Press release Enduro 1: Round 1 my-KART Mega Enduro 2005

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Saturday 8 January 2005
Shah Alam Stadium Kart Circuit

myKART logo, the chequered flagThe myKART group ( ) flagged off the 2005 season of amateur karting with a 2 hour endurance event. The closed event (open only to myKART members and invitations) attracted 14 teams with 4 drivers to each team.

In addition to being the curtain raiser for the 2005 KART (Karting Amateurs Racing Team) season, the MME 2005 event was carried out in celebration of the end of the 2004 KART season which ended on 11 December 2004.

The 2004 KART champions were officially recognised at the end of the MME 2005 event with the following drivers taking the championship positions:

K2 category - 100cc class
1. Fazlur "Fazz" Rahman 104 points
2. Hafidz Fahro Rozi 99 points
3. Brian Eravelly 91 points

K3 category - 80cc class
1. Kevin Tan 95 points
2. A Muhaymin 86 points
3. Nazim Mansor 66 points

the 2004 KART winners
from left: Muhaymin, Hafidz, Fazz, Kevin, Brian E and Nazim

The main MME 2005 event started off with the team registration, weighing-in (minimum total driver weight of 250kg per team) and kart ballotting from 8am.

The race briefing was conducted by Fazz Rahman (founder of and Steward Loke (MME 2005 Coordinator & Organiser). As common with all my-KART events, the briefing emphasised safety, sportsmanship, fun and espirit de cour.

The practice session started at 9:30am to allow teams and drivers to familiarise themselves with the kart and the circuit.

The race was started in the nostalgic Le Mans format whereby at the drop of the green flag, drivers would run across the track and jump into their karts for the start of the race formation lap. The race started at 10:10am and was scheduled to end at 12:10noon.

Initially, the track was wet in many places due to the rain overnight. So during the initial laps, drivers of each teams displayed a lot of caution to ensure that no incidents occurred given that no one would win the race from the first laps.

Khairul - Team Heavies, MME 2005Team Heavies (who were not really heavy at 255kg) started towards the end of the grid (P13) as a handicap for their relative low weight compared to the others. Team Heavies gradually made up ground with their first driver, Khairul Hizam who led the race on lap 14 when a few drivers ahead of him slowed each other down in a scramble for position. Team Heavies retained their lead from there and throughout all the pitstops for driver changes.

As the race wore on, the track began to dry and Team Heavies fourth and last driver Salehuddin "Udi" burned the track with the fastest lap of the day of 1 minute 11.599 seconds.

Drama unfolded 10 minutes before the end of the race when the sky opened up and rain fell. This meant that the last few laps of the race meant that drivers had to keep their kart on the track and facing in the right direction, in order to finish the race. A few teams made up ground during this time by simply maintaining control of their karts in very difficult conditions.

For the top 3 teams, no dramas for them as they maintained their composure and brought their karts home in the same order.

The event was successfully concluded after 2 hours despite the rain and demonstrates the competitive but safe and friendly racing fun which is always promoted by myKART.

“I am extremely happy with the response, the competition, and the attitude of the drivers in our myKART events. The myKART Mega Enduro 2005 demonstrates that in spades and you can see for yourself the enthusiasm and appreciation of the karters here”, Fazz commented.

Fazz believes that myKART memberships will continue to grow in the near future and prove that karting trully has a place amongst amateur motorsports enthusiasts. “After all, motorsports is still a very expensive sports and karting is no different. But the increasing level of interest with more operators building tracks and offerring karts for rental, karting at the amateur level does indeed become a viable hobby or sports for many enthusiasts.”

myKART founders Fazz and Azlan founders Azlan (left) and Fazz

Fazz added that “We hope that amateur karting continues to grow and attract more interest particularly from local companies and organisations to support the sport for amateur karters and those keen to progress their racing careers. We are already starting to see talent emerging from myKART. We believe that myKART will be at the forefront leading the charge for the amateur karting enthusiast. We aim to popularise grassroots motorsports and believe that rental karting is where the grassroots will find an outlet. We believe that we are able to unearth some hidden talents amongst Malaysians and hope that we will be able to progress them further. The opportunities for the sport starting with the amateur crowd is limitless.”

“I am thankful for the keen participation of everyone concerned and in particular those who have invested money to help build the sports like CityKarting and KartQuest. I am also glad that the Malaysian Government is taking proactive steps in building the sport through a motorsports commission.”

The results of the MME 2005 event were as follows:

Pos,Team,Laps,Best time
2,cool it,89,1:12.375
4,fast & furious,87,1:14.065
5,mee fook yew,87,1:14.322
6,tail happy racing,87,1:14.153
8,team 156,86,1:14.786
9,mix doubles,85,1:15.658
10,need 4 speed underground,85,1:16.858
12,botak malat wankel,83,1:14.466
13,gila racing,83,1:15.966
14,initial D,80,1:17.270

the MME 2005 winners, Team Heavies
Champions, Team Heavies. from left: Azlan, Udi, Khairul, Simon

The full driver list are as follows:

Full driver list:

Team 1: Fast & Furious
1)John King - 81kg - Capt.
2)Terence Chap - 63kg
3)Shahnaz - 58kg
4)Yap Hui Nee - 48kg
Total Weight : 249kg
Paid RM400

Team 2:Tail Happy Racing
1)Fazz - 68kg - Capt.
2)Stanley - 66kg
3)Razmyn - 68kg
4)Siew Weng - 58kg
Total Weight : 260kg
Paid RM400

Team 3: Gila Racing
1)Brian E - Capt.
2)Jin -
3)Joon Tatt -
4)Ashraff -
Total Weight :
Paid RM400

Team 4 : Mee Fook Yew Seafood Restaurant
1)Nazim - 74kg - Capt.
2)Zoggee - 78kg
3)Brian -
4)Julian -
Total Weight :
Paid RM300 (1,2&3)

Team 5 :Heavies
1)Simon - 74kg - Capt.
2)Azlan - 78kg
3)Udi - ??kg
4)Khairul - 58kg
Total Weight : 2??kg
Paid RM300 (1,2&3)

Team 6 : Cool It!
1)Yip Yen - ??kg
2)Abd Razak - 50kg
4)Azmee - 62kg - Capt.
Total Weight :
Paid RM300 (1,2,3)

Team 7 :Underweights
1)Shern - 65kg
2)Kevin - 60kg
3)Tom Tan -55kg - Capt.
4)Ong Chee Yong - 65kg
Total Weight :245kg (Need 5kg More)
Paid RM100 (1)

Team 8 :156
1)Steward Loke - 95kg - Capt.
2)Danny Lee - 54kg
3)Luen - 75kg
4)??? - 63kg
Total Weight : 275kg
Paid: RM100 (3)

Team 9 : Initial D
1)Steven Chen - 63kg - Capt.
2)Yong Chee Choon - 60kg
3)Chong Li Shen - 60kg
4)Jack Ng - 60kg
Total Weight : 243kg (Need 7kg More)

Team 10 : Botak Malat Wankel Motorsports Div.
1)Ng Wei Li -- Capt.
2)Alvin J.
3)Fabian Yee
4)Jason Loo
Total Weight :

Team 11 : Romeo's
1)Dino - 85kg - Capt.
2)Tg.Ivan - 58kg
3)Melvin Goh - 65kg
4)Azmie - 68kg
Total Weight : 276kg

Team 12 : Backmarkers
1)Edy Hazry - 66kg - Capt.
2)Md.Hanafi - 70kg
3)Ahmad Kamal - 75kg
4)Rahim - 75kg
Total Weight : 291kg
Paid : RM400

Team 13 : Need4speed Undrground Lastest Version
1)Yusnee Yussoff - 75kg - Capt.
2)Azlee Idris - 75kg
3)Fiki Zul - 75kg
4)Hafidz F.Rozi - 65kg
Total Weight :290kg

Team 14 : Mix Doubles
1)Naliza - 60kg
2)Haslina - 44kg
3)Joey - 75kg - Capt.
4)Vincent - 75kg
Total Weight : 254kg

the MME 2005 participants