Upgrading policy & guidelines (2012)


The general policy for upgrading from K3 (to K2 or K1) is that drivers must be able to race in faster karts in a safe and ethical way. Drivers should also support my-kart's objectives.


ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: To participate in categories above K3, participants must be -
1) a club member
2) has sufficient damage deposit
3) must be competent in faster karts
4) participants must have a good safety & ethical record


To assess the participants' safety and ethical behaviours, drivers wishing to upgrade from K3 to K2 or K1 should be regulars of my-kart DRIVERS series events with a clean (safe & ethical) on track and off track record.

Competence, safety & ethical on track and off track record encompasses -
a) consistency - driving technique, performance, minimal unforced incidents / errors, season long results
b) judgment - no unnecessary aggression resulting in incidents, and complaints from other drivers
c) attitude - level headed when dealing with adversity on and off track

This can only be assessed through regular participation in K3.

What is regular may change from time to time, but typically a driver who has recently participated in more than 3 DRIVERS series events can be considered regular. There are TWO ways to achieve this: (1) In-season upgrade upon request; OR (2) Post season automatic upgrade. These are detailed below.


K3 participants may formally request for upgrade in their first season with K3. The committee will only then be able to consciously observe the applicant for 3 races AFTER their application for upgrade.

[table steps|description
Prerequisite|The applicant must have raced at least once in my-kart's category K3 before requesting for upgrading.
Step 1|Request to join K1 through any kelab my-kart committee member, or through website (transparency) - http://club.my-kart.org/node/3696
Step 2|The main committee will evaluate whether the applicant can be considered for upgrading. Participants must demonstrate a sufficient level of competency accrued from experience in running or racing karts in order to be ready for the 100cc or 125cc level. [b]"Chicken Wing session(s)*"[/b] may be required to complete the evaluation process.
Step 3|The applicant if accepted will be under the committee's observation for at least the next 3 races in K3. The minimum 3 race observation period in K3 is to evaluate the applicant's level of sportsmanship, race ethics, safety practices and kart handling skills]

*note: The Chicken Wing Session is an informal session for hard core / senior my-karters to have fun while practising. Senior karters also use these sessions to coach newbies or anyone wishing to improve upon request. It is also use by the club to assess and evaluate any driver seeking to upgrade their karting grade to a higher level. These sessions are upon request.


K3 participants may be automatically upgraded for the following season AFTER the completion of at least one K3 season if they finish within the top levels of the K3-45 or the K3-70 categories. Actual ranking will be specified in the K2 / K1 rules for the relevant season.


[b]1.3.1 "Returnees"[/b]
1.1 Refers to karters who have participated in my-KART events in the past, but who may not have participated in club events in the preceding year or more.
1.2 The eligibility criteria will apply.
1.3 Approval from Main Committee required before inclusion as a K2 / K1 participant.

[b]9.5.2 "Talented Outsiders"[/b].
2.1 Includes karters who have never joined my-KART events at all, but who may have participated in recognised external events, such as AAM / MAM sanctioned events.
2.2 Includes owners of private 100cc or 125 cc karts.
2.3 The eligibility criteria will apply.
2.4 Approval from Main Committee required before inclusion as a K2 / K1 participant.

[b]9.5.3 "Invited Guests"[/b]
3.1 Includes experienced karters, usually known personalities in the motorsports fraternity, who may from time to time, be invited by Kelab my-KART Selangor to participate in K2 / K1 level events for promotional purposes.
3.2. The eligibility criteria will not apply, because these karters will only be allowed to participate in the K2 / K1 event on a "one-off" basis.

[b]9.5.4 "Leapfroggers"[/b]
4.1 This applies when K3 drivers wish to leapfrog classes when there are 3 classes being run: K3, K2 and K1. In other words, when K3 drivers wish to leapfrog from K3 to K1 and bypassing the K2 class (when it is being run).
4.2 The eligibility criteria will apply. (Hence in a case where the K3 member has no experience with 100 or 125 cc karts, the member will not be eligible for participation in the K1 series).
4.3 Approval from Main Committee required before inclusion as a K1 participant.


Successful applicants will be allowed to join the K2 / K1 race on probation for at least 3 races. Again, the minimum 3 race probation period in K1 will be use to gauge the driver's level of sportsmanship, race ethics, safety practices and kart handling skills.

Unsatisfactory Probation Period: If the committee is not satisfied with the driver's performance for whatsoever reason during the the min 3 race probation period in K2 / K1, he/she will be demoted back to K3 and can only reapply for K1 in the next season.


Drivers wishing to upgrade from K3 should also support my-kart's objectives. Review the objectives here - http://club.my-kart.org/node/1468

While this is a subjective matter, the committee will be observing on and off track attitudes of the applicant. Volunteer work, good on track ethics, no negative experiences are some signs of drivers with the necessary requirements to meet the upgrade requirements. The volunteer philosophy is expanded here - http://club.my-kart.org/node/3419


Actual details of the membership and deposit are detailed out in K2 / K1 rules for the relevant season.

In general, drivers must be members of the club and pay the required damage deposit. For example, for the 2010 season onwards, the damage deposit for both K1 & K2 are RM600. The damage deposit will be used if there are damages to your kart. Drivers are required to top up before they can participate in the next races. Payment details are found on this link - http://club.my-kart.org/node/3752


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