Round 03, K2 race report - Fazz takes incident packed win and K2 lead

Saturday, 2 April 2005
Shah Alam Stadium Kart Circuit (CW)

Fazz Rahman took over the 2005 championship lead for the first time this year by claiming his first win of the season at round 3. Salehuddin @ Udi completed his incident filled event by finishing 2nd, with noble Brian Eravelly finishing 3rd.

Fazz's win was overshadowed by the two separate incidents on lap 3 of the 2nd qualifying race for the K2 group A race. First, Udi crashed heavily into the side of Yew Siak Jin at turn one taking both drivers out of the race. In the second incident on the same lap, Devan Sridaran crashed into Azlee Ideris at turn four at the end of the main straight. Both drivers Udi and Devan cited brake failures. Except for Devan all three other drivers were sufferring some pains.

The extreme situation forced event director Fazz to abort the qualifying race at the end of lap 2, which meant that both Udi and Jin were in high points scoring position. Fazz also called for the whole event to be temporarily suspended pending a complete brake check by the Citykarting crew.

Brian Eravelly, nobly gave up the opportunity to drive kart 18 (which was one of the stronger karts of the day) in his second qualifying run. Brian E opted to drive Jin, Udi and Azlee to the nearest Darul Ehsan Medical Centre for physical checks for injuries. All drivers were later given a clean bill of health by the Medical Centre and returned to the circuit in time for the last final race of the day.

The event resumed after Citykarting gave the go ahead in relation to the brakes on the karts.

In qualifying, the star was outdoubtedly Yusnee Yusof who was returning from a two race absence. Yusnee spectacularly topped both of his qualifying races and ended with a perfect 40 points qualifying score. However, an early spin in the final, probably costed him the win.

Simon Tan, Nazaruddin and A Muhaymin completed the top 6 in the K2 final.

K2 1st qualifying report

A,2,Ashraf Dewal,9,20,16
A,3,A Muhaymin,2,30,14
A,4,Yew Siak Jin,3,17,12
A,5,Shaeran Baba,4,25,11
A,6,Yip Yen,8,26,10
A,7,Shahrul Azlan,10,29,9
A,8,Devan Sridaran,5,blu,8
A,11,Alban de Souza,11,23,5

B,1,Yusnee Yusof,10,18,20
B,2,Jason Lu - BM5,7,28,16
B,3,Fazlur Rahman,1,27,14
B,4,Simon Tan,3,17,12
B,7,Nurul Alis,11,22,9
B,8,Ng Wei Li,9,20,8
B,9,Abd Razak,6,29,7
B,10,Nazim Mansor - B328,8,26,6
B,11,Brian Eravelly,2,30,5

K2 2nd qualifying report

A,1,Shahrul Azlan,2,30,20
A,2,Shaeran Baba,8,24,16
A,3,Devan Sridaran,7,28,14
A,4,Yew Siak Jin,9,20,12
A,5,Alban de Souza,1,27,11
A,7,Yip Yen,4,25,9
A,8,A Muhaymin,10,18,8
A,11,Ashraf Dewal,3,17,5

B,1,Yusnee Yusof,2,30,20
B,3,Simon Tan,9,20,14
B,4,Nurul Alis,1,27,12
B,5,Fazlur Rahman,11,blk,11
B,7,Abd Razak,6,24,9
B,8,Jason Lu - BM5,5,blu,8
B,9,Nazim Mansor - B328,4,25,7
B,10,Ng Wei Li,3,17,6
B,11,Brian Eravelly,10,18,5

Overall Qualifying Ranking

1,Yusnee Yusof,-,40
3,Shahrul Azlan,25,29
4,Shaeran Baba,9,27
6,Simon Tan,7,26
7,Fazlur Rahman,2,25
8,Jason Lu - BM5,19,24
9,Yew Siak Jin,6,24
10,A Muhaymin,4,22
11,Devan Sridaran,12,22
12,Ashraf Dewal,23,21
13,Nurul Alis,-,21
15,Yip Yen,20,19
16,Alban de Souza,-,16
17,Abd Razak,17,16
18,Ng Wei Li,24,14
20,Nazim Mansor - B328,21,13
22,*Brian Eravelly,5,10
* Brian E missed his 2nd qualifying race as he volunteered to be the "ambulance" driver after the earlier incident

Final Race Result

Pos,Final group,Driver,Grid,Kart,Points
1,(A),Fazlur Rahman,7,20,20
3,(A),Brian Eravelly,5,55,14
4,(A),Simon Tan,8,19,12
6,(A),A Muhaymin,4,17,10
7,(A),Shaeran Baba,10,24,9
8,(A),Shahrul Azlan,11,18,8
9,(A),Yew Siak Jin,3,22,7
10,(A),Devan Sridaran,2,H,6
11,(A),Yusnee Yusof,12,30,5
12,(A),Jason Lu - BM5,6,27,4
13,(B),Nurul Alis,8,30,3
14,(B),Ashraf Dewal,9,18,2
16,(B),Ng Wei Li,3,19,0
17,(B),Yip Yen,6,20,0
18,(B),Abd Razak,4,24,0
19,(B),Alban de Souza,5,27,0
20,(B),Nazim Mansor - B328,2,22,0

Overall Standings after Round 3

1. ,Fazlur Rahman,43,75
2. ,Salehuddin,39,91
3. ,Brian Eravelly,34,61
4. ,A Muhaymin,30,80
5. ,Simon Tan,30,79
6. ,Yew Siak Jin,27,72
7. ,Nazaruddin,21,76
8. ,Shaeran Baba,21,72
9. ,Jules Ng,20,61
10. ,Devan Sridaran,16,73
11. ,Hafidz Fahro Rozi,16,31
12. ,Tarmizi,12,63
13. ,Edwin Cheah ,11,29
14. ,Ahmad Hilmy Halim,10,25
15. ,Azmee Ahmad,9,49
16. ,Shahrul Azlan,8,48
17. ,Azlee,7,60
18. ,Abd Razak,7,50
19. ,Munib,7,34
20. ,Jason Lu - BM5,5,70
21. ,Yusnee Yusof,5,40
22. ,Nurul Alis,3,21
23. ,Ashraf Dewal,2,42
24. ,Yip Yen,1,58
25. ,Nazim Mansor - B328,0,43
26. ,Ng Wei Li,0,33
27. ,Brian Fernandez,0,25
28. ,Khairul Hizam,0,18
29. ,Yu Jin Lee,0,17
30. ,James Tiang,0,16
31. ,Ozi Shahril,0,16
32. ,Alban de Souza,0,16
33. ,Stanley Tai,0,15
34. ,Zoolhilmi Mohd,0,13