Mega Enduro 2007: Crocs dominate season finale

Saturday, 1 December 2007
Citykarting, Shah Alam

The 2007 Mega Enduro was won by Team Supercrocs Inc ahead of Team Dances With Crocs and Team Aliens in third.

Supercrocs Team Principal, A Muhaymin was elated at the result as the team was trailing Dances With Crocs by almost a minute in the final stint. However, Supercrocs' last driver... a terrapin called Hafizal was in possessed mood as he reeled in the leaders lap by lap and finished the race with 86 laps and 1.5secs ahead of Dances With Crocs.

The results as follows:

poskartteamlapsdiffbest laptimein lap
12Supercrocs Inc86-1:14.19075
220Dances With Crocs86+0:01.521:13.7199
314Aliens85+1 lap1:14.17968
427TeleVAS 185+1 lap1:15.1134
513VM Motorsports85+1 lap1:14.7512
615Satria New Club84+2 lap1:13.40811
711Gallop84+2 lap1:14.81958
819Kazzen83+3 lap1:15.69455
96Heritage83+3 lap1:16.67573
107Tail Happy Racing82+4 lap1:15.4072
1121Matrix81+5 lap1:13.10568
1226Vroom81+5 lap1:16.00336
1328E-Triple Slash81+5 lap1:15.60168
141TeleVAS 279+7 lap1:18.42968
1524Vertical Speed79+7 lap1:17.25824
161736076+10 lap1:20.25575

Team & drivers entrylist:

poskartteamTP & driver 1driver 2driver 3driver 4
12Supercrocs IncMuhayminEmmy DianaShaeranHafizal
220Dances With CrocsEdwyn LowLuenDesmond KhooJac Soo
427TeleVAS 1Mark TimmsRamseyZul SamadRuben Yap
513VM MotorsportsNizam (Nizer)Nazri NgSuhazlanJamizan
615Satria New ClubEinhanderNigel ChiaVincent ChinKee
711GallopTg NazroffFaibsLyndaAlx
819KazzenReuben ChirngFaizal SallehRezzaLina
96HeritageDanny ChooIskandar M7ImranJulz
107Tail Happy RacingFazz RahmanShahrul AzlanYusnee YusofNurul Alis
1121MatrixFaisal AsriAdian YeinKen YapIrwan Ismail
1226VroomFaisal ShahAmir SallehHiroko NakamuraHisham
1328E-Triple SlashMohd Shah LongEvelyneTerry LimGobinath N
141TeleVAS 2Brian FernandezAngeline OoiRizal KhalidJames Higgins
1524Vertical SpeedMohd Fikri RahimMohd AfiqAbang Amirul HadiJedanial
1617360Yong Chun FungLee Chan Holoo Chean KhiangMike Chen


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folks - pls add your experiences here.

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Tail Happy Racing did not have a happy day.

Our kart got worse and worse as the race went on. It later turn out that the right rear tyre had a slow puncture. By the time 3rd driver Yusnee handed over to Kiki, we only noticed the airless tyre AFTER Kiki had been sent out for the final stint. We had to frantically call her back into the pits to remedy the situation.

As the first driver, my race was ok. Starting from 6th on the grid, i managed to get up to 3rd and was chasing Jac Soo and Shaeran who were having their private battle. As Jac got into his rhythm he started to leave Shaeran behind and without the two fighting and slowing each other down... they both dropped me further behind.

It turned out that i was actually going slower and slower. The fastest lap we clocked was done on lap 2. since then it was downhill.

I was soon coming under attack from a bunch of people behind me. First it was Ramsey. I fought for several laps to keep him behind me. Several times Ramsey would attempt a pass on the main straight only for me to hold the corner at the end. A few times Ramsey even nudged me out of the corner. I could not hold him for long and he soon took me.

Then it was the Satria Neo and Gallop teams. Both of them tried to pass me several times and they both had the speed on me. My best chance is to stay late on the brakes in order to stay ahead. A few times they would pull alongside, and i would stand on the brakes at the latest moment.

Faibs (Gallop) soon made his move which lost me another position to Satria Neo. But i managed to get the place back from Satria Neo at the end of the main straight by simply jamming the brakes and aiming for the hairpin / apex. I tried to attack Faibs and went sideways into him twice. The second time was not so good resulting in both Satria Neo and Naza passing my as Faibs and I locked wheels. Thereafter Faibs pulled clear and i simply went backwards, but managed to gain one place when Satria Neo pitted for their second driver.

By the time i handed over to Yusnee, we were 6th and going slower.

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[b]Thanks to mykart for this great event[/b]...hopefully we can meet again in another round of 2008!...Sadfully,my leg injured because of bad accident during the race.I had a car flying on top of my helmet..!!! eventually my leg got saved before the chain cut my leg..scary owww!anyway.. its about courage..braveness..and spirit!!

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Bro... I hope you are OK now. Would you mind giving some more details about the incident such as:-
how it happened
number of parties involved
how it could have been avoided, if at all
action taken by marshalls
any injury of anyone involved

Your feedback will contribute towards trying to make all events safer

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jedanial wrote:
[b]Thanks to mykart for this great event[/b]...hopefully we can meet again in another round of 2008!...Sadfully,my leg injured because of bad accident during the race.I had a car flying on top of my helmet..!!! eventually my leg got saved before the chain cut my leg..scary owww!anyway.. its about courage..braveness..and spirit!!

i did not know that there was any injury... appreciate an incident report on this.

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Yeah, I thought it was an incident free race(apart from the usual racing incidents, nothing major like flying karts and cutting chain)

In qualifying… I had 5 laps to do my best time.

1st lap – to be the last kart out from the pit stay away from the pack and study the kart characteristic.
2nd lap – Kart oversteers and loses speed in corner, continue to warm up the tyres.
3rd lap – Still oversteers badly so it’s kart setup problem not tyre. Fall back from the pack because I got confident to set a good lap.
4th lap – flying lap. Emmy did slow me down abit since she try to fall back.
5th lap – slowing down back to pit. 1:13.44 -P1 on lap 4

The qualifying showed our kart is competitive but does not really have a huge advantage over the front runners, because I know where the 0.5s advantage comes from… =P

LAP 1-5
1st on the grid my job is to pull away if I can. Green flag down, but Shaeran (Super Crocs) was able to keep up with me on straight… He is 10kg heavier than me =_= kart still oversteers and dont have advantage on straight. I cant really pull away from beginning… And the pack is busy with their own fight so my only worry is Shaeran…
Instead of engage serious fight with Shaeran, I decide to defend till my tyres to warm-up and avoid him to ghost my line. After some close fight, Shaeran gave me a bump before apex, I know that’s the chance I waiting for, so I quickly charge away, I look behind and he is about 15m away. And from there I started to use proper racing line to pull away from him…

LAP 6-26
BOTH MY LEGS START TO CRAM in the middle of the race.
Instead of pushing too hard, I go for consistency and don’t over heat the tyres & engine too much because that’s still 70+ laps to go.
(My legs are not long enough without the cushion, fell down during the driver change, MALU-MALU hahaha…)

By the time I handed over to Desmond, we were still 1st with 12-14s lead.

Congratulation!!! Another My-Kart successful event !!!

and Congratulation to Super Crocs as 2007 Mega Enduro Champ!!!

Thanks to our Team Principle Luen & Desmond and teammate Edwyn for given a new member a chance to join the team. ^^