Cessation of DRIVERS series in 2013

Since 2002, my-kart has been organising amateur rental karting events in its mission of popularising grassroots motorsports. We have now close to 10 full seasons of the DRIVERS series races, and we've in the past had the TEAMS series and once off events such as the Mad Mega Endurance races, with even an 8 hour race run in pouring rain!

Yes, we are a bunch of crazy, petrol breathing, adrenaline junkies. We are kids who never had the opportunity to pursue their dreams of being dashing racing car drivers. We are a group of pokai racing enthusiasts who one day decided to have a race amongst friends. And from that initial group of friends we became my-kart. Participants to our events reached as high as 60-70 on average at one time.

From the early days we started with the 80cc K3 category and gradually added the 100cc K2 category and then the 125cc K1 category.

All these could not have been possible without the great camaraderie, the passion and the great sportsmen & sportswomen amongst all of you. For that we are eternally grateful. True to the my-kart spirit of volunteerism, we have been able to organise all this together with your help. The passion for the sport, the values we hold dear, the respect we have for each other shines strongly through.

The my-kart values and the brand stands for the spirit of volunteerism, collaboration and teamwork.

Through all this, the best part is being able to meet so many great people and make many new friends. We've met people from different countries, and from very different backgrounds and from all ages. This is the beauty and diversity of my-kart that makes us proud. Along the way, we discovered some really fast drivers, hidden talent and consumate competitors. Some of them are making progress in track car racing, and even international single seater racing series. Imagine, some of these wouldn't have discovered their ability in racing without the my-kart platform. This is the cruel thing about motorsport - very few really get the opportunity to pursue their passions in racing.

Some of us wished we had been exposed at a much much younger age...

But as with all good things, there is an end.

A number of us core my-kart members have been deliberating this since the early part of 2012. You may remember that we made a call to members to restructure the various karting series in March 2012. Unfortunately, this was not possible at the time. Now as we head towards the end of the 2012 season, the time has come for us to make that very difficult decision to call it a day for my-kart's DRIVERS series... which is very much the core of my-kart. Some of us otais have been at this for the longest of times, and it is time for us to step away, as we need fresh new ideas and direction. We would have liked for other members to take over our roles, after all my-kart very much belongs to all of us. but I guess none wanted to.

So the next DRIVERS series race, Round 10 of the 2012 season will be the last DRIVERS series race of the era. 2013 will be a new year and the end of an old chapter.

The good news is that from our my-kart DRIVERS series, we have seen at least two new prominent amateur karting groups emerge - namely, the Initial Karting Competizione ("IKC") and the Kart Racing Development ("KRD") groups. Both have been successfully organising competitive amateur karting series through out 2012 - so the needs of the amateur racing enthusiast still lives on in IKC and KRD. We are confident that the sport we love so much will grow stronger.

Even so, we've always said that my-kart - the brand, its values, its purpose, its responsibility and its spirit is available for whomever wishes to take over from the otais. So do let us know if you wish to do this.

Until then, forza my-kart!


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Thank you everyone for the wonderful time at mykart. I started my first mykart session was with all the buayas in their normal chicken wings session. I remember the first time I was in the kart and I could hardly catch up with any one of them. Then the sport became serious for me and a few sifus helped me along the way to get me where I am now. For that I am grateful and will never forget your good heart.

Then it was my first full K3 Season, then proceeding to K2 and lastly K1 where I can race with all the buayas. The experience is unforgettable. I am thankful to the board committee to have selected me as one of their committee members. I was given the chance to create more races for mykart such as the mega mad endurance. It all started from 4 hours then 6 hours and lastly it was crazily 8 hours of endurance racing in the pouring rain.

I hope that since the driver series is no longer being continue next season, I will try my very best in making more endurance or even bring back Team Endurance Series for 2013.

Forza My-Kart~!

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A Big thank you for everyone that involved in My-kart during the humble days to the very end of 2012. This is indeed a great platform for grassroots motorsports. And i think my-kart has groomed many local talents on be in the local scene and not to mention few have gone to the international scene of motorsports. Some has progressed into car racing and single seaters as well !!!

I myself has gained huge and valuable experiences joining my-kart. and not forgetting making new friends along the way and the ropes and connection to get into the mainstream of motorsports. To me, My-kart has always been a good platform for everyone who wish to bring their racing addiction to the next level.

Its indeed a sad news for everyone of us to see the end of my-kart driver series moving into 2013. But i believe the brand will not die. and i still believe there will be activities from my-kart moving into 2013. such as Team endurance races and etc.

Forza My-kart. i personally will not forget the experiences i gained and the friend i met along the way. not forgetting the sweet victories and also bitter moments . but all in all, its an experience words can't describe

i would like to thank Fazz and its founding members for organizing such a wonderful grassroots platform.
I myself would not stop racing even though some of you has been seeing us in the golf course often. Racing its in the blood, golf is only a pastime . Smile

Some driver series achievements from my kart : -

2005- Team Endurance introduction
2006 - K3 Champion ( 70kg)
2007 - K2 Champion ( 70kg)
2008 - K1 Runner up
2009- K1 Runner Up
2010 - Sabbatical
2011- K1 2nd Runner up

Some other sanctioned karting events :-
KKS Malaysian Open Championship rd1 = 2nd placing
KKS Malaysian Open Championship rd2 = 4th placing
KKS Malaysian Open Championship rd 3 = 3rd placing

Sanctioned race cars events : -
MMER 2007 = 10th In class
MMER 2008 = DNF from 2nd placing 10 minutes into the checkered flag
S1k 2009= 4th in class
S1k 2010 = 5th in class
S1k 2011 = 6th in class

All these would not have been achieved if its not because of the introduction of my-kart. Till today i am proud to say that i am an end product of my-kart if i would have won any major titles in motorsports.

Cheers !!!


As I read Fazz's flowing eloquent narrative above I found myself standing and clapping my hands. Clapping my hands in admiration at our passion for racing in rain or shine and the closeness that we developed on and off track!....between people like me whose expiry date has long exceeded and you guys whose shelf life is still valid!

Strangely the sadness that I felt a few days ago has been replaced with that of satisfaction in a general way. Satisfied that my-kart have succeeded in launching a relatively small segment of society to carry on the mission to create a larger pool of people interested in motorsports.

Anyway, it is an amazing journey in experience from the time my-kart was born until now which can only be understood by my-karters. Yes we collected some trophies and medals but nothing equals the experience we had together to evolve into racing drivers!!

Thank you my-kart!

Just read this on FB and despite some months of inactivity on this forum - I think its timely i take this chance to thank you all ( esp Fazz and the core team ) for starting this, maintaining it for so loong....rain or shine.

It was a pity I did not start karting from the MyKart group as I am sure I would be a better driver, in a shorter time. Make no mistake, racing improves the breed and although I had exceeded 5000laps at CK's track on private practise and some club races......nothing beats close competition where you hone your racecraft, close dicing, mutual respect and giving a leeway to those who you trust less on track. ( you can smile guessing some of them in this category lar.... )

Mykart was the cheapest way to be a racing driver, be it kart or car racing. PERIOD. I had no qualms to support this group to who ever who asked about karting and I am glad I did.

I am also happy to see, that some of you has moved on to car racing...... but I can assure you - nothing comes close to karting action! NOTHING.

Anyhow, perhaps one day I will check out this IKC and KRD and see if I get the same thrill, with the same money outlay....

Yes, let's see how long you all can last without the itch of the MyKart Series.....maybe it will return with more FORZA! Smile

See you all around! On-Track and Off.

THANKS Mykart FOR great Races and Journey,

Sad we got to end t driver series, i've been trying to help mykart wth my sponsorship hoping it may attract and gain interest fellow karters again..Maybe my little effort not enough hope Mykart Will grow again in different WAY..

Thumbs UP mykart

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Gals & guys,

Firstly, thank you to Fazz and all the founding members of my-kart for starting and then running your races for over so many years. Wished I had join in earlier and then also participate for a whole season, sad I did not.

It's been a blast racing with the seasoned buayas, I have to thank everyone for keeping it as a fun and friendly race. Learnt alot and still learning.... Will give the other series a try and see how it goes, should be fine, since they were also part of my-kart.

I remember the times when K3 were packed and there were 3 groupings for Q1&2, you weren't guaranteed points Wink And then the one off 30+ kart races, super fun! Good times and memories!

See everyone at the last race! Let's give it the farewell it deserves - one last big bang! Smile