8 year old GIRL KIDNAPPED from Taman Maluri, WHITE NISSAN SENTRA, WPL 6644

Dear My Kart Friends

I just recieved this SMS from a trusted friend of mine and had it confirmed by a few other people. I am going to write the message exactly as it was sent to me;

[b]"Dear friends; a parent of alice Smith [my school] sent this messagge, as parents you can imagine how this family may feel. Lets hope that anyone can help thanks a lot. Plz fwd this msg (fm d distressed parent):My daughter Shirley 8yr old was kidnapped in a NISSAN SENTRA white colour WPL 6644, at 10.20 am at tmn maluri, D'Alamanda Condo today. [i believe this was on saturday] Anyone sees this car plz report to the police or me from: Shirley's mother01228928"[/b]

As you can see the phone number is missing two digets. [b]I believe the correct number is 012-289-2866[/b]

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that's terrible news. hope that they find her soon.

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Reported by The Star

"On a another matter, City police said there was no such case of an eight-year-old girl being kidnapped from Taman Maluri in a Nissan Sentra that was circulated by SMS a few days ago"


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There was another sms going around about a kid being kidnapped in Klang. Don't know whether that's a hoax or not though.

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I guess we'll only know once we call up the police.... But then again, prepare to be like a ball in a pin-ball machine....