Round 09, K2 race report - Roduwan blitzes all on debut

Saturday, 12 November 2005
Shah Alam Stadium Kart Circuit (CW)

2004 Alex Yoong F1 Driver Search winner Roduwan Rashid (aka Chepot) made an impressive debut at the round 9 of the 2005 K2 Championship. Roduwan made a perfect undefeated appearance by clinching the round 9 win ahead of Fazz Rahman and Abd Razak Halim. Jules Ng, Shahrul Azlan and Shaeran Baba make up the top six finishers.

Top qualifying honours also went to Roduwan who won both qualifying races. Fazz and Jules were the other qualifying winners with a win each.

Roduwan made good use of his 125cc karting experience to clinch the wins from last on the grid as well as from the front in one of the qualifying races.

Championship challenger Salehudin (Udi) was absent to do a head injury inflicted at home and dropped to fourth in the championship. Jules had one troublesome qualifying race and a different problem occurred in the final race as well, but still finished fourth and moved back up to third in the championship.

Fazz drove another consistent event and was closing on Roduwan at the finish of the race but was not able to challenge for the lead and the win. Fazz maintains his slim championship lead. Razak again scored some points to leapfrog into second place in the K2 championship.

The K2 championship battle continues to heat up with any of the top four drivers in a strong chance for the 2005 honours.

K2 championship standing after Round 9 (before adjusting for points drops):

[*]Fazz Rahman (106, 249pts) ** (-11pts)
[*]Abd Razak (96, 219pts) * (-3pts)
[*]Jules Ng (91, 239pts)
[*]Salehuddin (90, 206pts)
[*]Yew Siak Jin (85, 229pts) ** (-12pts)

** need to drop 2 worst scores
* need to drop 1 worst score

Fazz maintains his slim championship lead from Razak. But the 2005 rules (like in previous years) permit drivers to score from the best 8 out of 10 events (to allow for absence).

** Fazz and Jin have scored in every event thus far, so will have to start dropping points from their 2 worse performing events. Fazz's two worse scores are 5 and 6 pts, whilst Jin's are 6 and 6 pts.

* Razak has so far scored in 8 out of 9 events, so will have to drop points from 1 of his worse performing event. His worse score is 3 pts.

Adjusted for the best 8 score rule, the championship position is as follows (Fazz assumes a slim lead) - any of the top 4 drivers can clinch the K2 championship:

[*]Fazz Rahman ([b]95[/b], 249pts) **
[*]Abd Razak ([b]93[/b], 219pts) *
[*]Jules Ng (91, 239pts)
[*]Salehuddin ([b]87[/b], 206pts)
[*]Yew Siak Jin ([b]73[/b], 229pts) **

The top 4 drivers are within 8 points of each other.

K2 1st qualifying report

A,1,Fazlur Rahman,1,23,20
A,2,Shahrul Azlan,6,32,16
A,3,Brian Eravelly,4,21,14
A,4,Jason Lu - BM5,5,28,12
A,5,Noel Douglas,7,29,11
A,6,Jules Ng,2,18,10
A,7,Yew Siak Jin,3,1,9

B,1,Roduwan Chepot,6,32,20
B,2,Abd Razak,1,23,16
B,3,Shaeran Baba,2,24,14
B,5,A Muhaymin,7,29,11
B,7,Yusnee Yusof,5,18,9

K2 2nd qualifying report

A,1,Jules Ng,6,21,20
A,2,Shahrul Azlan,2,24,16
A,3,Fazlur Rahman,7,32,14
A,4,Brian Eravelly,4,27,12
A,5,Yew Siak Jin,5,28,11
A,6,Jason Lu - BM5,3,18,10
A,7,Noel Douglas,1,23,9

B,1,Roduwan Chepot,2,24,20
B,2,Abd Razak,7,29,16
B,3,Yusnee Yusof,3,211,14
B,4,Shaeran Baba,6,32,12
B,5,A Muhaymin,1,23,11

Overall Qualifying Ranking

1,Roduwan Chepot,13,40
2,Fazlur Rahman,1,34
3,Abd Razak,2,32
4,Shahrul Azlan,10,32
5,Jules Ng,3,30
6,Shaeran Baba,5,26
7,Brian Eravelly,6,26
8,Yusnee Yusof,11,23
9,Jason Lu - BM5,8,22
10,A Muhaymin,14,22
12,Yew Siak Jin,4,20
14,Noel Douglas,12,20

Final Race Result

Pos,Final group,Driver,Grid,Kart,Points
1,(A),Roduwan Chepot,7,24,20
2,(A),Fazlur Rahman,6,29,16
3,(A),Abd Razak,5,32,14
4,(A),Jules Ng,3,21,12
5,(A),Shahrul Azlan,4,211,11
6,(A),Shaeran Baba,2,23,10
7,(A),Brian Eravelly,1,18,9
8,(B),A Muhaymin,5,29,8
9,(B),Yusnee Yusof,7,24,7
10,(B),Yew Siak Jin,3,32,6
11,(B),Jason Lu - BM5,6,211,5
14,(B),Noel Douglas,1,23,2


Overall Standings after Round 9

1. ,Fazlur Rahman,106,249
2. ,Abd Razak,96,219
3. ,Jules Ng,91,239
4. ,Salehuddin,90,206
5. ,Yew Siak Jin,85,229
6. ,Shaeran Baba,68,222
7. ,Brian Eravelly,67,166
8. ,Nazaruddin,60,208
9. ,Tarmizi,52,169
10. ,Hafidz Fahro Rozi,52,107
11. ,Ashraff Dewal,43,163
12. ,A Muhaymin,42,125
13. ,Jason Lu - BM5,38,189
14. ,Simon Tan,34,101
15. ,Shahrul Azlan,31,162
16. ,Azlee,30,126
17. ,Alvin Joseph,22,54
18. ,Azmee Ahmad,21,86
19. ,Roduwan Chepot,20,40
20. ,Yusnee Yusof,18,107
21. ,Ahmad Hilmy Halim,17,57
22. ,Devan Sridaran,16,73
23. ,Edwin Cheah ,11,29
24. ,Munib,9,56
25. ,Kelvin Lee,8,41
26. ,Brian Fernandez,5,43
27. ,Ng Wei Li,4,72
28. ,Steward Loke,4,71
29. ,Nurul Alis,3,21
30. ,Joey Teo,2,37
31. ,Yu Jin Lee,2,33
32. ,Noel Douglas,2,20
33. ,Yip Yen,1,75
34. ,Nazim Mansor - B328,0,43
35. ,Ozi Shahril,0,33
36. ,Khairul Hizam,0,18
37. ,James Tiang,0,16
38. ,Alban de Souza,0,16
39. ,Stanley Tai,0,15
40. ,Zoolhilmi Mohd,0,13

Udi hurt his head? get well soon bro!

Congrats to Chepot for a walkaway win.

Good tussle with Razak in finals.....made my kart the widest one but he got me few turns from home. SIGH!

Fazz 10 points clear or everyone? wah like this we have to give the contenders a hand.....Razak, u ready? he he

Bro Fazz,

I have real difficulty in understanding your points scoring to explain what the score now?

Since you have a 125, let's have a private run at Shah Alam-lah......I have 4 other drivers waiting to learn from you! ( semua MyKart kaki....)

Jules... only the 8 best results (out of 10) will count towards the championship. So if you miss two events, you are not disadvantaged. Unlike me, who turns up at every event, I will have to drop points. So far, the two worst scores out of my 9 events is 5 and 6 pts.

So I have now scored 106 pts, but will so far have to drop 11 pts (5 + 6). So net score is 95 pts. You missed 3 events so don't have to drop points.

This is similar to the F1 points rule in the late 80s.

Hope this clarifies.


I have problem with my axle bearing... CRG Chasis..
no problem... anytime if my kart has been repaired..
but I'm not an instructor.. I'm also learning..
may be we can share.. but I'm not coaching..

The Fazz..
I think it's clear enough.. eheheh..

chepot - do fix it quick-lah.......mau belajar from the master before rd 10!

fazz, understand in principle but suggest that the championship points reflect that as well. Now, it shows you on 106 and not 95 as mentioned. I dun even know where I am the standings with respect to other like Udi, Razak & others. sorry, numbers a bit weak for me....

Jules - in terms of K2 overall position based on adjusted scores:

  1. Fazz Rahman (95pts) **
  2. Abd Razak (93pts) *
  3. Jules Ng (91pts)
  4. Salehuddin (87pts)
  5. Yew Siak Jin (73pts) **

So you are only 4 points behind me. As I said, the championship is VERY tight!

Of course, consistently winning like Tom has done is even better! He is definitely barred from K3 next year. Hehehe.

Hmm in fact, he is the only one in my-kart who has more than 2 wins this year. And he did it 4 times in a row! We must give this man the My-Kart Sportsman of the year award. :)

Hmm in fact, he is the only one in my-kart who has more than 2 wins this year. And he did it 4 times in a row! We must give this man the My-Kart Sportsman of the year award. :)

Indeed, quite an amazing achievement given the level of competition in the group. 4 wins, and then he goes celebrating and drinking himself silly and sitting out the remainder of the season. wonderful bugger. :)

[quote=chepot]Jules - Wanna fix it as soon as possible lar..

To the top 5 your best..
me wanna try..but too late.. huwaaaaa....

Here comes the "Kacau Daun Team"....he...he.. Chepot, looks like banyak side deal laa..