On-going 2009 DRIVERS series feedback and discussion thread


this is an on-going thread i would like to organise within the 2009 event reports to capture the various discussions on the 2009 DRIVERS series K1, K2 and K3 events.

i append below the participants list for the series... this will need to be updated as we go along, but shall form the placeholder for each event participation list. pls use the "quote" function to see the codes. for committee members, i believe you can edit this post.

[b]K1 125cc[/b]

Kart #Driver 1StatusDriver 2Status
03Brian EtbcAshrafftbc
04RamseytbcZul Samadtbc
06YusneetbcYip Yentbc
07FaiztbcDanny Chootbc
10Mark Timmstbc---tbc
11Desmond KhootbcTarmizitbc

#K1 Wait List DriversStatus
2Izrul Bombetbc
3Hafidz Fahro Rozitbc
5James Mitchelltbc
6Jason Lutbc
7Jules Ngtbc

[b]K2 100cc[/b]

Kart #DriverStatusDriverStatus
14Fei BientbcNurhafizahtbc
15Jonathan KantbcImran Ishaktbc
16Mohd Fikri RahimtbcRazak Halimtbc
17Zainuddin ZainaltbcVincent Chintbc
18ZainytbcM Z Aziz Abd Malektbc
19Rizal KhalidtbcStuart Gibbstbc
20StevotbcKenny Hwang (Zoggee)tbc
22Alex LumtbcJazland Azmitbc
23SuhazlantbcEmmy Dianatbc
24Edwyn Lowtbc---tbc
25Nurul AlistbcNizam Rahmantbc

#K2 Wait List DriversStatus
1Faizal Rezatbc
2SK Wongtbc
3ST Ooitbc
4Wira Ahmad Fauzitbc

Notes for K1 and K2

[b]Note 1:[/b] Please confirm participation (even for wait list drivers) at least 2 days before each event. Wait list drivers will be given available seats if primary drivers are not confirmed.
[b]Note 2:[/b] Eligibility is only for paid members of Kelab my-kART Selangor who have paid the damage deposit (Maybank Ac:512754306333) scanned the payment slip and email it to AZLAN (shahrulazlan@gmail.com / mykart@televas.com.my )

[b]K3 80cc[/b]
Please enter your participation by appending your names to the list below... use the following format:
entry#|Driver name|confirmed

01|Faiz Rahman|confirmed