my-KART Mega Endurance Race 6, 2006

Saturday, 18 November 2006 - 5:00pm to Sunday, 19 November 2006 - 12:00am
Elite Plus Speedway

The my-KART Mega Endurance ("ME") series enters into its 2nd year in 2006. "Privateer" teams have the chance to race against each other at tracks such as Shah Alam and Sepang on the 100cc karts. Which teams will be challenging the likes of Tail Happy Racing, The Fast n Furious and Gila Racing?

The plan in 2006 is to run 6 rounds of the my-KART ME series. The key is teamwork and consistency throughout the whole season.

Details of the event is as follows:

date:     Saturday, 18 November 2006
time:     0900hours **don't be late
venu:     Elite Plus Speedway / 100cc
kart:     using Kartquest's 100cc 2-stroke karts
fees:     RM640 per team
duration: 2 hours inclusive practice

Refer to the 2005 standings (4 rounds).

Agenda for the day is to have testing in the morning, and karts tuning thereafter with the race starting at around 12pm. Each team will need to ensure that the karts are ballotted and setup properly before the race which will be later in the day. So please allocate full day.

0900 - 1000: team registration, weighing in & ballotting
1000 - 1030: Team & Driver Briefings
1100 - 1130: kart preparation
1200 - 1330: my-KART Mega Enduro Race
1500 - 1600: Refreshments and prize giving

Each team will need to do the following:[list=1]
[*]form a team
[*]nominate team principal and assistant principal (team principals should only enter the same teams as prior enduros)
[*]the team principals are both not allowed to change teams - we should avoid a proliferation of teams in the enduro championship
[*]the team will score points only if one or both of the principals are participating
[*]the team principals shall select the drivers (4 drivers total including principals)
[*]driver weights: male, an average of 67.5kgs per driver and female, an average of 57.5kgs per driver (eg. if team has 4 male drivers, total minimum weight must be 67.5x4 = 270kgs... if team has 3 male and 1 female, then minimum weight must be 67.5x3 + 57.5 = 260kgs)

Further details of preferred formats are being worked out together with the associated rules. Please tune in this website regularly for updates.

More details of the rules are in the attachment and at the following links:
[*][url=]my-KART ME 2006 rules[/url]