeyan is looking at a very steep learning curve.

But let's hope that he will pave the way for much better youngsters from the sub-continent and from Asia in general.