K3 race

Submitted by babyvivian on Tue, 30 Mar 2010 - 23:58


I'm keen to join my-kart this year. Im wondering how many rounds are there in a year? and when is the next K3 race?

btw, what is the benefits of signing up as my-kar member? do i get discounts ???

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welcome to my-kart, babyvivian.

most of the information you need can be found from the "read me first" link on the menu above.

also for newcomers, you are welcome to introduce yourself or ask any question at http://club.my-kart.org/newbies

if you cannot find the right pages... just use the search feature at the top of every page.

to specifically answer your questions:

there are 10 rounds of the DRIVERS series (K3, K2 and K1) annually.

the next race is 10th April. go to the event posting and copy and paste your name to the list of participants. be careful with the table formats and not missing out other people though. see our event calendar too (again... top menu)..

members benefit: http://club.my-kart.org/node/1328