2008 Round 1- Learnings & suggestions

Submitted by saa73 on Sat, 12 Jan 2008 - 21:50

Dear committee,

Thank you all for a great start to the season. Below is my observations and suggestions for improvement for the rest of 2008 and beyond:

i) Finances:
- K3 prices was increased by RM 10 by CK. We did not opt to raise the price today because it was not communicated to the participants. As a consequence we did not get our usual surplus $$ but essentially broke even.
Suggestion: Raise the K3 price in Round 3- May be too late for round 2 (2 weeks to go?)

ii) Time management:
- Generally fair and I expected to finish around 2.30pm, and we completed K1 Final A by 3pm.
- Started off well, but got delayed around 10am due to the K2 incident. - -- That threw us off and we did not re-start the K2 event, but went to K1, then K3. Decision was taken to do that because >50% of karts in that round were out!
- Gap too long between races - feedback from some of the K3 participant/newbies whom I talked to. Asking a K3 newbies to stay from 7.30am to 1.30pm may put them off.

Suggestions - Run all the K2/K3 heats first without K1. This gives us time to do K1 setup, or fix up the karts based on feedback from the last race. Potentially could also ask K1 drivers to come & register later, separate from K2/K3...hmm..maybe open a "Premium Service Counter" heheh..
Then run K1 heats in between the K2/K3 finals, or maybe just finish K3 off then start K1?...any other ideas?

iii) Team leaders:
This was really helpful - the team leaders really got into their roles and took ownership of their series.
However, we would like the Team Leader to oversee their series, and not get too "hands on".
The objective is to get volunteers from K2/K3 to do the lap chart, arranging grid, etc etc, and ensure it is done on time.

iv) Race start procedure:
- Generally ok.
- HOwever, I noticed a few instances where there was a lot of formation laps given.
Suggestion: Stick to Maximum 2 formation laps, and if there are still karts not on track due to issues, then start from the pit exit.

v) K1 format:
- I think it works well. We get to strike up a rivalry with our partner etc etc.

Suggestion: For the finals, if 2 partners are in the same group, then the higher qualified driver gets the kart. How about giving the higher seeded driver the option to give the kart to his partner? Eg, in today's race, I qualified higher over Mumu, so got the kart. Had I known the problem with our kart after Final B, and no time to fix it, I would have taken the risk to try another kart, and forced Mumu to take our kart. Makes it more interesting, doesn't it?

- THe K1 races are generally very close, and from today it looks like you tend to finish from where you start, unless you do really well in the start lap!

vi) Damages:
- There was an incident with damage in K3. The guy (Naveed) went home. CK charged RM50 and I paid for it from the club's coffers.

Suggestion: Should have prevented Naveed from going home without paying for the damage. Suggeest he is on the "black list" and not able to race, until he settles the RM50 with the Club.
In the future, to agree and settle ALL the damages as it happens (unless the person is injured and in hospital of course)

Anyway tired of writing already so will cut it here...got more feedback and suggestions and will post another forum thread.

oppps, just sent out email. I am repeating it here;

Area to address

1. Spare karts - It is definately needed spares. Limit number of drivers or get more from CK?
2. Ballast transfer - driver should hold responsibility of add or removing ballast. Mashals should have final check before releasing karts out on track.
3. Lost of ballast during race - 1 lap down penalty? DQ?
4. allowing private karters to participate?
5. Speeding up K1 event pace, area to improve?

Please add your comment on.


i) Spare kart -> I think we'll be lucky to get up to 14 karts, right?

ii) Ballasting - was a bit loose...no checking after the race.

iii) Loss of ballast - DQ lah...

iv) Private karters - yes, why not. But looking at the Kosmics, there's an obvious power difference, but hey, why not run two groups, ie private karters and CRGs together..they can use us for target practice!
- This will also "free up" the CRGs assuming those privateers in the group opt to use their own kart - eg Luen, Naza, Tarmizi, Fazz, Mumu, Mark, Amirul...that's 7 spare karts already!

Run it like MME - 2 classes in the same race...maybe for safety...let the 125 privateers start in front lah...

v) Speeding up K1 event...I thought it was quite speedy already once we got going....we anticipated loss of time due to initial ballasting...but one thing we did that saved time was to just show the grid and let the group arrange themselves on track...like how we do K2...

MEMBERSHIP UPDATE: By the way, since Dec 2007, we have had 15 new members paid up to join Kelab my-KART Selangor, of which 8 members signed up today during Round 1.

Naza, Mark and I are working to ensure all the forms are submitted and cards produced asap.

[quote=saa73]MEMBERSHIP UPDATE: By the way, since Dec 2007, we have had 15 new members paid up to join Kelab my-KART Selangor, of which 8 members signed up today during Round 1.

Naza, Mark and I are working to ensure all the forms are submitted and cards produced asap.

Stuart Gibbs was the latest applicant.

my response posted via email:

I would like to see faster turnaround. So would suggest that k1 payment and ballasting be done by mechanics the day before.

Also would like to keep the kart allocations a little more open, which could mean that we do some form of online ballotting beforehand.

We also need to think about the ballasting situation when swapping drivers: I would suggest that we place ballast for a weight range rather than for specific weights. This would mean that drivers within a range (say) of 65-70kg could share one kart.

Perhaps need to develop these thoughts further.