my-kart 300 laps Endurance 2010

11 Dec 2010
Shah Alam (CW)

Congratulations to Vertical Speed Racing Team 1 for winning the 300 lap race on saturday.

A total of 12 teams and 72 drivers entered the event.

The weather was overcast and breezy for much of the day, with some sunshine on occassion.

The race was flagged off at 11am and the chequered flag dropped at 5:15pm.

The event was a battle between the two Aliens Racing Teams and the two Vertical Speed Racing Teams. Importantly, the race proceeded without any safety incidents.

The results as follows:

[table pos|kart|team|laps|best lap|in lap
1|3|Vertical Speed Racing Team 1|297|1:13.291|96
2|10|Terminator Aliens Racing Team|296|1:11.891|19
3|5|Predator Aliens Racing Team|295|1:12.887|6
4|2|Vertical Speed Racing Team 2|293|1:12.823|6
5|1|Karting Singapore Team 2|290|1:13.565|279
6|8|Hornets Racing Team|289|1:14.170|266
8|9|Karting Singapore Team 3|285|1:14.795|285
9|4|Karting Singapore Team 1|283|1:15.553|283
11|12|KLIA Racing|282|1:15.172|282
DQ*|7|BPMB Monster|291|1:13.519|2]

i) SMTTR was penalised 5 laps due to pit lane refueling infringement.
ii) Velocity was penalised 5 laps due to driver stint below the minimum 20 minutes.
iii) BPMB Monster was disqualified due to late registration, but allowed to race without results.