6th my-KART Foundation Conference

Saturday, 13 September 2008 - 4:30pm to 10:00pm
A503 Block A, Kelana Square, 17, Jalan SS7/26. Petaling Jaya

Dear committee members & their assistants,

Please confirm your attendance to the 6th FOUNDATION Conference.

As mentioned in my email, we've not had our FOUNDATION conference for sometime now. We need to re-cap my-kart's goals and chart our future roadmap and assign responsibilities.

I expect this conference will delve into a lot more detail so it could last a whole day -so please block your time until 2pm.

Details as follows:

[table=tables-professional date:|Saturday 13 September 2008
venue:|A503 Block A
|Kelana Square
|17, Jalan SS7/26
|Petaling Jaya
|It's off the LDP, opposite Giant, next to Kelana Putera condominium.]

Agenda for the conference:
[*]re-cap and re-align my-kart objectives
[*]set out roadmap
[*]debate MAM/AAM affiliation
[*]discuss application for grants / incentives
[*]discuss commercial plans
[*]highligh operational excellence achievements and improvements
[*]club updates
[*]my-kart IP, brand and equity

This invitation is extended to my-KART committee members.


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