1st AGM - 28 April 2007, Citykarting Shah Alam

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The club had its first AGM on Saturday 28 April 2007 (1355-1500hrs) at the function room at Citykarting Shah Alam.

The meeting agenda was as follows:

  1. the protem president's address
  2. the protem secretary's report
  3. the protem treasurer's report
  4. q&a from the members
  5. election of the 1st club committee members
  6. any other business

The president addressed the members by describing my-kart's journey & achievements to date, with emphasis on the values, identity & purpose. The president ended his address with a few thoughts on my-kart's future and way forward.

The secretary updated the members on the various decisions, and committee activities conducted to date, whilst the treasurer informed the members on the collections and state of the club's financial affairs up to 31 March 2007.


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