Chicken Wings 03/08

Sunday, 24 February 2008 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm
City Karting Shah Alam

[b]Extra extra.. Hear all about it! Chicken Wings is here again!![/b]

To all karters, new or senior karters,

It's another chicken wings session to brush up your skills or get some new tips and advice from senior karters. I will really appreciate if those who are new to karting, or new to My-Kart; whom intend to join the next round (Round 3) dated on March 1st, 2008; will attend this chicken wings session. Hopefully we will have at least one session where we will have a proper pre-race for all drivers (supervised by senior karters) and look out on some mistakes and the don't(s). So that incident that happen at Round1 will not happen again or will be minimal on the actual race day. Also we will have heaps of time to teach or assist you guys on how to do the actual "rolling start". Reason why this can't be done on actual race day? Because everyone is busy with organizing the karts, the groups, the race and etc.

About the time, currently I will put it in the morning, as it tends to rain in the afternoon. But will be changed based on majority (maybe the seniors can advise on this). Also I will checked on the availability of the track when the day is near.

Committee of My-Kart, please feel free to changed the content if you find anything missing or something shouldn't be there. Thanks.


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