34 kart Race - New Season Kick off Race

Saturday, 3 January 2009 - 5:00pm to 5:20pm
City Karting Shah Alam

Did you see the number of karts that were on the starting grid for most International kart Races such as the CIK World Finals or the RMC World Finals or in most European kart races. Depending on the circuit, the max number of karts allowed can be like 30 to 36 karts or thereabout. In our case its 34 karts max allowable (CK Shah Alam). We have never had a race with that large number of karts and so some of us thought, why don't we try it once for the experience at least! So lets call it the new season kick-off race where seasoned and new buayas can show their hunting skills. Details are as follows if you are interested:

[b]WHEN: January 3rd 2009
1. 80 cc karts x 34 drivers (max)
2. 5 mins qualifying in 2 groups (17 karts per group)
3. Just one race of 15 laps (no heats)
4. No ballast
5. Rolling start
6. Timing via transponder
7. Open to only K1 and K2 drivers, seasoned K3 drivers may be invited if there are seats available.
8. So sorry, Newbies not eligible
9. Only RM 30.00 ...kau tim!

4|Emmy D||Naza|Yes
5|Anak Abah|Yes|Tarmizi|Yes
7|Razak Halim||Zul|Yes
10|Ammar Shahbana||Desmond|
11|Nizam (nizer)||Danny|
12|Julian (Julz)||Mark|
13|M.Fikri Rahim||IskM7|
14|zainuddin zainal||Ramsey|

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