2012 Initial Karting Competizione (IKC 100) series calendar appointments

Go Kart : New Yamaha 2 stroke 100cc with CRG Chassis.

Join the the IKC100 series for intermediate karting competition.


Initial Karting Competizione


It's not a 'serious' championship by any stretch of the imagination, but rather approached in a spirit of healthy competition combined with the enjoyment of racing with fellow enthusiasts. Its primarily about having fun, and lots of it!


Initial Karting Competizione (I.K.C) is an amateur karting competition (Driver Series Sprint Race), which will be held in every months (tentatively), starting from February to December 2012 at any Klang Valley Go-Kart Track.

The event is open for public, except for those who have Racing Licence or has participated in any professional karting tournament.

General information

The Initial Karting Competizion (I.K.C) provides the thrills and excitement of competitive racing with easy access, plenty of laps, and a relatively level playing field. No kart is required, and no gear is required (but you can bring your own gear if you want to). It's geared for novices and experienced kart drivers alike, providing the challenge of real motor racing, driving skill development, and a format which draws on elements of Formula 1 and other open wheel categories.

The format is as follows:

a) Qualifying:
- Drivers will be divided into groups A/B/C (depending on drivers turnout).
- Minimum 10 minutes of open window for flying laps/best times.
- Drivers will be released by groups (A/B/C).
- Timing from Qualifying heat will determine the grid positions of the drivers in each group for the next heat, Pre-Final.
- Points will be awarded to drivers in Qualifying (fastest to slowest).

b) Pre-Final:
- Driver's starting grid position in each group is based from the Qualifying heat timing.
- Total of 12 laps* for the Pre-Final heat.
- Race starts by rolling start.
- Points will be awarded to drivers in Pre-Final (based from race result).

c) Final Race
- Drivers will be sorted based from total of Qualifying + Pre-Final points & divided into groups A/B/C.
- If points are tied, the best time from Pre-Final result will be taken as advantage.
- Total of 15 laps* for the Final Race.
- Race starts by rolling start.

The individuals with the top 15 places in the final race at each event will be awarded points as follows:

1st - 20 pts
2nd - 16 pts
3rd - 14 pts
4th - 12 pts
5th - 11 pts
6th - 10 pts
7th - 9 pts
8th - 8 pts
9th - 7 pts
10th - 6 pts
11th - 5 pts
12th - 4 pts
13th - 3 pts
14th - 2 pts
15th - 1 pt

Points gained in each round will be accumulated until I.K.C Grand Finale.

* Please note that total laps for Pre-Final & Final will varies depending on which circuit the event is held (the organizer will up date on any changes).

Rewards :
Medals & Merchandise for 1st - 3rd Place.

Points gained in each round will be accumulated until I.K.C Grand Finale.
Email intialkartingcompetizione@gmail.com

Racing Fees : RM 180.00
Payment Terms:
-Compulsory RM100.00 deposit to be paid prior to the event day - please refer to the race appointment page
-Balance payment of RM80.00 have to be paid on the event day.

F&B will be provided.

Payment can be made through :
1. CIMB Bank 1211 000 808 1207 - Hasmi Izan
2. RHB Bank 1122 8200 1528 33 - Syamsul Razmin

Please email or MMS your bank in slip for proof of payment.

Person in charge :
1. Syamsul Razmin 016 261 61 03
2. Hasmi Izan 017 6366 095
3. Zul Atfeo 012 211 1424

Thank you so much racers!! Hope to see you on the track and have fun!!