my-Kart 300 Laps Endurance Race

Saturday, 11 December 2010 - 4:30pm to Sunday, 12 December 2010 - 4:00am
City Karting, Shah Alam

<h1>Registration 7.30am Don't be late</h1>

[table Please read the Rules & Regulations at]

<h1>Payment due: 31st October 2010</h1>

[table Million apologies to everyone. There was a misunderstanding and I posted the wrong date. The actual date of the event is on 11th December 2010 instead of 4th December 2010. Please do change your calendar appointment to 11th December 2010. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

Calling all Teams out there, my-Kart end of the year Endurance is back~! This time it has gone even more interesting. It's my-Kart 300 Laps Endurance Race~! Get your team ready for the most exciting my-Kart race ever.

<b>*Please check frequently for more detail updates and for rules & regulations*</b>

<b>Race details:</b>
Date: 11th December 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30am - 8.00pm
Race duration: 300 Laps (Not including practice and qualifying)
Practice: 30 minutes
Qualifying: 15 minutes
Direction: Clockwise
Pitstops: Dedicated Pit Window
Starting grid: Based on fastest lap time during qualifying
Starting: Le Mans style

<b>Team Information:</b>
Driver per team: 6 drivers
Stints per driver: 2
Minimum team weight: 420kg
Number of karts per team: 2 (12 drivers)

<b>Kart Details:</b>
Kart Chassis: K1 and K2 chassis (or similar)
Engine: New Comer 80cc Engine
Provided with: Chains, Tyres, Front and Rear Sprockets, Brake Pad, Chain Lube (all New)

<b>Other Items:</b>
Trophy: 1st to 5th
Medals: 6th to last
Canopy: 20ft x 20ft canopy for each team

<b>Price Details:</b>
Price: RM3300
Payment due: 31st October 2010
Pay to: MAYBANK 512754306333 (mykart Promotions Sdn Bhd)
Email bank in slip to: and

[table #|Team Name|Team Leader|Email|Contact Number|RM3300
1|Predator AliensRT|Naza||012-3351900|PAID
2|Terminator AliensRT|Naza||012-3351900|PAID
3|Vertical Speed RT1|Afiq||012-2228405|PAID
4|Vertical Speed RT2|A.Rizal||019-7822787|PAID
5|Hornetz RT1|Shah||019-3521128|PAID
6|KLIA Racing|Naza||012-3351900|PAID
7|Karting Singapore Team 1|Mark Lange||-|PAID
8|Karting Singapore Team 2|Mark Lange||-|PAID
9|Karting Singapore Team 3|Mark Lange||-|PAID
10|BPMB Monster|Zainuddin Zainal||019-2326007|PAID
12|Claw Racing Team|Zul||0122106640|<b>OUT</b>
13|Tail Happy Racing|Fazz Rahman||019-3855055|<b>OUT</b>
14|Team Fast Junx|Selim Rafique||016-2058111|<b>OUT</b>]

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