2012 events

Submitted by timfarrell on Thu, 08 Sep 2011 - 15:45

Hi everyone,

I am planning to head back to Sydney for Christmas and New Year, but don't want to miss the first round go MY-KART. Do we have any dates set for 2012?

Will not be back in town till the 10-01-2012, so was hoping the first round was not on the 7th Jan.
Is there a draft timetable already set for 2012?

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tim - no we have not produced the draft 2012 calendar yet. but will soon do so. we normally wait for the official national calendar is announced (with public holiday dates, school break dates etc), and we also wait for the motorsports calendars to be announced (e.g. F1, MotoGP, sepang races etc).

but, chances are the first round is likely to be on the 7th Jan 2012.