Sunday, 13 July 2008 - 8:24pm

[b]when[/b] : Sunday 13th July 2008
[b]Time[/b] : TBA
[b]Where[/b] : Sepang SIC Kart Track

[b]Championship Status[/b] : National Level - MAM Sanctioned.

[b]Yamaha SL Cup[/b] : Arrive and Drive Yamaha 100 cc karts

[b]Juniors[/b]: ages 12-15 (11 with special exemption)
[b]Senior[/b]: ages 15+
[b]Engine[/b]: Yamaha KT100SEC - Buy new RM5350. Buy used but rebuilt RM4000. Rent: RM500/round.
[b]Chassis[/b]: might also be available for rent, but chassis model/make is open and you can bring your own.
[b]Tyres[/b]: Bridgestone YJL - cost is RM550/set. Same as used in Japan for Yamaha SL Cup

[b]Cadet[/b]: Ages 9-12
[b]Tyres[/b]: Yokohoma Cadet Tyres ~RM430

[b]Engine Rental[/b]: Free for first 10 to register.

Sunday only is racing: 2 heats and pre-final + final.
Sunday program (scrutineering, licence applications) starts about 8:30.

Saturday the track is open for Free Practice.

[b]Getting the MAM License[/b]: Medical checkup at any medical clinic using the MAM Medical form downloadable from Get License at the track on Sunday (MAM will be there).

[b]For the trip to Japan[/b]:
Junior + Senior winners get to go. Need to have AAM license. New kart+engine, tyres, hotel all provided free of charge by Yamaha Japan. Driver needs to pay 50% of the airfare(50% sponsored by the Malaysian side) and mechanic expenses.

From there there is also a chance of being picked up into the Toyota driver development program from which Nakajima came.

[b]Additional Info[/b]
Representative from Yamaha is coming for general assistance and for post-race scrutineering.

[b]More details: Call Ray Kong - 019-3336110[/b]

[b]Race karts[/b] : 200cc Subaru-Robin 4 stroke
[b]Entry Fee[/b] : RM280.00 per karter
[b]Drivers[/b] : Must not be licensed drivers before this.
[b]MAM Competition licence[/b] : RM 80.00 issued at the track
[b]Medical check[/b] : From any clinic using form downloaded from

[b]Number of Entries[/b] : Limited to 24 karters (2 groups of 12 karts each)
[b]Race Format[/b] : 2 heats of 6 laps each + Final of 8 laps.
[b]Grand Final[/b] : Top 6 finishers from 2 groups of 12 compete in Grand Final of 10 laps.

[b]Prizes[/b]: Top 3 podium finishers get trophies and free vouchers for future go-kart drives.

[b]Contact : Ray Kong at 019 333 6110[/b]

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