can't add comment to round 7

Submitted by Nohad on Fri, 08 Jun 2012 - 18:44

the add comment button for round 7...8... couldn't be found

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Well, i can't unlock the comment section. let's just wait for other members or fazz once he's back. he's been quite busy lately.

hehe. in the mean time, stay put guys ! once the thread is unlocked, i'll announce at fb about it so that everybody can be notified ;).

sorry for not doing this earlier as i have been very busy lately. :(

actually, both of you can edit the any of the content.

you should be able to see the "edit" link near the content title. at the bottom of the edit page, you can see options to amend things like revisions, and comments etc. try the comments setting...

please let me know if it works - or if you need clarifications.