IMPORTANT NOTICE !! K3 Drivers Try Out Day For Upgrading to K2 Exclusive - 2009 Season

Sunday, 2 November 2008 - 11:00pm to Monday, 3 November 2008 - 2:00am
City Karting Shah Alam

Hi there all hungry K3 Drivers,

I know a lot of you drivers out there want to upgrade to K2 Exclusive from your current K3 races. So here is your chance~ We are running a Try Out Day for you guys. So those people in the list will have to come on that day and run the 100cc rental karts. All of you will be supervised by the committee, the senior karters and K2-2008 Champions.

You will be upgraded to K2 if your performance on that day is approved by minimum 2 supervisors stated above. You can have a choice of not joining the K2 exclusive even if your performance is approved. But please remember, after you choose not to join, and later in the day if you want to race in K2 exclusive, you will be in the waiting list as your place will be given to the next driver after you.

All rental charges are to be paid by the driver themselves.

The list below do not need to do the try out if you want to maintain at K2 exclusive next season.
[table No.|Drivers currently racing in K2-2008
01|Razak Halim
02|Nizam Rahman
03|Julian Wilson
08|Ammar Shahbana
09|M.Fikri Rahim
15|Zainuddin Zainal
16|SK Wong
17|Stuart Gibbs]

The list below will need to do the try out. Please remember - if you miss out this Try Out Day, you will have to wait for another Try Out Day (not sure when).
[table No.|Drivers in the try out
01|Md. Hafizal
02|Mohd. Afiq Hamzah
03|Vincent Chin
04|Shahrul Tahir
05|Rizal Khalid
06|Jazland Azmi
07|Rizal Halim
08|Ruben Yap
09|Jamizan Jamaludin
10|John Stewart
11|Wira Ahmad Fauzi
12|Hairul Idzwan
14|Imran Ishak
15|Adrian Moody
16|Kenny (Zoggee)]

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