My-Kart DVD Pre-Race Briefing

Submitted by edwynlow on Wed, 16 Jan 2008 - 00:29

To the committee of My-Kart and members of My-Kart,

I am here proposing a DVD format Pre-Race Briefing Video. Not sure if we need to write a proper proposal for this. But this is how it will go.

[b]Why do we need one?[/b]
Many of the drivers who attend the event, some are seasoned drivers, some are amateur and some are new. But there are always seldom questions ask after the briefing and all the committees or members assuming that most of them have the knowledge on karting and racing. But most of the time, the feedback that we get are mainly; rolling start problems; in-proper attitude on the track; it's my line and not his/her.

[b]What is this video all about?[/b]
Basically this is a DVD format Pre-Race Briefing video that will be shown on the TV at CK after our committee or members have given their vocal briefing to the drivers on each event. It will be played and repeat itself until the whole event is finish on that day. A DVD player will be needed.

[b]What is the content in the DVD?[/b]
The content will basically be exactly the same as the vocal briefing. But only this time, it is in moving pictures. In this video, it will also contains the do and the don't(s) on the track; for example; at what circumstances that we should give up our line and let the other driver pass? All these will be shown in the video. But the actual content will need to be finalize and proofed by the committee before the actual shooting day.

[b]Why moving pictures?[/b]
Basically it will be easier to understand. And since it will repeat till the whole event finishes, it will be a reminder to the drivers despite old or new; about safety or other issues.

[b]Why not just put the video in the first place and just cut the vocal briefing out of it?[/b]
With vocal briefing, there will always be a time for open questions. Just in case the drivers do not understand any of the briefing. But there are always seldom questions from the drivers. Which is why the DVD is needed.

[b]What do we need in order to achieve it?[/b]
Basically we need a few actor or actress, hopefully volunteers from the committee or members. Someone suggested J & W in order that it will attract more people to watch the video. But I think that this is a low-budget production or free production, so it would be best not to have any contact with using much money. Besides people, also we need to talk to CK about using their track as a location for us to shoot the video and also using their karts. At least 2 numbers of karts.

[b]Will it costs us anything?[/b]
Well, maybe a couple of teh tarik for the actor and actress. A day off. And I will leave the talking with AP about not charging us for using the karts and the track to Naza. Of course, it must be a day where the track has not much event going on.

At the moment, these are the only questions that I can think of. If there are any questions that any of the committee or members would like to ask; feel free to do so. I think this is a good idea. Fazz also thinks that way. What about you guys?

[quote=naza]Lets go for it. I dont think its too difficult to secure the track and a few karts to cut videos from uncle AP.[/quote]

Then I will leave that to you :up:
I think this is the first step. If we get approval from AP for FOC or if AP says we need to pay for it, and the cost is agreed with everyone; then only we can proceed with the 2nd step which is planning.

Just another suggestion (Ramsey, perhaps you can calrify), but R-Factor race simulator has a kart module if I remember correctly. Perhaps we could record some footage from that for the video... we could simulate line cutting, late braking overruns, fair and unfair blockages etc etc

At least using the simulator, we can try try and try again without time or weather limitations.

Once completed, why not market / licence the safety briefing DVD to CK, Elite, Sepang and any other clubs or organisations such as the new one in Singapore...

[quote=timmsm]Once completed, why not market / licence the safety briefing DVD to CK, Elite, Sepang and any other clubs or organisations such as the new one in Singapore... [/quote]

Now we are talking. But is there any safety briefing DVD that exist?