Kart conditions at Sepang: Change of date & venue for Rounds 09 & 10?

Submitted by TheFazz on Sat, 13 Aug 2011 - 07:35


We've had some fantastic races at the Sepang Kart circuit recently. Many of us really love the track and enjoy the flowing rhythm you get on a fast lap.

However, we've had a number of issues on kart conditions of late.

Although the Sepang track is operated by Citykarting (of Shah Alam), the maintenance and support is not up to the mark we believe.

We have spoken to Citykarting about this, and made our views known.

We believe that the issue is the experience of the mechanics and the distance from the shah alam base - from a supervisory perspective.

So we are exploring to bring Rounds 09 and 10 back to Shah Alam.

Please give us your feedback quickly as we need to secure alternative dates as both 10 Sep and 8 Oct are taken for the Shah Alam track.


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whoa..this is the tough one.

honestly speaking, i've had a fair share of minor problems with the kart too. but, as a partner for a much experience driver abang rizal, they were all solved or at least got better going for the Final Race.

in my opinion, this technical problem might not affect us who are running a further distance from the championship as much as it does to those front runners. so, we might as well wait for the likes of Eu Jin, Fazz, Desmond, and Ramsey to give their comment about it.

with that being said, be it you're a fast or slow driver, once you suffer a mechanical problem it just kills all the excitement that you get driving on this great circuit, pity.

ps : i can't comment about K3 as i don't know a thing what happened there apart from some minor marshalling work on the raceday helping mr zul atfeo :)

As a K3 racer, the karts at Sepang were originally in better condition than Sham Alam, but they are starting to show a few problems and a larger speed gap appears between the fastest and slowest karts.
But this will always be an issue with rental karts so we cannot complain.

The general support during the race day is very weak, unless you stop the kart on the front straight, you will not get any support. In most cases the support staff are not watching the track., I have been to Shah Alam recently for a few practise runs, and the support is at a much higher level. Also the fact that 90% of the track can be seen from the pit area makes their life easier.

In short I would support a move back to Shah Alam. Until CK improve the support at Sepang.

For the kacau daun of K1 and K3.... if we move back to Shah Alam, i wld probaby kacau K1 again ;) Coz my experience with 80cc at Shah Alam, tells me, it's a high chance of havin fun in the K1 than K3 ;)

Given the issues - slow response for repairs/maintenance, 4strokes performance gap growing wider(it was pretty much even-steven at the beginning(minus 1-2 karts)), lack of response for karts wit problems on the track...... I'd say let's go back to Shah Alam till issues are sorted out.

*maybe add in a poll ere for easy reference?*

from my point of view

+excellent track condition
+challenging layout (hard to overtake)
-kart performance difference start growing bigger
-lack of staff support

Shah Alam
+more exciting 80cc kart
+good support
-track condition

I prefer moving back to Shah Alam UNLESS they fix the 4T karts and support problem in sepang

hello drivers..

so what i can say to compare between the karts and support in shah alam and sepang..

Shah Alam..
-the marshalls and mechanics are more alert and response faster if theres kart issues on the track as they do stand by around the track
-2 stroke karts (woot woot)
-track layout is more exciting

-theres a huge gap between the performing karts with the non performing karts
-mechanics are a bit slow... :P
-fun layout but not as fun as Shah Alam

can we bring it back to Shah Alam..Pretty please.. ;)

Bad kart kills all the excitement, regardless any circuit. Management problem? I think so. All we got to do is compensate with the problem and have fun with the middle pack competitors.

Key is to finish the race.

Lets not forget hardcore ppl like fazz, edwyn, naza had made tremendous job bringing up this issue everytime after the race. AP still dont get it? Sorry cant comment much on this.

thanks for all the feedback.

i believe most would share the concerns about the technical support in Sepang: the mechanics there are a lot less experience, less supportive, lack of supervision.

this has resulted in a number of technical problems especially with the K1 category. a number of engines have seized already. and the K3 4-stroke karts also are starting to deteriorate.

i will block the time for the next round in shah alam, but the date will be on Sunday 11 Sept 2011 instead. please i would suggest that drivers confirm both dates whilst we confirm the actual slot with CK.


Mon, 15 Aug 2011 - 19:54

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[quote=Nohad]Any tentative date for rd10?

Good for me if 1 or 2 Oct 11 as will be in Malaysia then.[/quote]

the weekend of the 1st and 2nd is not available. round 10 will be on Sunday 9th October.

folks - any other comments on this issue?

if not, then i will confirm a return back to Shah Alam for the DRIVERS series Round 09.

[quote=Dinesh87]Shah alam will be a good idea for round 9 and 10...what about the date? will the date be the same[/quote]