Round 07, K2 race report - Ab Razak beats Jules, and K2 battle escalates

Saturday, 2 August 2005
Shah Alam Stadium Kart Circuit (CW)

Ab Razak Halim maintained his composure and beat Jules Ng to clinch the round 7 K2 win of 2005. However, that was not enough to stop Jules from moving to the top of the championship leaderboard.

Alvin Joseph, Fazz Rahman, Tarmizi Nazaruddin and Brian Eravelly complete the top six finishers in round 7. In qualifying, Jules took top honours with 2 wins with Razak and Fazz scoring one win each.

Razak's win is his second of 2005, and moves him up the ranks in the K2 championship (from sixth to fifth).

Jules second place gives him an accumulated 79 points equal with Salehuddin (Udi), but Jules moves ahead on account of higher qualifying scores (209 vs 174).

Jules second place, Udi's absence and Fazz's fourth place escalates the K2 championship battle with only 3 rounds to go:
[*]Jules Ng (79)
[*]Salehuddin (79)
[*]Fazlur Rahman (76)
[*]Yew Siak Jin (67)
[*]Abd Razak (66)

Unfortunately for the top 5 except Jules, they will all have to start dropping points for the final result as only the best 8 scores out of 10 counts towards the 2005 K2 Championship. This makes Jules lead stronger than it looks.

K2 1st qualifying report

A,1,Abd Razak,3,27,20
A,2,Fazlur Rahman,1,29,16
A,3,Alvin Joseph,7,21,14
A,4,Yew Siak Jin,2,18,12
A,5,A Muhaymin,5,24,11
A,6,Jason Lu - BM5,6,20,10
A,8,Ozi Shahril,8,22,8

B,1,Jules Ng,1,21,20
B,2,Shaeran Baba,4,28,16
B,4,Brian Eravelly,2,18,12
B,5,Kelvin Lee,8,25,11
B,6,Steward Loke,7,23,10
B,7,Shahrul Azlan,6,20,9
B,8,Ashraf Dewal,5,17,8

K2 2nd qualifying report

A,1,Fazlur Rahman,8,21,20
A,2,Alvin Joseph,2,18,16
A,3,Abd Razak,6,20,14
A,4,A Muhaymin,4,28,12
A,6,Jason Lu - BM5,3,27,10
A,7,Ozi Shahril,1,25,9
A,8,Yew Siak Jin,7,30,8

B,1,Jules Ng,8,19,20
B,2,Ashraf Dewal,4,28,16
B,3,Brian Eravelly,7,25,14
B,4,Kelvin Lee,1,29,12
B,6,Steward Loke,2,18,10
B,7,Shahrul Azlan,3,30,9
B,8,Shaeran Baba,5,24,8

Overall Qualifying Ranking

1,Jules Ng,3,40
2,Fazlur Rahman,2,36
3,Abd Razak,6,34
4,Alvin Joseph,22,30
5,Brian Eravelly,5,26
7,Shaeran Baba,9,24
8,Ashraf Dewal,13,24
9,A Muhaymin,12,23
10,Kelvin Lee,-,23
11,Yew Siak Jin,4,20
13,Jason Lu - BM5,15,20
14,Steward Loke,26,20
15,Shahrul Azlan,19,18
16,Ozi Shahril,33,17

Final Race Result

Pos,Final group,Driver,Grid,Kart,Points
1,(A),Abd Razak,6,27,20
2,(A),Jules Ng,8,25,16
3,(A),Alvin Joseph,5,23,14
4,(A),Fazlur Rahman,7,28,12
6,(A),Brian Eravelly,4,19,10
7,(A),Ashraf Dewal,1,24,9
8,(A),Shaeran Baba,2,17,8
10,(B),Yew Siak Jin,6,28,6
11,(B),Kelvin Lee,7,27,5
12,(B),A Muhaymin,8,19,4
13,(B),Jason Lu - BM5,4,18,3
14,(B),Steward Loke,3,23,2
15,(B),Shahrul Azlan,2,24,1
16,(B),Ozi Shahril,1,17,0

Overall Standings after Round 7

1. ,Jules Ng,79,209
2. ,Salehuddin,79,174
3. ,Fazlur Rahman,76,185
4. ,Yew Siak Jin,67,179
5. ,Abd Razak,66,161
6. ,Brian Eravelly,58,140
7. ,Tarmizi,52,169
8. ,Shaeran Baba,48,164
9. ,Nazaruddin,48,161
10. ,Ashraf Dewal,35,137
11. ,A Muhaymin,34,103
12. ,Simon Tan,34,101
13. ,Hafidz Fahro Rozi,32,67
14. ,Jason Lu - BM5,26,145
15. ,Azlee,26,106
16. ,Alvin Joseph,22,54
17. ,Azmee Ahmad,21,86
18. ,Ahmad Hilmy Halim,17,57
19. ,Shahrul Azlan,16,109
20. ,Devan Sridaran,16,73
21. ,Edwin Cheah ,11,29
22. ,Munib,9,56
23. ,Yusnee Yusof,5,59
24. ,Kelvin Lee,5,23
25. ,Ng Wei Li,4,72
26. ,Steward Loke,4,71
27. ,Nurul Alis,3,21
28. ,Yu Jin Lee,2,33
29. ,Yip Yen,1,75
30. ,Nazim Mansor - B328,0,43
31. ,Ozi Shahril,0,33
32. ,Brian Fernandez,0,25
33. ,Khairul Hizam,0,18
34. ,James Tiang,0,16
35. ,Alban de Souza,0,16
36. ,Stanley Tai,0,15
37. ,Joey Teo,0,15
38. ,Zoolhilmi Mohd,0,13