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Submitted by rizalkhalid on Fri, 26 Mar 2010 - 18:05

With all due respect, we would like to stress yet again on safety in racing and racing ethics. We are all racing among friends for fun, enjoying our passion for speed, competition, and fun, safe, fair racing. It should not matter if we win or lose. What is more important is that we enjoy the companionship and sharing of our hobby and passion for racing.

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I am very dissappointed with the incident I had in 2010 K2 Round 3 Final A. I seriously do not think it is acceptable to be t-boned as we are racing 125cc machines with loads of torque and speed. It is absolutely dangerous and unsafe if these machines are in the hands of inexperience, immature, and inconsiderate individuals, be it mature adults or minors.

During the incident, I was well aware of the attempt, then 2nd place driver, will try to make in the final lap as he had tried the same in the penultimate lap. To prevent his overtaking move, I remained on the inside line to very close to the curb before turning in. As I turned in, I could see him coming straight for my side pod, not sliding in an effort to brake or avoid accident. To me, it was a stupid move to try to force an overtaking move on the inside at that speed. No one could brake that late and make the move stick, not schumacher, not alonso, not button, not hamilton! Of course you can say, "brake tak makan" coz no brakes will makan if you hit it that late!

If he had even tried to brake late, he would have spun and we would have collided side ways, but it was a direct hit resulting his kart to climb on top of me, injuring my arm. It looked like a scratch on that day, but it went swollen and blue for 2 wks! and the pain in my elbow is still there after 3 wks. I suspect a torned tendon but i havent gone to any specialist to get it checked. Only a sports doctor could probably trace it.

This driver have had a history of aggressive driving dating back to his first rounds in K3. Ever since then, it was talk of the pits of his aggressive style. I will leave it alone for every one to check around.

This year, he have been admitted to K2 series on 125cc karts. Yes, he is a talented driver, but his immaturity is causing hurt to drivers around him. Let me put forth incidences for this year alone involving mykart events,

1. Langkawi Cup, his entanglement with senior karter Isk Mild Seven. I was not there to witness what happened, but I am sure those who did would concur with my conclusion.

2. K2 Rd 2, he bumped 2 drivers in 2 separate occasions causing them to spun in his effort to overtake his competitors. The two drivers were Hafidz and Jason. I know you guys are gentle enough to leave this alone--I am doing this in the name of safety for future competitors.

3. K2 Rd 3, he t-boned me in the final lap in his effot to make it 3/3 for the 2010 season.

I would suggest the MyKart Committee to reprimand this driver in our effort to educate him of racing ethics and the value that MyKart promotes and to prevent similar incidences to happen and avoid more serious injury to our participants.

Thank you.

N/B : I failed to find the incident report thread. Please append this to the said thread if someone can find it.

Sorry I missed this but I think we should take the time to talk to the driver and his dad for a bit more restraint during the Mykart events. ( IMHO ) This should be done, behind closed doors.

In addition - this will be reminded to ALL drivers in the morning briefing as we do not want to just single out a party or person here.

Can i suggest the K2 minder and a more senior committee member lead this discussion BEFORE the start of races, say morning after the briefing? I can join if so wished by the seniors here.

Let's not discuss in public the opinions of everyone here on the driver as that DOES NOT HELP except aggravate the situation further.

Rizal - I hope you are well now.