my-KART 2011 Season Reports

2011 will be the 9th season for my-KART's amateur karters race series. The 2011 season builds on the 2010 season with a merging of the K2 exclusive DRIVERS series into the K1. Thus, for the 2011 season, there will not be any K2 category - only K3 and K1.

As ever, competition is expected to be tougher and tougher as drivers gain more experience in the series.

This book will capture and collect the various reports from the 2011 my-KART season including the DRIVERS 2011 series races, the my-KART TEAMS series, any once off Endurance events and others.

The DRIVERS series will be a 10 race season that pits driver against driver for 10 challenging rounds. The TEAMS series will be a series based on team work and strategy.


It is hoped that this book will be a easy reference for my-KART members to view the race results, reports and some photos.

The chapters in this book is split by the DRIVERS K1, K2 & K3 series and my-KART TEAMS and ENDURO chapters.

Please do give me your feedback which will go a long way towards improving the service to my-KART members further.

What is different in 2011? K2 is merged into K1 - same tyre compounds. All 10 scores will count towards the championship in 2011, unlike the best 8 scores in previous years.