30 Karts Sprint Race 2011

Saturday, 12 November 2011 - 11:30pm to Sunday, 13 November 2011 - 3:00am
City Karting, Shah Alam

IronMan is too close to MME 2011 and it will be expensive to organize it. So we have another superb race for you~! 80cc Sprint Race~! Full grid~!

<h2>important updates!</h2>
[table updates on important information|{
<b>7 November 2011</b>|{
1530-1630|Registration & payment - first come first serve for 40 drivers!
1630-1700|Safety & Race briefing
1700-1900|Main event: 2 qualifying heats + 1 final for each group*
*we will re-calibrate the weight groupings based on the people that turn up in order to have a more balanced number of drivers for each weight group.|{]

Kart: 80cc Comer Engine
Direction: Anti-Clockwise
Race format: 2 Heats 1 Final
Kart Selection: Random (Siapa dapat dia yang dapat)
Grouping: 2 (Below and above 75kg)**

** If we do not have enough drivers, we will run all in one group.

<h2>Price: RM100 only</h2>

Below 75kg
[table #|Name|Weight|Confirmed
1|Mikesiva |65 kg| Confirmed
2|Fikri Rahim|65kg|TBC
3|Liyana Khalid|TBC|TBC
4|Yeo Chee Poh|70kg|Confirmed
5|Ruben|TBC|Confirmed :D
7|Dharil Zahim Aniq|54kg|Confirmed
8|Baharin Hisham|73kg|Confirmed
9|Fazz Rahman|65kg|Confirmed
10|Faiz Rahman|56kg|Confirmed
11|Shahrul Azlan|74kg|Confirmed
13|aiman farhan|55kg|Confirmed
14|nanthan kumar|68kg|tbc
17|Jonard Ng|71kg|Confirmed
18|Syamil Syarudin|70kg|Confirmed
19|Jason Neow|50kg|Confirmed
20|Abdul Razak|70kg|Confirmed
21|Dinesh|50 kg|confirmed
22|Nik Faris|57 kg|TBC
23|ZulSamad|68 kg|TBC
24|Meor Zuhair|74 kg|TBC
25|Meor Zharif|72 kg|TBC
27|Syed Afiq|71 kg| TBC
28|Amirun Nasrulhaq|54kg|Confirmed]

75kg and above
[table #|Name|Weight|Confirmation
2|Patrick T|87kg|TBC
3|rangzeeb fahmi|TBC|Confirmed
4|faris ismel|TBC|Confirmed
5|nabil ali|TBC|Confirmed
6|Kamal Affiq|84kg|Confirmed
8|Tim Farrell|78kg|Confirmed
9|Tee Wee Kong|92kg|Confirmed
10|Syed Ashraf|82kg|TBC

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