Discussion & feedback needed: termination of my-kart operations

Submitted by TheFazz on Fri, 30 Mar 2012 - 12:29

dear all,

i would like to invite you to an open discussion on the future of the my-kart DRIVERS series.

participation for the my-kart DRIVERS series recently has been dwindling. the coming DRIVERS series round 04 http://club.my-kart.org/node/3744 is showing very low response.

so it begs the question whether my-kart should close down? or cease its DRIVERS series operations?

i would like to invite all members, and enthusiasts to discuss this openly.


My comment will still be the same as per email.

It sucks to see mykart name vanishes all together. However, low response in our DRIVERS Series is not doing any good especially to those few drivers who are willing to join. Because as we know it, low response is equal to high maintenance which will have to be shared by those few drivers who are still willing to participate.

So, how about we come to an agreement with any track operator to limit the number of karts to lowering the cost a little bit and maintain the series?

If we can't do that or the cost isn't as effective as we hope for, we can terminate the current DRIVERS Series but maintain Mykart name. With this, we can organise any one-off event and once we get enough drivers that want us to resume the DRIVERS Series in future, we will resume it once again.

All of the above ideas are not from me, they came from the discussion among senior members via emails. I just sum it all up according to my preference :P.

agree with keeping the name, although I don't know much but my-kart existed for quite some time already and it'll definitely be a shame to just let this name vanish...
it'll be good if its possible to merge other racing series all under one roof, like a collaboration of my-kart and other organiser.

Why don't you guys run the DRIVER series by quarterly (once in 4 months) or once in 2 months as opposed to every month? Then revert back to every month races when participations becomes high.

i still hope the mykart continue
or at least we have 1/2hr session among ourselves????
i had applied my leave for next friday for Rd4 already..

If there are not enough participants in K3, maybe just run the K1. This is just a suggestion.

Right, i would like to voice out suggestion for mykart.

Since we are having a low turnout (as per Round 4 Registration so far),

how about for our DRIVERS Series we change to only 1 sole category. it will be K1 125cc junior rental. i'm sure we can have enough crowd for at least 1 group (2 is highly possible too).

to attract more drivers, i suggest we provide a return-deposit policy. which means, the RM600 deposit fees they give us during registration will be given back once the race ends provided they don't have any damage on their karts.

therefore, for each round the drivers will pay (race fees)+RM600 and will get back the RM600(or whatever that left if they crash) when the race end.

the thing is, not everyone can afford to run privately with own kart. and, rental kart can never fight with privately own kart. thus, how about we have a series where all rental karts fight each other like we have been doing all along?

with this, we can hope to retain the DRIVERS Series for the rest of the season while at the same time looking/meeting/discussing for mykart future. like i said, i don't want to see mykart ends here.

again, this is not solely my idea. it came from discussing with abg zul atfi, abg s.amin,abg firdaus and the rest of CRT boys.

oops. my post was late by 4mins. ahhaha

On hold the driver series until further demand or let IKC take over ..then TEAM series ON wth attractive format n priZE..

Its pointless for mykart to run identical events organised by others cos the target group is the same..ie mostly people who were involved in mykart before.....from my observation on today's event by KRD. Edwyn can verify this.

...perhaps mykart should concentrate on team endurance events held once every 2 or 3 months and one off events or other unique types to be invented....using the experience and knowledge gained over the years.

[quote=naza]Its pointless for mykart to run identical events organised by others cos the target group is the same..ie mostly people who were involved in mykart before.....from my observation on today's event by KRD. Edwyn can verify this.

...perhaps mykart should concentrate on team endurance events held once every 2 or 3 months and one off events or other unique types to be invented....using the experience and knowledge gained over the years.[/quote]

You are right, there are too many identical events running in a month and very few people can afford to join every event, not only monetary wise but also sacrificing family time on weekends. The HM might enforce a curfew law not after a lengthy popet-popet session!! :o

My-Kart should revive the team endurance event once every 3 months.

Dear all beloved my-kart drivers

As everybody, we r surely sad to see the turn out to be that bad.. And it's all happened quite drastically.

However, as per discussed, IKC 100cc series who run at Elite and CK and maybe sepang in near future, will still carry on to be one of my-kart product, because we believe the drivers who raced in IKC are some from my-kart and even the formats and philosophy are quite similar with it, affordable, safe and fun racing for amateurs.

And regarding the endurance, as per discussed with our beloved Fazz, we had planned an endurance among racing team or clubs which gonna kick start maybe by middle of they year, however there's still a lot to discuss and plan for this to keep the my-kart's name lived on.

my-kart should have marketing arm that actively promoting my-kart..like other series that very active in various forum around t clock 24/7..select the young gun for t this squad not old man like ME that sleep when 12pm..hehe

[quote=katek]So Nizer,
Sleep at 12 pm is the tips to go fast like u??[/quote]

yup sleep@ 12 but mostly after 3..huhu


Although I no longer kart ( private and also mykart ) - I do check the mykart forum occasionally. Its indeed sad to see this post, that My-Kart can come to this position right now.

I read the comments on what we will do in FUTURE but the more important question is to know, WHY participation has dropped over the years. No doubt, many copy cat series had surfaced over the years but please remember - the strength of MyKart is in the organisation through its very willing volunteers/members.

Its been a while since I last joined a MyKart race or even come to spectate but has this been lost? If indeed we Have lost this then the question needs to be asked - what can we do to spur ppl back into the game?

Is it because the price of joining has gone beyond what ppl are willing to pay? ( i doubt so ) Is it because the karts are badly maintained and a vast standard exists rendering fair competition impossible? Is it due to poor safety and high accident/incidents - stemming from our poor regulation, poor safety briefing or driver self discipline? Or is it because the race formats or kart classes are no longer exciting to our drivers?

If we loose the drivers, where do they go now? What is pulling them there? What is keeping them there or is it a one off?

I know there are plenty of questions......and I do not have the questions but some of you will.

My observation is this. To do a race every month is exciting.....but at time taxing especially for those who works saturdays or go abroad often. For those who is into the championships, there is a certain pressure which perhaps makes it less fun if this is done every month. To this, I suggest we do a race every 2 months......which will still get you 6 exciting race in a year. Our AAM/KKS/RMC races are max 6 races a year, so take that as a hint.

Endurance Racing is a different discipline, no doubt fun but should not replace the sprint racing format MyKart is/was so famous for. But by all means, do the enduro as specials races too, maybe 2 or 3 a year.

Last but not least - is a change of venue needed? I am aware you all tried Sepang but decided to turn back citing poor support from the organiser. Can this be improved? Have you thought of trying a different organiser ie. at least one off to see what is good and what is bad? Maybe an enduro at the infamous Elite is a good try, and then you can gauge if they can do your sprints too?

One thing we need to realise is this - this is a sports and many people come and go. I have seen literally HUNDREDS of karters come in and leave the sports and I am talking about private karters. The same would be for fun karters too. Its impossible for Mykart to please everyone but i do think MyKart should continue. Some of you are already aware that Mykart had gained some recognition amongst the motorsports fraternity ( ie. organisers, SIC ) as a stepping stone for karting/motorsports enthusiasts and it will be a shame to drop this.

A revamp is needed ( on all levels ) but not a shutdown. FORZA MYKART!

If an old fella's opinion ( me ) is needed, please approach.

i strongly think that my-kart should continue
due to the fact that it exist for so many years
and so many pro driver are started from my-kart

but as young ppl point of view
when i first come to know my-kart about 4 years ago
i found it very hard to get information of it
i mean this website

it is not that user frenly and if i'm not wrong only member are allowed to view some info
this greatly turn down this generation young drivers

a good web base to show everything about my-kart, history, event, and ease of communicating between drivers should be the key point

that is why the other 2 race event based in FB get so much attention in very short while

thanks to all that have given their opinions on this matter. although not responding directly to each post, we are reading them to gain better insights from all members.

so do keep posting your thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc. :up: :up: