2004 KART standings after round 9

Fazz the champ again!

Fazz Rahman overcame initial difficulties in qualifying to win round 9 ahead of Julian Ng and in so doing, retain the K.A.R.T. 2004 title.

Julian Ng, made a strong challenge 3 laps from the end of the race, but could not take the win away from Fazz. Jules finished ahead of Simon Tan, Brian Eravelly and Yusnee Yusof. With his second win of 2004, Fazz's championship score now stands at 104 points. by finishing 4th, Brain E levels with Hafidz Fahro Rozi, absent for this event, on 79 points. However, Hafidz stays 2nd overall due to his 2 wins in 2004.

Simon's podium finish allows him to leapfrog Yusnee into 4th spot overall with 74 points... 2 points more than Yusnee.

Actress and racing enthusiast Deanna Yusoff made a fine debut (first time at Shah Alam and in the 100cc rentals), finishing 6th out of 20 overall.

There were several dogfights through out the qualifying and race final which enthralled the spectating participants.


K2 standings

Driver,Current seeding,Total Pts,Total Heat Pts
Fazlur Rahman,1,104,248
Brian Eravelly,2,81,179
Hafidz Fahro Rozi,3,79,189
Yusnee Yusof,4,72,188
Simon Tan,5,72,164
Jules Ng,7,62,136
Shahrul Azlan,8,48,173
Devan Sridaran,9,45,117
Yip Yen,10,38,119
Ng Wei Li,11,37,165
Yew Siak Jin,12,36,133
Ahmad Hilmy Halim,13,36,116
Shaeran Baba,14,32,125
Fiki Zul,15,32,82
Khairul Hizam,16,27,67
Stanley Tai,17,25,65
Alban de Souza,20,20,73
Brian Fernandez,23,14,36
Edwin Cheah ,24,14,22
Jason Lu - BM5,25,12,96
Fabian Yee,26,11,19
Raja Feizal,27,10,82
Shahrul Asraf Ishar,28,10,53
Deanna Yusoff,29,10,24
Loke Jin Hien,30,8,83
Ashraf Dewal,31,7,41
Raphael Kopel,33,7,22
Dennis Woo,34,7,16
Sri Balakrishnan,35,6,19
Yu Jin Lee,36,5,15
Ozi Shahril,37,3,80
Hafiz Hajeedar,38,3,47
Alvin Joseph,39,3,36
rafiq abdul rahim,40,0,18
Shariman Onn,41,0,17
Giri Balakrishnan,42,0,16

Challengers stumble as newcomers emerge

In the K3 category, veteran karter Abd Razak beat round 8 winner, James Tiang to clinch the win in round 9.

Debutant Nazaruddin followed James to finish 3rd ahead of K3 challenger Kevin Tan and Azmee Ahmad. However, this time both Muhaymin and Nazim faltered resulting in Kevin Tan now assuming overall K3 leadership with 75 points. Muhaymin is 3 points and Nazim a further 6 points behind Muhaymin. Only these 3 men have a mathematical chance of winning the 2004 K3 series with only one race to go.

Thank you to all participants and volunteers for making my-KART events friendly but competitive, fun and safe races.

K3 standings
Driver,Current seeding,Total Pts,Total Heat Pts
Kevin Tan,1,75,174
A Muhaymin,2,72,209
Nazim Mansor - B328,3,66,199
Tom Tan,4,50,102
Abd Razak,5,48,126
Azmee Ahmad,6,47,114
Ozi Shahril,7,41,108
James Tiang,8,36,70
Raja Feizal,9,36,68
Hafiz Hajeedar,10,30,72
A Rashid,11,28,86
Raphael Kopel,12,28,85
Zoolhilmi Mohd,14,27,68
Steward Loke,15,26,141
Alvin Joseph,16,26,75
Jason Lu - BM5,17,25,57
Alexander McNab,18,23,51
Edy Hazry Daud,19,22,92
Andrew De Souza,21,21,58
rafiq abdul rahim,22,20,36
Fabian Yee,23,20,34
Alban de Souza,24,20,28
Thevan Nair,25,18,67
Ong Chee Yong,26,17,66
Brian Fernandez,27,17,61
Danny Lee,28,17,49
Irwan (Cardula),29,16,23
Joesph Wong,31,11,30
Wei Der (The Necc),32,11,25
Izrul Aimin (bombe),33,11,22
Binnie Liew,34,10,62
Rizal Kadir,36,9,42
Ashraf Dewal,38,9,26
William Yue,39,8,24
Hafez Mohamed,40,7,19
Alex Yap,41,7,18
Chia Teck Cheong,42,6,29
Meor Arifuddin Meor Adam,43,5,37
Nicholas Chew,45,5,20
Barry Lim,46,5,17
Jay Boy,48,4,21
Joon Hiang,50,4,17
Naliza Fahro Rozi,51,3,49
Noor-Azman (Bobott),52,3,49
Chen Iu Shen,54,3,17
Angeline Ling,55,2,32
Steven Chen,56,1,31
Mohd Hanif,57,1,15
Tony (Jin),58,1,15
Devan Sridaran,60,0,40
Suresh Anthoney,61,0,34
Yong Chee Choon,62,0,29
Chong Li Sheng,67,0,15
Jack Ng,68,0,14
Sammie Wong,69,0,11
Ahmad Rizal Halim,71,0,11
Nor Azlina,72,0,11