Collection of thoughts on my-kart's model

in many of my discussions with members, i often describe my-kart as an open-source organisation. to give a better illustration, i'd like to have a dialogue with all of you on the subject.

feel free to post some stuff that best describes the model for my-kart.

as a thought starter, in the committee meeting on 2 May 2009 (right after the round 05/2009 DRIVERS series event) at Burger King, Extreme Park Shah Alam, i mentioned a couple of points relating to the my-kart model:

  1. members can add any new series under the my-kart brand provided that it meets the brand standards
  2. that my-kart purpose remains on providing affordable and accessible racing for all (and not focus on profits)
  3. that everybody should participate in making my-kart events achieve these objectives - including newcomers

i shall share some video clips from to describe some of these ideas. feel free to add and share your thoughts too.