Mega Endurance Race 2007

Saturday, 1 December 2007 - 3:30pm to 10:00pm
City Karting, Shah Alam

Total event time of 120 minutes
10 minutes free run qualifying, no restriction of number of drivers change
110 minutes endurance race
80cc 2 stroker
Counter Clockwise direction

Registration fees
RM600 per team
Early bird pacakge before 17th NOVEMBER 2007 entitle RM40 discount
Registered member entitle RM10 subsidize by MY-Kart
closing date on 17th November 2007

Trophies for top 3 place winning team
Medals for all participants

Light refreshments
Light refreshments will be provided during the event


-4 drivers to a team

-minimum required per team total weight is 280kg (70kg per driver).
-There shall be no exception for a female driver in the team or
a team of all female drivers.
- Total weight divide by 4 with average no less than 70
-When Team mininum weight requirement is not met, weight ballast will be added.

note : every 1kg added to kart is equivalent to 1kg x 4drivers giving total of 4kg.

Formula will be: total weight / 4 = average weight + ballast weight >= 70
weight 290 / 4 = 72.5kg ~ no weight penalty
weight 280 / 4 = 70 kg ~ No weight penalty
weight 276 / 4 = 69 + 1kg ballast = 70
weight 268 / 4 = 67 + 3kg ballast = 70
weight 256 / 4 = 64 + 6kg ballast = 70

All team drivers will weigh-in with gears during morning registration. Weight ballast will be decided and add on before free run qualifying session.

Grid position will be based on fastest qualifying time accordingly.

10 minutes free run qualifying
Free run qualifying. No restriction of drivers change.Kart preparation and adjustment including kart change are allowed at this time frame.

The race
-110 minutes race.
3 pitstop windows will be opened at every 20 minutes for 10 minutes each.

-Next pitstop window will open for 10 minutes at 20 minutes from previous close time

pitstop1 open 10:20 close 10:30
pitstop2 open 10:50 close 11:00

-All drivers are compulsory to drive at least one session of 20 minutes

-No driver change is allowed when pitstop window is closed unless due to emergency or special incidents (please post your question upon this incident)

-late (pitstop window closed)driver change will impose 2 laps penalty to the team unless emergency or special incident

-the team will be officially disqualified if there is any did-not-drive driver, unless due to emergency or special incident.

-no driver will be allowed to drive two (2) sessions consecutively. Should there an incident of a team driver not participating after qualifying with valid reason. Driver who has had taken one session will only allow driving again on third (3rd) session.

-Any team has more than one (1) member not participating after qualifying will automatically be classified as Did Not Race (DNR).

-Any team has more than one (1) member not participating during the race will automatically classified as Did Not Finish (DNF).

-Any driver drives more than 1 session without valid reason, the team will be disqualified. Team principle will be held responsible for reporting any not participating team members to race admin before or during the rece.

-in the event of a kart failure, driver will have to get spare kart back at pit/control, subject to spare kart availability.

-loss of transponder due to accident, the team will be officially disqualified as no lap time taken

-Petrol refuel is allowed at any pitstop window

NOTE: The team and its drivers will be entirely responsible to settle all damages or loss of transponders directly with the Track Operator. My-kart and the organiser will not be liable for any damages arising out of racing incidents deliberately or otherwise.

Pre Race
0730 - Registration (+ weighing)
0915 - Drivers Briefing
0930 - Kart Balloting, Ballast
1000 - Practice & Qualifying start - 10 mins.
1015 - Final kart adjustments and grid arrangement
1020 - Grid and Start

pit1 window 1040 ~ 1050
pit2 window 1110 ~ 1120
pit3 window 1140

1220 Lunch
1230 Prize giving
1300 EOE

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